Your Primer on National Police History Checks

criminal background check documentFor employment or other work-related licensing and registration needs, the National Police History Check is an essential requirement. You can obtain the document in local police precincts or licensed issuing companies in Victoria (VIC). Police check online services has also become popular in recent years.

But, just what is a National Police History Check? What information does it contain? Why is it important?

What It Is

A National Police History Check — or National Police Clearance — is a document that lists a person’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges. It is from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions, information governed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

The clearance is an outcome of a criminal background check done by the police or a government agency. Records of arrest, conviction, and court proceedings are the typical sources.

However, some convictions (e.g., spent or juvenile convictions) might not be utilised for the clearance depending on the legislation and applicable policies of police jurisdictions.

What It Contains

The clearance contains information that includes cases or events covering admission of guilt, instances of good behaviour bonds, and orders from a community as well as suspended sentences.

Traffic infringements with convictions such as driving under the influence, excessive speeding, outstanding sentences, and pending court hearings are normally included.

Though results or facts of existing or ongoing criminal proceedings are contained in the clearance, there is some information excluded such as findings of incomplete or dropped charges, traffic infringements with no convictions, and foreign convictions.

Why You Need It

A National Police History Check is an important public document. It adds value to employment or work-related applications. It also guides organisations in assessing an applicant’s background. More so, it serves as a safety net reducing potential risks in the workplace like fraud and violent behaviour.