What to Look Out for in Maintaining the Surface Finishing Equipment

Person polishing stone with grinderSurface finishing typically completes the final stages of manufacture or production of metals across various industries. It is achieved through the use of proper surface finishing equipment.

However, the extended use of the equipment can lead to dullness and rust. If this is not handled immediately, it can shorten the lifespan of the equipment, increase workplace health and safety risks and irregularities on the finished product. A Preventative or Corrective Maintenance for equipment is the ideal solution and is promoted by the government.

Here are the key components to look for when maintaining the surface finishing equipment:

Inspection of the Cutting Tool and Machine

The surface texture of a piece is characterised by the roughness, waviness and form and each has its own respective measurements. Any irregularities on the end product is a sign of error on the alignment and movement of the cutting tool and the machine. The potential causes include that the machine has reached its wear limits, the coolant requires changing, or a different source of vibration has occurred.

Lubrication of the Drive System

Whether it is finishing or blasting equipment, the drive system requires proper lubrication. Check whether existing equipment is installed with an automated lubricating system and monitor the amount, type and interval lubrication of the belts, pulleys, springs and shafts. Lack of proper lubrication can lead to scratches, cracks and dullness of the cutting tool.

Washing of the Compound Delivery System

At the end of each use, checking the equipment for particle or substance build-up and residue is required to prevent corrosion. Fresh water can be used to wash the system and requires ample time to thoroughly dry before the next use. Build-up of particles and substances such as dust and grease can damage not only the equipment but also the material. The manufacturer or supplier can specify and provide solutions for rinsing off grease from the equipment and cutting tool.

Most surface finishing equipment manufacturer or supplier offers a maintenance program to improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of all surface finishing equipment. While it may require regular inspections, the maintenance program will help the machinist maximise the use of the equipment.