What Ibogaine Therapy Can Do to Beat Drug Addiction

Man fighting drug addictionMany people immersed in the ocean of drugs cannot help but sink deeper as they seek ways to fight their addiction. They want to change, but many factors prevent them from getting the best treatment. One such factor is the lack of affordable, yet effective medicine to help combat their addictive behaviors.

The medical field has brought forth cost-effective ways to help raise drug addicts from their bitter situation. The treatment known as ibogaine therapy is one such discovery that’s become popular these days. The Ibogaine Clinic provides some insights about this treatment option.

Defining Ibogaine

Ibogaine is a natural substance derived from an African shrub known as Tabernanthe iboga. This substance is an active alkaloid that exhibits hallucinogenic and anti-addiction properties. It doesn’t cure addiction per se, but it stimulates the mind so that it can start healing itself.

You probably know that other types of opioid detox programs have serious withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine exhibits little to no withdrawal effects on its users, making it a safer bet.

Ibogaine Therapy in a Nutshell

There are two primary treatment plans that use Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction:

Alleviation of Heroin Dependence

Ibogaine is administered to alter the patient’s state of mind and help him pinpoint the reasons he became dependent on heroin. After around 45 minutes, the patient experiences visualizations that last for up to six hours. The therapist uses this time to talk to the patient, working with him to identify the underlying situations that caused him to turn into an addict. Once the patient opens up, his therapist guides him in finding ways to kick his addiction.


The substance is also used in different psychotherapy sessions. Little doses of Ibogaine are given to patients to help them focus on continuously winning their fight against drug dependence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and clinical depression.

Ibogaine is an effective and safe substance that is gaining worldwide reputation for being a great alternative to usual drug addiction treatments. People who underwent treatment using Ibogaine have seen its benefits and are willing to help spread the word about this new drug-kicking regimen.