Ways to Improve Water Efficiency in Agriculture

Water irrigation in a rice field

Water irrigation in a rice fieldAccording to statistics, irrigation accounts for 65% of freshwater usage globally. However, freshwater is quickly becoming a scarce resource. With the current environmental challenges surrounding water usage, it would be beneficial to find more efficient methods for using freshwater.

One of the main conservation methods is harvesting rainwater and using it to irrigate the crops. For this to happen, you need to install gutters on your roof to catch all the rainwater, which should then be stored in large water tanks. Once you have this system in place, you can use the following methods to ensure water efficiency on your farm:

Irrigation method

Switching from full-on irrigation to drip irrigation is one of the ways to conserve water when farming. In this process, you will just use enough water to hydrate your plant’s roots without wastage, unlike other methods. You can likewise irrigate the plants in the evening when the rate of evaporation is lower. In addition, you should recycle water from your house and use it for irrigation purposes. While you can create some of these systems yourself, you will need a plumber to help you out with other options.


This is the process of soil-free farming where you grow your crops over water. Not only will you use less water to grow the crops; they will also grow faster. A small capital and enough knowledge are needed for this process. The water is used repeatedly, resulting in water conservation. Additionally, you also farm fish alongside hydroponics, where fish droppings can be used as fertiliser whilst excess nutrients from plants will be used to feed the fish.

Composting and mulching

In this process, plant waste and other biodegradable wastes are used to shield the plant’s roots and prevent water evaporation. This process helps in fertilising your plants, getting rid of waste and reducing water usage.

With water resources becoming scarce, there is a need to invest in water conservation techniques to improve efficiency. Having a good system in place ensures better water usage and improves productivity in agriculture.