Tree Care Tips from the Experts

House surrounded with trees in their properties

House surrounded with trees in their propertiesWhen your tree fails to leaf during the spring or branches start to die that is when they start looking for solutions. The top reasons that trees die are that they were planted incorrectly or that they have not been well taken care of. If it’s too late and you have to cut down a tree due to high risks, a tree stump grinding service in Tauranga can do it for you and make sure it is a clean cut.

But if you still can take care of your tree and keep it healthy, below are some tips that you should follow.

Proper Pruning

Improper pruning usually destabilises the tree and can spread tree diseases. In some cases, they can even fall over, which is a huge hazard. Also, if the tree looks heavy either at the top or the bottom, it could be a sign of improper pruning. Pruning is a skill, and a properly pruned tree looks beautiful and balanced. You need to learn the proper pruning techniques to use of different tree species.


Using mulch can help protect the tree, especially younger ones. It can also give great curb appeal. However, you should not use too much mulch or too little. Only make use of mulch from sources that are reputable and not cheap ones. Those may contain material from diseased trees, only to cause more harm than good.


While you can use fertiliser to give the tree the nutrients it might be missing, using too much can poison the roots. If you have planted a tree in good soil covered in organic matter, it is not necessary to add fertiliser.

Planting trees within your property have many benefits. To keep your tree looking healthy, there is more to it than just pruning and mulching. It takes commitment to keep it looking great and healthy.