This Is the Chemical-Free Answer to Your Bed Bug Problems

a bed bugAre you tired of dealing with bed bugs in your home? These notorious little creepers are difficult to spot because of their size, making them difficult to get rid of. Would you like to know how you can solve your bed bug problem with a treatment uses heat? Custom Bedbug tells us more.

How does heat treatment work?

Heat treatment is a non-chemical method of getting rid of bed bugs by increasing the heat inside your home to a level that they cannot survive. As the heat spreads around and up to the corners of your home, it can reach areas where it’s impossible for you to reach.

The heat can destroy both eggs and mature bed bugs, which is key in completely removing them from your home.

What should you do during treatment?

As your home will be heated, practically as hot as a sauna, it’s best to schedule the treatment when nobody has to be in the house all day.

This is the ideal setup as you would like to remove any way for these insects to escape during the treatment and keep the temperature inside your home at the required heat level.

Will it ruin furniture?

Although your furniture and other items inside the house will absorb some of the heat while the treatment is ongoing, these will not get damaged and will cool down once the treatment is done.

There will be no residue or any markings left on your furniture, and everything will look just the same as they did before the treatment.

If you are looking for a chemical-free way to get rid of bed bugs, heat treatment is the best option for you. It’s safe, it’s proven effective, and it will leave no harmful residue or strong chemical smells after the treatment. It’s the safest and most effective treatment available today.