Taking Care of Elders: A Simple Guide for Family Members

grandparents care

Due to advances in medical facilities and increase in the standards of living, many people live well into their 70s and 80s. Even if they are healthy, old age can still affect them, and they may need help in their daily activities. You have the option of looking after them yourself or get qualified personnel to take care of them at home.

Make Simple Alterations for Comfort grandparents care

If you have time, you can take care of old parents or relatives at your home by yourself without getting outside help. But, little changes in your house may be required. The aim should be to make the house more comfortable for the elderly. This will make them feel secure and loved. Here are some useful tips from RDNS:

• Keep their clothes and other daily items very organised at one place. Buy basic colours, so they can sort them out easily.

• Avoid having too many mirrors in the house. The reflections can confuse and irritate them. Full-length mirrors can startle and alarm them even if they only see their own reflection.

• Drinking water and other edibles should be stored in lightweight containers, so they can use them easily. Keep them at reachable heights and at convenient locations.

• Have larger dials and bigger number pads, especially on the TV remote and phones. Digital clocks with clear displays are also recommendable.

Professional Assistance for Seniors

Even after doing all those changes, it might still become difficult to take care of them, especially if you are busy with your own work and children. Fortunately, you can hire professional assistance to look after them at home. They can be from either full service agencies or providers who work independently.

• Decide on the kind of help you need and hire the care providers accordingly.

• Interview the candidates to find if they have experience in the kind of assistance you want.

• Do background checks thoroughly, as you are going to trust them with your loved ones and your house.

• Move ahead if your intuition says that the candidate is not the right one for you. Do not compromise.

• Make a contract detailing the tasks, termination and payment procedures.

Make sure that the care provider meets the old person before you hire them. It is always better to involve your loved one in the final decision-making process. They will feel important and in control.