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Singapore buildings with bright lights

Exploring Singapore: Top 3 Things to Include in Your Itinerary

Singapore buildings with bright lightsSingapore is popular for its rich culture and numerous tourist attractions. Thousands of tourists around the world visit this wonderful city every year. With so many fun and exciting activities, you will not get bored here. Whether a solo trip, a romantic getaway with your partner or a fun family holiday, Singapore has something great to offer.

To help you with your itinerary, here are some of the fun things you can do here:  

1. Visit the Night Safari

Experience the great outdoors and get up close with wild animals at night. Just right across the Singapore Zoo, this wildlife park gives you an opportunity to get upclose with different animals like tigers, fishing cats, alligators and many more. Hop onto the trams to visit different places. Likewise, the safari guides are able to share with visitors, the educational aspects surrounding the park and animals.

In addition, the park hosts the 20-minute Creatures of the Night show that your kids will surely enjoy.

2. Shopping Spree

In Singapore, it can be difficult to resist going to the malls, especially if you have come across PLQ Mall. With varied shopping and dining options in the vicinity, you can enjoy a multi-layered shopping experience. The best thing about this place is its accessibility to the dual line Paya Lebar MRT interchange.

3. Take a Walk Through Chinatown

Find some time to take a stroll and familiarize yourself with Singapore’s Chinese heritage. Prepare for a photo walk with your friends and family with majestic temples and other art deco buildings. You can likewise visit the country’s oldest Hindu temple – the Sri Mariamman Temple.

These are just some of the many things you can do in this country. So, pack your luggage and book a flight as early as possible!

Travel Guide: 3 Activities to Do in Cornwall

Happy TouristsDo you already know where you are going for your summer adventure? If not yet, why not consider Cornwall? Steep in so much history and culture, this county in southwest England is one great tourist destination.

Here are some suggestions for enjoying a Cornish vacation:

Try the local cuisine

During your vacation, eat not just because you have to but because you truly want to discover and savour the local cuisine. Visit the different restaurants in Cornwall and be sure to introduce yourself to at least one traditional Cornish dish every time. Some must-try foods include the Hevva cake, the cheese called Cornish Yarg and the famous stargazy pie, which has fish heads poking out of it.

Visit famous attractions

Your Cornish trip, of course, must include visits to some of the county’s main tourist attractions. If you enjoy architecture, you should see the imposing centuries-old structures like St Michael’s Mount and Pendennis Castles. For a more modern attraction, consider spending some time at the Eden Project, which features enormous plastic cells that house diverse plants. You can also hit the beach in Porthcurno, Newquay or Polzeath to bask in the sun or catch some waves.

Go on ghost tours

If you consider yourself a brave soul, complete your Cornwall experience by going on ghost tours. From a jail to an inn, the county has many haunted attractions that will chill you to the bone. At Bodmin Jail, one of the UK’s most haunted places, you can take a guided after-dark ghost tour and see if you will get to meet some of the ghosts there. You can likewise go ghost hunting at Jamaica Inn for the man wearing a tricorn hat and cloak.

This summer, why not go on a vacation in Cornwall? It is a great tourist destination that you will surely find fascinating, fun and exciting.

On Vacation: What to Look for in Vail Ski Shops

Mother and daughter skiing togetherSki shops come with the snowy slopes of Vail, Colorado. Here you will find many ski and snowboard outfitters. That’s good news, right? With their many options, however, they can sometimes be a bit confusing. If you don’t know what to look for in Vail ski shops, then here are a few pointers that may be useful to you.

Full Service or Specialist

Some ski shops in Vail are full-service stores, while others are not. A full-service shop does more than just rent skis; they usually offer the full package. They can arrange your lodging options, dining, and a lot of other stuff than your skiing activities.

The downside is that they can be a bit costly. If you’re on a shoestring budget, then your best option is a specialty store. Arrange your lodgings beforehand and then hunt for the best deals when it comes to food and other amenities.

Rentals and More

There are many ski and snowboard rentals in Vail. The village has a lot of them and you can find a good number of these shops at the foot of the mountain. Check out what else do these shops have to offer aside from rentals. Find out if they provide ski delivery and repairs for your snowboard or skis.

Consider Your Budget

Let’s face it. Skiing isn’t that cheap. Note that tickets in many resorts can skyrocket up to $100 and above per day. That alone can eat up your budget. When you check out ski shops, you should take note if they have discount offers or package deals. Some offers free ski rental storage, which can save you some money while on vacation. The latest ski gear need not be overly expensive, as well.

How is the Service?

What happens when you walk through the door? Check if the ski shop is family-owned or if it’s somewhat corporate. The important thing is that they are able to cater your needs. If they’re swamped with orders, then it’s best you go somewhere else.

The sheer number of ski shops available makes it difficult to choose one, so follow these above-mentioned tips in finding the right ski shop for you.

Adventure Awaits at Arkansas White Water River Rafting

River RaftingWhen you decide to go on an adventurous vacation, you have to make sure that you follow all safety precautions. White water rafting, for instance, may be one of the most exciting high-adrenaline sports for adventure lovers, but accidents can still take place.

If you’re looking for a destination that can give you everything you need, the Arkansas River may be the answer. Rafting through the challenging river terrains has always been its unique point, so many adventure sports lovers put this on their bucket list.

American Adventure Expeditions and many seasoned travelers list some reasons you should try white water rafting and other water sports at the Arkansas River:

  • Unlike other white water rafting destinations, Arkansas River is for any skill level — even if you’re a beginner or a first timer. There are specially designed courses for inexperienced rafters, which could teach you the basics of white water rafting.
  • At Arkansas River, even youngsters can enjoy white water rafting. Its specially designed courses allow children as young as seven years old to challenge the waves. This is an ideal way to encourage children to take on as many outdoor activities as they can.
  • If you want to enjoy white water rafting with your family, you can do so. Arkansas River has composite courses for the entire family — or even couples. Instead of going on a sightseeing trip, you can enjoy an outdoor activity that’s all fun and excitement.

When you choose to go on a river rafting trip, it is best that you spend time studying the terrain. Rafting essentially is a high adrenaline sport. If you go on a rafting adventure without having some notion of the topography, then the adventure might end in an untoward incident.