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Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, and Other Tech Trends That are Set to Transform Agriculture

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture, as with other industries, is set to change with the rapid and increasing adoption of various forms of technology like artificial intelligence automation. Technology allows farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses to complete more work faster.

Farmers need to assess their current operations and come up with a growth strategy that includes the adoption of technology. Through experts like Farm Operating Loan, you can implement changes like updating machinery or investing in new technology to make operations more efficient, while reducing the costs of doing business in the long run.

Some of these technology trends have the power to change agriculture and benefit farmers, like the following:

Internet of Things and Big Data

Innovations in data collection and computing have made it possible to collect more data from various sources and use it to enhance functions. Data collection devices and Internet-capable tools and equipment make up a part of the so-called Internet of Things, which allow connected devices to work seamlessly together.

Some examples of leveraging the Internet of Things and big data are sensors placed among crops to measure heat units and sunlight levels, a water filtration device with an IP address that can send a notification to its manufacturer about a filter replacement (without any need for human involvement), and a tractor connected to a web-based online mapping system.

Artificial intelligence

The collection and analysis of big data pave the way for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in agriculture. AI systems are designed to process information and make critical decisions based on the data analysis. AI has proven to be effective in the medical field, where it is used to suggest treatment protocols.

In the agriculture industry, AI is seen to benefit farmers soon by establishing crop health treatments, scheduling operations, managing pests, and optimizing animal health.

Autonomous vehicles

Vehicles that don’t require a human driver at the wheel can transform how farmers grow crops. Major auto companies are now running tests of their autonomous cars, so other vehicles may soon follow. In the farm setting, self-driving tractors can be developed to free up time for other chores or to allow farmers to have more quality time with family and friends.

There can also be unmanned aerial vehicles or drones that can monitor crops and assess crop health faster than a human can, and collect and analyze data for sending to farmers in real-time. Right now, drone-powered solutions are being developed for soil and field analysis, crop spraying, planting, irrigation, and aerial satellite imagery, so it’s only a matter of time before we see a wider adoption of this technology among farmers.

The Long Overdue Dental Emergency App has Finally Arrived

Dental Emergency ApplicationSmartphones have permeated nearly every aspect of modern life, so it was only a matter of time before they began influencing dentistry as well.

Finally Connected

Researchers from the Indiana University in the USA have developed a mobile application to streamline the reporting of dental emergencies. Capable of capturing and transmitting images from inside a patient’s mouth, along with details of the issue, the application provides local dentists with enough information to determine whether any form of urgent care is needed.

The new app, called DentaCom, features a system that asks patients a series of questions and guides them toward clinically meaningful data to help decide the next course of action. This is especially important for individuals under tremendous pain and stress from emergency dental issues. By supplying pertinent information both to the patient and their dentist, the dental emergency can be resolved in a swift and efficient manner.

Still Confused

Dentistry in the UK has been undergoing a crisis as of late, with millions of people forgoing dentist visits for years on end, with some neglecting their dental hygiene altogether. The introduction of dentistry-based smartphone applications would benefit not only those in need of emergency dental care, but also those who are unaware of how best to care for their teeth.

Emergency dentists from Bow House a Centre of Dental Excellence in Hertfordshire agree that the development of and popularisation of health applications is long overdue. As people spend more time on their phones and increasingly rely on internet-based communications, there must be a way to connect dentists to their patients without necessarily having both speak in the same room. The introduction of localised dental emergency applications should remedy this issue.

People have the highest chance of staying healthy when they are in control. Sudden issues or injuries may not always coincide with the dentist’s schedule, which makes it all the more important to begin letting technology close that dental emergency gap.

Anger Isn’t the Answer: Three Quick Fixes for Your Computer

Quick Fixes for Your ComputerEveryone who’s owned a computer or a mobile phone in the last five years knows that someday, that device or unit will break down. Rather than go crazy over the blue or frozen screen, why not try these quick tips first?

Don’t Panic  Ever heard of the PICNIC joke/acronym? It stands for ‘Problem in Chair, Not in Computer’. While it might seem like a mean anecdote that computer technicians and system integrator agents in Singapore make about customer concerns, it bears truth behind it. Sometimes, when you’ve tried so hard to do something on your computer and you end up with a blue screen or the whole thing just freezes, you want to get physical with your unit. Judging from all the rage videos online, it happens more often than you think. Stay calm. Don’t panic. Singapore has many computer companies you can ask help from.

Restart the Computer  Nowadays, this is the simplest and easiest solution. Your computer suffered a momentary issue and it needed to shut down in order to save it from more damage. Rather than constantly trying to click your mouse or play Tchaikovsky on your keyboard, just press the restart button on your CPU and let it fire up again. If nothing starts and you know the power is still on, leave it alone and file a report on everything that you remember before and while the computer froze.

Cool Down Your Computer  A common issue with previous generations of computers, many CPUs don’t have a powerful central cooling system. You either have to purchase it separately and install it or find some way of keeping your computer from overheating. A common issue with computers and laptops made for video games and video/music editing, is that they shut down to prevent overheating and damaging its hardware. Buy a better cooling pad or train an electric fan to keep your computer chill.

According to NEX Corporate IT, you should harness the power of technology to push your business forward. You have to be familiar with the technology and gadget you’re using to make your business operation efficient. You can also get professionals to help you. 

If your computer does break down often, then it’s time to get an expert to check what’s going on. Short of defragging or reformatting a computer, a technical expert will have other means of repairing your unit, so don’t give up on it yet.

Living with Techie Stuff

The Double-Edged Sword Called Technology

Living with Techie StuffHey, non-techie entrepreneur! How are you doing? Okay, you’re not totally fine. You’re bothered by all these discussions about technology and how it can benefit your company. As much as possible, you want everything done traditionally.

And so, you don’t like this whole idea of using web-based applications for business processes. You are not in favor of this online training thing for your employees.

Well, you have to consider these ideas. After all, you’re living in the modern world! Haven’t you heard of the advantages of a learning management system?

What’s Not to Like about Technology?

Velpic can only guess what you’re thinking: you’re not an avid fan of technology because it makes everybody impatient. People nowadays are used to having quick access to a lot of things. So, what happens if they don’t immediately get what they want? They might quickly lose patience. They might easily get mad.

Additionally, using technological items makes people lazy. Everything happens fast. Hard work might decrease in value. In the long run, all those techie things are disadvantageous to people, for you at least.

What’s to Love about Techie Stuff?

Honestly, and you have surely heard it, there’s a lot to love about technology. Yes, you can get things faster. Doing numerous things can be more convenient as well. And speaking of your business, technology can indeed contribute a lot to its success.

The web-based applications that you dislike – they will allow your employees to do business transactions more conveniently. Are they out for official business purposes? No problem! They can still check on important transactions through these applications. The online training that you don’t like as well – it will allow you and your employees to learn different things at a fraction of the time it used to take. Don’t you want these things for your company?

Now, it seems like you need to balance various opposing things in your head. First, you need to open your mind to the positive effects of technology to your business. Second, compare them to the negative things that you have in mind.

It pays to be open-minded especially in these modern times. While technology has some disadvantages, you can’t deny the fact that it has lots of advantages too. It’s just a matter proper balance. You don’t want your business to fall behind, do you?