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Cavite Home Prices Around 30% Cheaper Than City Rates

Brand New Luxury HomeAlmost every Filipino will consider the price of a home as their top reason, whether or not to purchase the property, with location likely being the second factor.

In Cavite, home buyers may save around 30% in costs compared to acquiring property in cities, according to Pronove Tai International Property Consultants. Cavite Properties note that the province’s proximity to Metro Manila makes it even more attractive not just for buyers, but also for developers and investors.

Transport Infrastructure

Pronove Tai CEO Monique Pronove said that the emergence of many transport links to Metro Manila allowed easier access to different cities. For instance, the Manila-Cavite Expressway connects the South Super Highway to Daang Hari, which lets residents travel to Muntinlupa or Las Piñas.

These transportation links led to the construction of more township developments. As a result, land values in Cavite have increased by 300% over the past ten years, according to Pronove Tai. This bodes well for investors that made a bet on the region’s property market.

Even as land prices increased, more buyers can still find it cheaper to acquire a spacious home than a small condominium unit in the city, Pronove said.

Competitive Pricing

The different prices offered by developers can be a confusing chore. If you have been considering a house and lot in Lancaster New City, a review online helps you reach a decision.

Enrique Soriano, executive director at Wong + Bernstein Advisory Group, said that house-and-lot packages still account for the biggest share of transactions in the residential property market with an almost 76% share.

For this reason, you may expect to see competitive prices from developers as they try to outsmart each other in luring clients.

While it may be cheaper to buy a house in Cavite, you need to consider all options and review prices before signing along the dotted line in any contract.

Why Waterproofing is Important for Your Property

Two workers waterproofing at a construction siteWith concrete structures, waterproofing matters — just like any other property out there. Not only is waterproofing a strict requirement per the country’s building code, the practice also covers a lot of bases in terms of reinforcing buildings, ensuring the comfort of its inhabitants, and preventing health issues.

To keep your buildings free of safety hazards, you can employ contractors who can take care of the issue for you. They can make use of various waterproofing products to prevent leakages or, if the property is already experiencing leaks, identify the root cause.

What Happens to Non-waterproofed Buildings?

According to NBM & CW, water leakage could damage buildings in a number of ways. These include corroding steel beams (like those in the foundation), paint blistering, and damage to electrical circuits that could lead to short-circuiting.

In addition, this can cause a spread of microorganisms. It may even create harmful gases, which can lead to respiratory issues among the building’s occupants. For instance, mould can grow within the ventilation shafts. When these get through to the air conditioning system, they can be dispersed in the air.

Methods for Waterproofing Buildings

If you suspect that water is penetrating through your concrete structure, or if you see leaks that just won’t go away, the best course of action would be to hire waterproofing specialists. They can inspect the structure, identify any problem areas, and advise you on what to do next. The plan of action will often involve purchasing waterproofing concrete products in Sydney.

Depending on the building’s design, it may be waterproofed in the following ways — draining stored water, improving drainage systems, filling the structure with sealants to prevent moisture in the future, or coating concrete surfaces to seal them effectively. These prevent further surface leaks and reduce overall moisture.

The Real Deal behind Investments and Commercial Properties

Commercial PropertyInvesting, a process involving an investor putting money on an investment medium, such as a stock, certificate of deposit, bond, or real estate among several others, paves the way for people to earn additional financial resources. A primary advantage to this is that, rather than working extra hard for a supplementary monetary source, their investment does it for them. This then allows them to enjoy a higher quality of life for nearly the similar amount of labour they exert.

Despite the stock market showing continued volatility and lesser-risk assets, they provide little to nothing when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Commercial property investment companies, on the other hand, deliver greater rewards to investors. But, since this type of venture requires you to shell out huge amounts of money, Sentinel Property Group says you need to have an extensive understanding of it first.

What’s right for you and what suits your needs

To get the most out of your investment, you have to select the right property, which means an asset that you believe is right for you and suits your needs. You also have to factor in the medium’s capital growth potential, as this quality pertains to the investment medium’s chances of increasing in value.

Don’t forget location

Since you will place a considerable amount of money on a commercial property, you want to make certain it is conveniently located. You do not want to put your finances on something that people do not even know exist, as it is too far from them or they have never passed by nor heard about it.

Working with pros

All in all, with the help of professionals, you can combine your knowledge with their guidance to make the right and most appropriate decision and ensure you do not make the mistake of putting your money in the wrong spot.

Hiring the Right Property Manager

What You Need to Know About Property Managers

Hiring the Right Property ManagerWhile it is a personal decision to hire a property manager, if you are engaged in other businesses, it is advisable that you hire someone or a firm to manage the property on your behalf. Although it is much easier to get a property manager, before you entrust another person with your property, there are some things that you need to know.

A property manager is a firm or an individual hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate property on behalf of the owner. This is especially important if the owner is not personally able to deal with such matters or has no interest in doing so.

What are the roles of a property manager?
  • Rent. Industry expert Urban Property Agents explains that the main responsibility of property managers revolves around handling rent. They set the initial rent to be charged, collect the rent from tenants and make any adjustment on the rent charged. Property managers are professionals in this area. They know how to set the right rent depending on the location of the property thereby attracting tenants. They also maintain an optimum cash flow by setting rent collection dates and enforce late fees if a tenant fails to pay the rent on time. The property manager may also increase or decrease the rent it is necessary to do so.
  • Managing tenants. The property manager deals with the tenants from looking for them, handling complaints and evicting tenants. The property manager markets the property to attract the tenants to fill any vacancy. The property manager then screens the prospective tenants to get the best tenant for your property. They also deal with complaints from the tenants such as maintenance requests or emergencies, and when the tenants breach the terms and conditions, they initiate evictions.
  • Managing and maintaining records. It is the responsibility of a property manager to manage the budget and keep all the relevant records. Such records may include; income and expenses, complaints, signed leases, costs on repairs and rent collection records.
What are the benefits of getting a property manager?

There are many benefits of hiring a property manager. The benefits range from looking for quality tenants, ensuring a short vacancy cycle and that the property is maintained in good condition. As the owner, you enjoy a stress-free life since the property is in good hands no matter where you go.

To get rid of any stress from tenants, hiring a property manager is the only option. Look for the right property manager for your property and you will find great value in your investment.