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This Is Why You Should Start Your Lawn Care Business Now

Lawn being sprinkled with waterGoing green has gone from trend to a serious way of life. Find out why starting a lawn care franchise is a great way to participate in creating greener, cleaner spaces and why it’s a profitable business venture.

Evolving Landscaping Techniques

People are continuously finding ways to incorporate a garden or a landscaped area in their dwellings. The same is especially true in newer commercial and industrial spaces where the space for traditional landscaping is scarce to none.

This ever-changing trend creates the need to develop newer and more effective lawn care techniques, which, in effect, opens an opportunity for business expansion in terms of products and services.

Traditional Landscaping

Long before the wave of modern landscaping like vertical gardens, pocket gardens, and sustainable indoor gardening were stretches of lush, well-manicured green lawns that surround or occupy large land spaces in older commercial and industrial areas.

These places also go for traditional types of lawn maintenance services, such as cutting grass, fertilizing, pruning, as well as more intricate procedures, such as seeding and aerating.

This type of clientele requires a more constant, predictable service which makes it a stable and predictable source of income for your business.

Repeating Business

Echoing the points mentioned above, the lawn care business is highly profitable due to its nature of business: providing upkeep and service maintenance on a recurring basis.

Lawn care is a never-ending business as clients will require their lawns and spaces constantly groomed in order to preserve its aesthetic value. It’s highly unlikely for any lawn space to be removed from its location as it not only creates fresher and cleaner surroundings, it also adds to the value of the property.

Considering the points mentioned above, the fluidity and scalability of this type of franchise are two of the things that make it a logical business venture. If you’ve always been interested in franchising a lawn care business, now is the perfect time to do so.

Lawn Mower on Grass

Seasons of the Lawn: Why Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Matters

Lawn Mower on GrassLawn care is one of the most important house maintenance services — Utah homeowners know this. But, the lawn care routine you have for the summer may not be the best idea when winter comes along.

Keep in mind that lawn weed control in your Utah home varies depending on what the season is. Here are the things that you have to focus on during specific months of the year:


The dry heat of summer days may disrupt the moisture levels that keep your backyard grass, plants, and trees green and healthy. So, during summer, remember to fertilize, watch for weeds, and water regularly. Don’t deprive your lawn of the moisture it needs.


The end of summer doesn’t mean your lawn care routine should end. In fact, you have to be more attentive than ever to make sure the lawn remains healthy until spring comes along. During this season, remember to mow the lawn and aerate the soil. Get rid of fallen leaves that tend to suffocate grass and breed fungal diseases. Also, fill in any bare spots of lawn that may have dried out in the previous season.


You don’t really need much lawn care during winter. All the work — aeration, fertilization, and mowing — occur during the fall, before everything freezes over.


If you – or your lawn care provider –  are meticulous with maintenance late in the fall, then you won’t have much to worry about during spring. But, of course, you still need to watch for weeds, check the moisture levels, and keep the soil fertilized.

A beautiful lawn is the result of a comprehensive lawn maintenance routine. And, a comprehensive lawn maintenance routine is the result of sufficient knowledge on what the plants, shrubs, and trees in your backyard need throughout the year.

Get in touch with your local lawn care provider to educate you on this and to help you come up with an effective plan to keep your lawn healthy and boost your curb appeal.

Keeping Your Yard free from Weed: 4 Ways to Do It

Garden maintenanceTo many, having a weed-free lawn might seem difficult to achieve, but it’s possible. All you need is to learn how. To help you do that, here are some things you could do to keep your yard look its best and healthy.

Apply Herbicides

For tough and hard-to-control weeds, an effective solution to get rid of them is to apply herbicide to your soil. This could make your garden inhabitable and could totally kill them. In Salt Lake City, many homeowners hire for professional lawn weed control service to handle these types of troubles. You could also do that to ensure that weeds will not make it into your garden.

Mulch Over Them

Mulching provides valuable benefits to your lawn. It keeps your yard healthy, as it insulates the soil to provide the proper temperature to grow your grass and plants. The mulch has also the ability to block off weeds from thriving as well as avoid root competition. Do the mulching at least once or twice a year. The ideal time to do is late or mid-spring.

Trim Your Grass

Maintain the right height of grass in your garden. Be careful when trimming your lawn since cutting them too short could hurt and damage them. If you let them grow tall, this could invite the weed. Ideally, the height must be between 2 1/2 to 4 inches depending on the type of grass you’re growing.

Don’t Feed the Weeds

Water your plants and grass diligently with the exception of weeds. Depriving them the water is said to be the most effective way to reduce weed seeds from germination. In turn, this could stop from growing and pestering your beautiful garden. If ever you’re using a sprinkler, be sure you’ve properly set your system to avoid weeds from flourishing.

Keep these weed control tips in mind to enjoy a healthy and attractive lawn. Never give them a chance to grow by following these steps.

How to Take Care of Your Lawn for Spring

Beautiful Front YardUtah is about to enjoy yet another beautiful spring. Already the air fills with springtime scents, and the atmosphere is abuzz with bird songs and the familiar hum of lawnmowers. Yes, you guessed it right. Spring is also an excellent season to call for sprinkler repair firms in Utah such as UtahSprinkler.com.

If you are one of the many people who utilize this time to take care of some basic home maintenance, including lawn and yard care, then you should read this. Here are some good ideas to make sure your spring-cleaning is as efficient and stress-free as it should be!

The Front Yard

Nothing says that you are a responsible homeowner more than a front yard that is pleasant to look at. Springtime can be the perfect time to install an automated irrigation system, otherwise known as a sprinkler system. Sprinklers pretty much do all the hard work out of lawn care.

It also makes sure that your grass is green where it needs to be. To get this system installed, you will need to contact a licensed irrigation professional to handle all necessary procedures.

Lawn Maintenance

Congratulations if you are already maintaining the garden of your dreams. It takes a lot of hard work, and you should be proud of yourself. If this is the case, then you can use springtime to do a little “de-bugging” and solve problem areas quickly and effectively.

One common problem is soil compaction. This happens when an area gets a lot of footwork, causing the soil to compress down and harden. Test for the rigidity of your soil by sticking a fork in it. If you can get at least a good 2 inches deep without breaking the tines, then your soil is good.

If not, you will need to loosen it up with an aerator or a good old-fashioned hoe.

Getting things done in the spring not only feels good, but it also helps you face the rest of the year with replenished confidence. Get started on springtime lawn maintenance and give your home that enviable manicured look!

To Mow or Not to Mow: Get the Pros to do It!

Clean and green lawnIf you’re the kind of person who avoids lawn maintenance, there’s a good chance that you haven’t experienced the joys of a freshly mowed, well-maintained lawn. But, if you skirt your duties, your yard will look lumpy and grass flowers will start to grow. Not to mention, pests may start flocking to your property; a big no-no if you’re trying to maintain a clean house.

While you may not have the time or the energy to do the deed, yourself, there are lawn mowing services in Minneapolis that are well-worth your money – and not just because they are affordable. Many of them subscribe to the cardinal rules of lawn maintenance and comply with even the highest of customer standards.

Why Have Them Do It

As a homeowner, what you want is to relax on a hammock and not have tall, uncut grass irritate your back, in so doing. But you may not necessarily be keen on cutting the grass yourself, whether it’s due to time constraints, a physical limitation, or you just don’t have the energy for it on account of everything else that you do. These are just some reasons for you to consider enlisting professional mowing services, so you get the benefits of a well-maintained lawn without the hassle. Plus, when you think that the lawn pros will do the watering, edging and weed control, among other things, you know that it will be well-worth your money.

In addition, taking control of your lawn’s growth is surprisingly challenging. Getting into a habit of moving your lawn – and even the expense of buying the right equipment – is daunting enough. The type of grass will also be a big factor on how to do lawn care, all of which is stock knowledge to lawn maintenance professionals, but not necessarily to you.

How another Homeowner Views It

If you are among those who shy away from taking on lawn duties – you aren’t alone. This contributor to Scientific American detailed his disdain for mowing his lawn, which he compared to cleaning a large carpet week in, week out. He also expressed his displeasure over dealing with insects, which is never a fun thing to do.

So, the next time you feel guilty about not looking after your lawn yourself, know that the situation is common to many. Don’t let your lawn go out of control, and don’t hesitate to call the lawn professionals – in the end, you will benefit from their hard work and kick back on our tidy lawn.

Lawn Watering

Watering Your Lawn the Right Way

Lawn Watering  in PerthWatering your lawn is one of the most effective ways of keeping the grass green. It may seem like a simple task, but doing it improperly might result in costly damage – the utility and gardening solutions combined.

Here are some pointers to ensure you are watering your lawn the right way:

Choose the sprinkler wisely

Generally, impact sprinklers are more common because they are water efficient and adjustable. Nonetheless, there are some instances when you need to use a different sprinkler. For instance, a float soaker is more appropriate if you are watering a boulevard and other narrow spaces.

Do a soil check regularly

Dig into the soil occasionally to determine just how deep the water is penetrating. Using a trowel, check for soil compactness and wetness. This is also the perfect time to check how deep the roots are. Anything short of 10 centimetres depth is a sign that the soil needs better aeration and water penetration.

Reduce wastage

Water distribution can be erroneous, leading to puddling on the lawn or unnecessary watering. To sprinkle the water more efficiently, adjust the irrigation duration and check the setting of the nozzles.

Test the soil type

Most of your lawn maintenance decisions that you make depend on the soil type. Even for watering, soil type plays a critical role. For example, if the puddling on the lawn is too frequent, you could be dealing with clay soil. When it comes to lawn maintenance, the experts at Perth Gardening say a soil test is a perfect starting point if you are unsure what kind of soil is holding your grass.

Determine the frequency of watering

Are you one of those people that have an arbitrary plan for watering their lawns? You should water the lawn as conditions demand. Specifically, the frequency depends on many factors that include wind, grass type, soil type, and the amount of fertiliser you use. There are signs that your lawn is gasping for water: footprints remaining on the lawn, change of colour, and so on.

If you have been wondering why your lawn is still unpleasant despite your tender care, you might not have been watering it right. If you follow these tips, you might just witness the lawn springing back to life.