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Buy a Franchise and Get Great Return on Investment

financeIt’s easy to overlook the value that comes with being part of an established brand when getting into the business. Buying a franchise lets you ride on the success of the brand and grow your customer base quickly.

A growing population and a booming economy spell good news for the construction sector. Prevailing low-interest rates on mortgages make it possible for people to own homes, further driving up the demand. If you’re keen to ride this wave but don’t have what it takes to be a contractor, you can still join in.

Spray-net, a reputable player in the painting franchise industry, wants people to know that buying a house painting franchise lets you become part of the movement while giving you an edge on the market. Every interior wall of a home or office complex needs a coat of paint to improve its visual appeal. That means that there are hundreds of thousands of square feet of walls in need of painting.

Build a Credible Workforce

Your ability to snag these juicy contracts hinges your ability to deliver stellar results with every project. Being part of a reputable company gives you an edge over the no-name brands bidding for the same jobs. Again, as part of your initiation into the franchise, the franchisor supplies you with a proven business blueprint. The document will guide and inform your hiring process to ensure that you fill your ranks with capable employees. Working with certified painters ensure that your work lives up and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Build on the Success of Your Brand

Since painting is an expensive undertaking that influences the overall quality of a building, clients are quite picky with services they engage. They are on the market for a business with a proven track record of delivery quality finishes. On joining a franchise, you’re required to abide by a set code of conduct and provide a service that is consistent with the brand.

Customers have certain expectations of a brand and hold them to a set standard. Since the brand reputation precedes you, clients are likely to pick your bid over other players in the market. That way, you’re likely to build a lengthy client list and have a high return on investment.

People show a marked preference for established brands when undertaking projects as they are assured of great results. Buying into a franchise fast-tracks your ascension to the list of preferred service providers.

Ways to Make a Profit Off of Land

a land for sale signYou can make money by investing in property. However, what most people don’t know is that buying land is also a great way of investing.

At Manor Lakes, a reputable land development in Melbourne’s West, an investor can buy land for sale granting that property will sit on it in the future. After all, land can be used to develop endless things, such as retail spaces, multi-family homes, office spaces, and single-family homes. But you need to understand the processes involved before you buy it.

Here are different ways you can make a profit out of this investment:

Buy and sell

With this approach, the investor is fundamentally flipping the land. The land buyer believes that they bought the land at a lower price than the current market price, so they hope that they can find a buyer who will pay the price higher than the market price. Also, the investor hopes for a quick sale that will generate profit with no extra work on the land.

Buy and hold

Besides the buy and sell approach, the buy and hold strategy entails buying land and holding onto it for some time. The investor, in this case, believes that the value of the land for sale will appreciate. However, the investor should know that they are required to pay for taxes or other extra costs necessary for maintaining the land.

Buy, develop and rent

Investors can buy any land for sale and develop it, then rent it out to tenants. For instance, you can buy land, build a parking lot, then rent it to tenants. After all, you can get a tenant who owns a huge business and is looking for an additional parking lot for their clients.

Now that you are aware of land buying strategies, you can choose the most suitable approach depending on your goals. It’s advisable to take your time to search for the best land for sale deals. Make sure you study the market and other opportunities and challenges in that area.

Apartment complex

Multifamily Sales in Salt Lake City Amounted to More Than 1$B in 2017

Apartment complexThe Salt Lake Board of Realtors reported that sales of multifamily units in 2017 amounted to more than $1 billion, due to an increase in median sales prices.

Despite the increase, there were 4,500 units that exchanged possession in the previous year. This indicated that demand from buyers remained stable amid higher sales prices, up 11% to $225,000, according to the report.

Property Development Activity

Fitch Ratings expects home prices nationwide to increase 4.6% in 2018. It listed Utah’s housing markets among the top five states that will perform well this year. In Salt Lake City, home prices would increase by 3.2% from the current average prices of $360,000.

A reason for the projected increase involves the influx of several companies, which continue to set up business in the state.

For instance, many enterprises have flocked to the Provo/Orem region because of its high-tech industry. Workers from out of the state also moved to the region because of job prospects and higher salaries. While rising home prices normally elicit concerns of a bubble, experts say there should no reason to worry over a potential crash for now.

Housing Bubble?

Jim Wood of the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute said that the most number of sales occurred in Salt Lake City, West Jordan, and Sandy. He attributed the increase to a larger demand for affordable housing options. Wood believes that the likelihood of a real estate bubble remains low, as mortgage lending standards have become stricter in recent years.

For this reason, cash-strapped developers that remain undecided should consider launching new projects this year. Good thing, as bmfcap.com mentioned, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) multifamily loans will help you finance your next development.

An opportunity to make a profit awaits property developers since demand for multifamily units in Utah will likely continue to increase in the near future.


The Real Deal behind Investments and Commercial Properties

Commercial PropertyInvesting, a process involving an investor putting money on an investment medium, such as a stock, certificate of deposit, bond, or real estate among several others, paves the way for people to earn additional financial resources. A primary advantage to this is that, rather than working extra hard for a supplementary monetary source, their investment does it for them. This then allows them to enjoy a higher quality of life for nearly the similar amount of labour they exert.

Despite the stock market showing continued volatility and lesser-risk assets, they provide little to nothing when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Commercial property investment companies, on the other hand, deliver greater rewards to investors. But, since this type of venture requires you to shell out huge amounts of money, Sentinel Property Group says you need to have an extensive understanding of it first.

What’s right for you and what suits your needs

To get the most out of your investment, you have to select the right property, which means an asset that you believe is right for you and suits your needs. You also have to factor in the medium’s capital growth potential, as this quality pertains to the investment medium’s chances of increasing in value.

Don’t forget location

Since you will place a considerable amount of money on a commercial property, you want to make certain it is conveniently located. You do not want to put your finances on something that people do not even know exist, as it is too far from them or they have never passed by nor heard about it.

Working with pros

All in all, with the help of professionals, you can combine your knowledge with their guidance to make the right and most appropriate decision and ensure you do not make the mistake of putting your money in the wrong spot.

Why Buying a New Motorcycle is a Good Investment

Motorcycle Used bikes are typically cheaper than new motorcycles. But second-hand bikes always come with a few setbacks. For one, some of their parts might be needing repairs soon. In addition, the value of used bikes tends to depreciate faster than new bikes. Unless you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money for your first bike, it is always better to purchase a new motorcycle.

Motorcycle Title Loans

Apart from its pristine condition, new bikes are good investments because they are eligible for vehicle title loans. The cash you’ll get from this loan is usually based on the value of your bike. So in times of emergencies and you need fast cash through a car title loan, you’ll be thanking yourself for buying a high-priced brand new bike.

Technology for Safety

As bikes today get faster and better, you need to ensure that you’re riding in a vehicle that can give you enough protection on the road. Hence, it is a smart decision to go for new motorcycles as they come with the latest safety-focused technologies. After all, it doesn’t hurt to pay for your own protection.


Generally covered by warranties, new bikes won’t break your bank in times of repair. Even if you spend a higher amount in buying a new motorcycle, the warranties will save you a lot of repair costs. At the end of the day, purchasing a new bike might be cheaper than buying used bikes that require too many restorations.

With these three things in mind, buying a new bike is certainly a good investment. But remember that purchasing a vehicle should always depend on your needs. If you’re an amateur rider who is still learning the ropes of biking, a used motorcycle is ideal. If you’ve been riding a bike for a few years now, though, or you want a motorcycle for a daily commute, a new bike is more appropriate.