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Modern interior of a living room

One for All: Achieving Harmony and Unity in Your Home’s Design

Modern interior of a living roomHave you ever walked into a room, a neat and clean room, yet feel that everything seems to be out of place and just too much to take in? That design most likely lacks harmony and unity.

It’s important to hit these two principles when decorating a space. Interior design experts in Utah apply these concepts to achieve impeccable visual appeal.

Each One Belongs to One

It sounds like unity and harmony are the same. Yes and no. Yes, they’re similar in a way that the goal of the two principles is to create one cohesive design. No, because there are a few distinctions for interior design experts.

Harmony refers to sameness, meaning the design elements belong together in the same category. So, for instance, your walls and furnishings have the same earth-toned colors. The important thing here is elements should have a similar visual style or mood.

Unity, on the other hand, describes the repetition of elements, like colors or shapes, again in the goal to create a sense of order in the space. Symmetry is one way to achieve this because there’s already a sense of repeated pattern there.

You could use curtains for this. Or, you can also have French doors; Salt Lake City’s modern homes have this design element that creates visual order in the space.

All Taken as One

Again, the goal of unity and harmony is a cohesive design. Cohesion simply means each element is linked to another in some way. So you ask, why does this even matter?

When the brain is trying to process information, it sees something as a whole. And for it to make sense of the whole, it looks for patterns and similarities so it can put them in a category, and send you the message of what it is you’re looking at.

When the brain is able to do that with ease, confusion is avoided. Thus, you’re able to appreciate the space and be at peace where you are.

In other words, when designing, you treat each one as a seamless part of the whole. When people look at your design, they see the whole as the brain picks up the details.

Harmony and unity are principles you cannot not apply in your design unless you want a confusing space. Use these concepts to make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting it Right: Making Your Home’s Lighting Perfect

Home Lighting Services in MinnesotaMany homeowners tend to focus on the furniture and the décor of a space. What they leave out is the lighting–which is arguably the most important aspect of a room’s overall ambiance. Any interior designer would agree that you have to pay attention to the lighting of a room more than the décor you put in it.

But, how exactly do you get this right? Here are three ways to do so:

Understand the Types of Lighting

You can categorize lighting into three types: general, task, and accent. The first is the main source of illumination, the second one focuses on specific activities in a room, while the last one is all about the depth and overall vibe of the area. For further illustration, consider this: ceiling lights are general, table lamps are task, and holiday Christmas lights, according to Roof to Deck Decoration, are accent ones.

Any well-lit room would have all three, regardless of the design style. This is the primary rule for proper lighting.

Prioritize Natural Light

Light fixtures should never be the primary focus when deciding on the lighting of a room. Natural light is still the best. Know that when the room faces east, it gets sunny, especially in the morning. Conversely, west-facing rooms have a view of the sunset, but also run the risk of afternoon glares. Whichever the case, be sure to hang mirrors and choose the right window coverings to make the most of the natural light that comes into the room.

Focus on the Room’s Purpose

This perhaps is the most important: Ask yourself the purpose of the room. Mood lighting and dimmer switches work best in bedrooms, while feature lights are ideal in lounges. Ambient lights are a good choice for bathrooms. You have to tailor your lighting choices to the tasks to be done in the room.

Mastering lighting is often unnoticed, but it is highly important. Get the lighting of every room right and you’ll always enjoy an excellent vibe in your home.