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Dispelling Myths About Your New Air Conditioning Unit

Hand with remote control directed on the air conditioner In the United States, approximately three-quarters of households have air conditioning. These account forabout 6% of all the electricity producedin the country, costing homeowners over $29 billion dollars.

Superior Heating & Coolingshares that the St. Louis heat can be brutally hot and humid in the summer. So if you’re a new homeowner and you just installed your air conditioning system, here are myths that you may encounter about the cooling unit.

Cranking the thermostat to its lowest cools the house faster.

You’d want your air conditioning unit to cool the home instantly as the heat becomes unbearable. One way of doing so would be cranking the thermostat to its lowest setting once you get indoors. This, however, is not true, as the unit will cool your house no matter what the temperature it is set to. It won’t cool the air any faster and it may evenlead to unnecessary expense.

Replacing the filters once per year is OK.

Energy Star recommends changing the filters at a minimum of every 3 months. Filters can get dirty and restrict proper airflow, which forces the unit to work harder. Not only does this waste energy, but it may even be the cause of your system’s breakdown.

Routine maintenance is costly, which is why tuning once a year is enough.

Just because it turns on, it doesn’t mean your cooling system is perfectly fine. It may be working, but without considering the little things, such as weird sounds or odors, these may turn into bigger problems that will cost more eventually. Therefore, you need to schedule regular maintenance and tuning with a reliable technician, as they can prevent problems before they even start.

Air conditioning systems are essential to your indoor comfort. So you need to make sure your AC unit is in good working condition all the time. At the first sign of a problem, don’t hesitate to call your technician right away. Prevention goes a long way toward a better performing, durable cooling system.

How to Create an Elegant House with a Minimal Budget

 Elegant House in WhitelandKeeping an elegant home is every homeowner’s dream. With a constrained budget, this can be tough and having a home that reflects sophistication could just be a faraway dream. There is no need to fret over this.

Suburban Glass Service, Inc reveals some simple and cheap ways that will give your house a luxurious and classy look.

Crown molding

When you live in a neighborhood that has houses identical to each other, one way to set yourself apart is having a unique interior design. Crown molding helps in tying the walls and ceiling together to give a finished look that has the perception of affluence.


Shop for lighting that compliments your home décor. Get rid of lights that are ordinary and lack personality. Enhance the ambiance of your house with table and floor lamps as they radiate a feel of class.


Invest in strong and durable windows that maximize views. There are different window styles to choose from. When you are not sure of the best design for your home, get a professional to assist you. Indianapolis glass doors are a premier glass company that provides high-quality products.


Opt for colors that project your room with a touch of sophistication. A crisp white or paint with a vibrant color in a neutral shade gives your house a taste of elegance. Paint your inside doors black. Let this finishing tie in with other black accessories to avoid a misplaced look.

House touch-up

A clean house looks luxurious, and all its unique touch ups are in full view.  Dust and vacuum regularly and avoid clutter. Throw pillows are an excellent add-on for your sofa. Invest in large and soft pillows for comfort and an elegant look.

It is possible to have an elegant home while you are still on a budget. When you choose accessories that complement your personal style and avoid nondescript purchases, having a home that resembles a high-end designer house becomes a reality.

Garage Door

Advantages of Installing a Roller Garage Door

Garage DoorAll kinds of garage doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, so do your homework and research on the type that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle before buying. Consider a roller door if you are looking for an affordable solution for a small garage space. Roller garage doors are designed for easy opening and closing. You can open or close them by just rolling them up and down. Below is a list of some of the benefits of choosing a roller garage door:

  • Operating System

Roller garage doors are installed inside the opening of the garage. Generally, the door shutter is an uneven sheet of steel, but this is also available in translucent corrugated fibreglass. This door rolls up and down and is placed above your head in a spiral position. Don’t forget to check the headroom allowance between the ceiling and the soffit of the lintel before installation.

  • Weatherproof

One of the reasons why many homeowners choose roller garage door is its weatherproof feature, which means rain or snow could not enter the garage. The door has a rubber seal placed at the bottom to control the entry of pests and dust.

  • Save a Lot of Space in the Driveway

Roller garage door allows you to park your car near the entrance, saving you a lot of space in the driveway. This makes a roller garage door great for those who have a limited space in their driveway.

These garage doors also come in various colours, according to Gryphon Garage Doors. These include classic cream, dune, deep ocean and woodland grey, among others.

Roller garage doors are designed to have an efficient operating mechanism and do not take so much space. These could be the garage door solution for you.