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Are Real Estate Investors Better Than Individual Buyers?

Sold Home with the sign focused and house blurredIf you’ve ever faced the need to sell your property, you may have many questions: How long should you wait to pull the trigger on an offer? What’s the highest you can sell your house for? Should you sell your house for cash?

You might even receive offers both from individuals (e.g. your neighbors and relatives) or real estate investors like Klamen Real Estate. Can you rely on individual buyers more than brokers when selling your St. Louis house for cash?

Here are some advantages of selling your house to real estate investors:


Imagine if someone makes a great offer to buy your house. After the verbal and written handshake, the would-be-buyer applies for a cash home loan. A week later, the buyer receives a letter from the bank, saying the loan request was rejected.

In this case, it’s best to sell it to an investor. Unless the person who made an offer has the cash on hand to buy the property, it can take weeks for the transaction to be resolved. Even then, it’s not guaranteed to succeed. Time would be lost, and you would have to go back to the drawing board and wait for offers again. This is not the ideal place to be for those who need cash urgently.


With brokers, you can have some more peace of mind. If someone makes an offer to flip your St. Louis property, you can always ask them for a license. This way, you can find out whether they are authorized to practice in the state of Missouri and protect yourself from any scam.

Real estate investors are trained to appraise properties and make the best offers for your house. If you’re in need of quick cash, you can inform them that you’re receiving cash offers by sending them an e-mail, filling out a web form, or even by calling them.

Cavite Home Prices Around 30% Cheaper Than City Rates

Brand New Luxury HomeAlmost every Filipino will consider the price of a home as their top reason, whether or not to purchase the property, with location likely being the second factor.

In Cavite, home buyers may save around 30% in costs compared to acquiring property in cities, according to Pronove Tai International Property Consultants. Cavite Properties note that the province’s proximity to Metro Manila makes it even more attractive not just for buyers, but also for developers and investors.

Transport Infrastructure

Pronove Tai CEO Monique Pronove said that the emergence of many transport links to Metro Manila allowed easier access to different cities. For instance, the Manila-Cavite Expressway connects the South Super Highway to Daang Hari, which lets residents travel to Muntinlupa or Las Piñas.

These transportation links led to the construction of more township developments. As a result, land values in Cavite have increased by 300% over the past ten years, according to Pronove Tai. This bodes well for investors that made a bet on the region’s property market.

Even as land prices increased, more buyers can still find it cheaper to acquire a spacious home than a small condominium unit in the city, Pronove said.

Competitive Pricing

The different prices offered by developers can be a confusing chore. If you have been considering a house and lot in Lancaster New City, a review online helps you reach a decision.

Enrique Soriano, executive director at Wong + Bernstein Advisory Group, said that house-and-lot packages still account for the biggest share of transactions in the residential property market with an almost 76% share.

For this reason, you may expect to see competitive prices from developers as they try to outsmart each other in luring clients.

While it may be cheaper to buy a house in Cavite, you need to consider all options and review prices before signing along the dotted line in any contract.

3 Things to ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Accessories Today

DiamondsJewelry today has evolved into many forms. Most of them made from gold or silver, embedded with precious gems that tell so much about who you are. Someone’s first impression of you will also come from what you are wearing. And that includes your accessories.
So, how will you know if you are choosing the right kind of jewelry that matches your personality? It is simple, really. Here are three things to ask yourself before you wear those gorgeous gems out on a day, or if you are buying jewelry here in Salt Lake City.

How do I feel today?

Everyone has his or her good and bad days. At times when you do not feel 100%, you usually won’t care about what you wear. Now, would you want people to know that? Or, will you choose to stay on the brighter side of things?

The answer will make it easier for you to choose the right accessories for the day.  You can go for the matte and less-shiny bracelets or earrings if you are feeling a bit dreary. Or you can choose the sparkly or colorful ones for a more cheerful, elegant day.

There are many other jewelry personalities you can have. Just make sure you wear what you feel.

What am I doing today?

You have to be dressed for the occasion, even if it is just tea at a friend’s house. You would not want to be wearing too much silver or gold if you are only going on a picnic. Neither would you want to be wearing only a single band bracelet to a formal evening gala.

Different occasions require specific embellishments, so you should choose yours wisely.

Who am I seeing today?

It may not make sense to match your accessories with the people you will meet. However, you will never know when you will make that first impression that will find you your soul mate, or get you your dream job.

That was pretty simple, right? Just remember, you are what you wear. Everything else will be secondary.

3 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Home Purchase

Buying a HomeBuying a home is a big financial commitment that you must be ready for to avoid sinking in debt. It’s something you only do if you are already confident about your savings and your source of income. This way, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice other aspects of your life and you wouldn’t feel pressure when paying your monthly mortgage. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself and your finances for a home purchase.

Improve Your Credit Score

Something that all lenders will look at is your credit score. This is a good indicator of how financially responsible you are because a higher credit score means you know how to pay your bills on time and you never miss a due date. Low credit scores often lead to smaller loans with bad terms. If your credit score is currently low, then it’s time to make a change and make an effort to pay your bills on time.

Be Employed

Not having a job is not a good look when visiting lenders, unless you are an entrepreneur with a well-established business. Whether you’re a doctor, accountant, dentist, engineer, or any other professional, you need to stay employed if you want to get the best home loans in Sunshine Coast. The longer you are employed, the better the loan you’ll get because it means you have a stable job and career.

Put in a Good Down Payment

While there are banks out there that only require as little as 1% to 10% down payment, that also comes with less impressive terms. The best way to avoid high monthly mortgage payments is by putting in at least 20% down payment on the property. This is also a good way to measure if you truly are ready for a home purchase. If you can’t put in 20% down payment, chances are, buying a home is still too much for you.

Follow these tips to make sure you buy a home that’s right for you when it’s the right time.

Why Buying a New Motorcycle is a Good Investment

Motorcycle Used bikes are typically cheaper than new motorcycles. But second-hand bikes always come with a few setbacks. For one, some of their parts might be needing repairs soon. In addition, the value of used bikes tends to depreciate faster than new bikes. Unless you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to shell out a huge amount of money for your first bike, it is always better to purchase a new motorcycle.

Motorcycle Title Loans

Apart from its pristine condition, new bikes are good investments because they are eligible for vehicle title loans. The cash you’ll get from this loan is usually based on the value of your bike. So in times of emergencies and you need fast cash through a car title loan, you’ll be thanking yourself for buying a high-priced brand new bike.

Technology for Safety

As bikes today get faster and better, you need to ensure that you’re riding in a vehicle that can give you enough protection on the road. Hence, it is a smart decision to go for new motorcycles as they come with the latest safety-focused technologies. After all, it doesn’t hurt to pay for your own protection.


Generally covered by warranties, new bikes won’t break your bank in times of repair. Even if you spend a higher amount in buying a new motorcycle, the warranties will save you a lot of repair costs. At the end of the day, purchasing a new bike might be cheaper than buying used bikes that require too many restorations.

With these three things in mind, buying a new bike is certainly a good investment. But remember that purchasing a vehicle should always depend on your needs. If you’re an amateur rider who is still learning the ropes of biking, a used motorcycle is ideal. If you’ve been riding a bike for a few years now, though, or you want a motorcycle for a daily commute, a new bike is more appropriate.

Can Debt Be Seen As a Good Thing?

DebtThere’s no such thing as bad press, and with the right spin, even things that are on everyone’s “would rather not have” list can turn into an asset.

For example, no one likes to have any kind of debt on their books. In fact, it’s one of the biggest detriments to getting lending institutions to hand over the quick cash people need for a new car, or a remodelling project. But, there are times when the presence of debt can actually convince lenders to give you money faster.

The only thing that lending companies like Rapid Loans wants to ensure when they review a loan application is that they’ll get their money back. Once you understand that simple fact, the easier it is to put your situation in a positive light. Supposedly negative elements such as debt will become just another brush that you can use to draw the picture you want to paint.

The secret is to keep debt at or near manageable levels for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been paying for things for most of your adult life, just as long as you don’t dig an inescapable hole. The reason for this is that you could frame your debt as part of being financially responsible and forward thinking.

If the sources of your debt payments are primarily from a mortgage or home improvement projects, then you’re not in debt because you manage money poorly. In fact, it actually communicates the opposite, since you’re making your money work while keeping its flow under control. A savvy personal financial strategist like yourself would have no trouble paying back any loans in the eyes of a lender.

This is of course just one example of how people can make the best out of a potentially bad situation. It just goes to show that nothing is set in stone in the financial world, and there will always be a way.

Tax Compliance or Tax Avoidance: Which Path Should SMEs Choose?

Tax AvoidanceThis truth may sting a bit, but for your own business’s sake, don’t ignore your tax bill. One of the many pains of running a business is that dreaded annual visit to the IRD to pay taxes in full.

But, tax compliance is essential in managing a successful, profitable business. Here are a few tax-saving strategies to take the stress out of those impending financial woes.

Recognize the Risk

Small to medium enterprises or SMEs usually have this misconception that they are at lower risk of a tax audit. The truth is that they are prized targets, as they are a big source of tax revenue. The government has to make sure that businesses meet their tax obligations. Changes in compliance costs will only prompt them to change tax laws and administrative processes. If you think you can outsmart the IRD, think again. Their auditors eat numbers for breakfast.

Tax Planning and Budgeting

The trick is to save tax effectively all year round. Last-minute tax planning for the financial year can badly hurt your cash flow, and it will affect every aspect of your business. When you’re laying down your budget plan for the entire year, always keep your taxes in mind. Ignoring it will not make it disappear. Also, declare your income properly. If you don’t, it will only attract the IRD’s attention.

Keep Good Records

Good recordkeeping is one effective way to avoid a painful tax audit. Make sure that you set all the deductions you’re entitled to and have your documentation in place. No matter how small your business is, you’re still obligated to do some level of accounting. If you can’t do it yourself, hire an accountant. It is a worthy investment. Search for accounting firms that focus on helping out SMEs, such as The Income Tax Professionals Ltd.

Be Prepared for an Audit

The IRD is not stupid. They are an omniscient presence that will turn on you the more you put off your taxes. But, they are not your business’s enemy. And if you’re really serious about your business, you should know how to face an auditor head on and settle disputes as professionally and calmly as possible.

If you have all these in place and if you have the right attitude towards tax, you will not have to go about those precious business hours in constant fear of a visit from the IRD. If you truly want your business to grow, and if you care about your employees, then, organise those tax reports and make sure you can pay for future tax bills.

Strange, Sneaky Things That Affect Your Credit Score

Credit CardCredit scores dictate a lot of dealings, including their outcomes. Though several lending establishments like RapidLoans.com.au have been incredibly tolerant of bad credit, the fact remains: one is in for a tougher time with financial talks should their credit score be sub-par.

Various factors can affect a credit score, though most of them are quite unexpected. How about the more nondescript ones? Here’s a quick list of things that can cause bad credit:

Library Fines

While libraries don’t deal directly with credit reporting agencies, several of them do turn over unpaid balances to collection agencies. In turn, the agencies may report  the balances to credit reporting establishments they have ties with. For readers, it is best to carefully read library policies before taking out anything.

Unused Credit Cards

Think putting off using your credit cards gives you a sense of security? Think again. Acquiring credit card debt is indeed bad for your credit score, but failing to use them can do damage in certain occasions as well. If a card goes unused for a long time, a specific issuer may label the card ‘inactive’. This will reduce your overall number of accounts and may affect the credit utilisation rate. The higher this rate, the lower your credit score.

Closing an Old Credit Account

In several situations, cancelling a long-held, seldom-used account will shorten the length of your credit history. This can lower your score. Should you need to free up obligations, get rid of newer cards in favour of an older one. The latter’s longer credit history may prove useful down the road.

Unpaid Parking Tickets

It pays to watch where you park and know the local laws by heart. Like library fines, unpaid parking tickets can also be turned over to a private collection agency if you’re not careful enough. From there, the process follows the same path as library fines all the way to your credit report.

The factors listed here might be a bit unexpected, but you must take them seriously. Getting your credit score up requires every bit of foresight from you, so you can expect less troubles in the long run. This just proves that even the most routine of things can have a massive impact later on.