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Chatbot and marketing concept

How Real Estate Companies are Using Chatbots to Their Advantage

Chatbot and marketing conceptOne interesting aspect of digital marketing that’s piqued the interest of many entrepreneurs today is the technology called chatbots. Imagine landing the perfect retail property in Vancouver using a messaging interface on your mobile phone or laptop.

Sounds crazy? Well, that’s what chatbots can do. A chatbot can interact with a customer and gain conversion using a chat interface. It can be programmed to respond to specific questions or it can be as advanced as artificial intelligence that can understand a language and become smarter as you continue to interact with it.

That said, here’s how the real estate industry is taking advantage of this technology:

Building Trust with Their Prospects

By making their information available in a chatbot conversation, real estate companies can gain the trust of their prospects. They can even program their chatbot to send out daily helpful tips that are customised to what the prospect is looking for.

Spending Time with the Right People

Chatbots can filter out people who are actually looking to buy out of the sea of people who are just enquiring. They do this by having the prospect go through a series of qualifying questions, giving them only the information that meets their requirements. Once they pass the qualifications, the agents can step in and have a face-to-face encounter with an actual buyer.

Qualifying Potential Agents for Your Team

Not only do chatbots qualify leads, they can also qualify those applying to be real estate agents. Interviews can be handled through the chatbot and it will send a message to the HR team to call those who pass the qualifications.

Give Prospects Exactly What They Want

Since chatbots can be programmed to ask the right questions, they can provide the exact information to their prospects based on how they answered the questions. When people get what they want, there’s a bigger chance of turning them into actual customers.

It is not going to be long before more advanced technologies emerge and make buying or selling real estate easier. Anyone can use a chatbot to their advantage. Real estate chatbots are definitely starting to make history in their industry today.

Does Your Web Design Match Your Brand Image?

Web Design and Jigsaw PuzzlesYou’ve had the domain for a while now, and you have enough content to fill the pages with relevant information. There’s a mixture of humor and seriousness that you think should help the site perform better as a means of driving sales. But that’s not happening.

Perhaps your web design, no matter how smartly executed, is just not what you need. Here’s what Minnesota experts in SEO services say about the matter:


You want to seem like the most professional company out there. But when clients are looking for a creative agency, it’s not just professionalism that they’re looking for. They also judge your website based on how creative it is, because they think that translate to how unique you are in your line of work. Give them samples of your past projects and let those goofy office pictures show. Restaurants and fashion brands may also go for a little fun on their web design to help cement their reputation in their respective industries.


A dental practice can show a bit of fun on their website if they’re catering to children, but if all your clients are adults, you’ll want to highlight cleanliness, sanitation, and adherence to best practices. Being part of the health industry means you are putting the safety of clients first and foremost. Showcase new equipment you have bought for the practice, to show clients you are well-equipped.


If your business is all about sciences and mathematics, you cannot afford any mistakes on your website. Whether it’s a typographical error or a formula expressed incorrectly, your reputation is on the line. Highly technical fields have clients who are more discerning, especially if they don’t know what they need. If they see a mistake, they’ll think it’s a sign of weakness and move on to another company.

The design of your website is important. Before you go crazy with the design, however, remember that it should still be connected with your industry.

3 Reasons SMEs Need a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketingIn 2014 alone, there were more than 2 million small businesses in operation in Australia. In fact, about 97.4 per cent of all businesses in 2014 were small businesses. In some reports, experts were calling Australia as the country of small businesses. And when you have a small business, you need to have a strong online presence, and this doesn’t end and start with a website or a Facebook page.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in small business digital marketing services.

Lead Generation

Having a business is not just about selling a product or service, it’s also about building relationships with your patrons. Moreover, it’s about finding new customers. Do you know that 41 per cent of businesses are having difficulties finding and reaching new customers? A digital marketing specialist can help you plot strategies and come up with marketing campaigns to generate new leads for business.

Success Measurement

How do you measure success? How do you know that your Facebook and social media posts are reaching your target audience? How do you know if they’re working? You need to track your campaigns and analyse the metrics to see if you’re able to reach the goal/s you set. While there are many online resources that you can use to track and analyse metrics, you need a digital marketing specialist to interpret the numbers.

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends change. Your customers’ spending habits change. You need to adapt to survive. An effective digital marketing specialist needs to stay updated on the latest trends and forecasts. This knowledge can help you plot future campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

You Need to Start Planning Your Future

Investing in digital marketing services for your small business is not just about being in the “now.” It’s more about strategising your future and ensuring that you stay as competitive as possible.

The Modern Way of Promoting Your Business

A businesswoman working on her SEOPromoting your own business can be quite tricky and stressful nowadays. With all the different platforms of media that are available recently, deciding when, where, and how you can advertise your business properly can be tough, but you can do it as well.

Advertising your business is one of the first things that you must do to have a successful and lucrative business. Having a business without promoting it is like having an amazing idea but not sharing it or creating plans of action for it.

Use the best methods

One of the first ways to analyze your flaws within marketing is to see where you lack. An example of this would be if you were to search your business in a search engine and it doesn’t land on the first page, you lack in ranking. An easy solution to fix that problem is to hire SEO services in Alexandria, Minnesota.

There is a multitude of SEO services available across American states such as Florida, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Just by inserting some extra keywords into some articles on your website can easily boost it up to the first page of search engine.

Hire the right guys

As mentioned, SEO services are plentiful and readily available for your convenience. These services can provide a great variety of ways to easily get your website out there. They can offer consultation about your website to see if there absences or shortfalls in the design or content within it.

A lot of the consultation will also depend on what your particular goals are, for what media platform you prefer or for what kind of update you think you require to add on to your website. Simply producing articles, adding on keywords, and buying advertisement placements will bring your website to the top.

The Need for Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Laptop with the word Today the world is full of technology in every field. People have gone digital in a big way, so they do not have the time to look at different products, brands, and other projects through offline advertisement. They hardly look at marketing through newspapers, radio broadcasts, communication through TV, newsletter, or other print media.

The internet and the mobile phone are platforms which are continuously accessed. So, it makes sense for businesses to opt for digital marketing. Through this mode, the clients can get information at any place and at any time they want through their phones.

Larger Outreach

Globalization and the internet have made the world very small and shrunk it to a tiny axis point, where customers all over the world can get all the information through mobiles, tablets, and computers. Digital marketing is a blessing for all types of businesses. You can hire a good Denver PPC management or digital marketing company like c1-partners.com for your marketing needs. This kind of marketing can help you reach a wider chunk of clients all over the world.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the best tools to work on the minds of your potential customers. You are free to use great content, appealing advertisement, meaningful videos, and other marketing tricks to lure customers. The aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website and also convert the casual visitor into a potential lead, to boost your sales.

This type of marketing offers the businesses the chance for survival, competition, and better sales in today’s tough market conditions. Today’s customers can access all the product details online through the tablets, mobiles, and laptops. This has become very easy because the customers are constantly online either working or browsing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Besides providing easy accessibility, digital marketing is very economical compared to other conventional methods. The affordability of this medium has made it the favorite platform for smaller businesses too. The other benefit is the reliable and real-time reviews and feedback from customers.This also allows for brand recognition and conversion optimization. There are many tools available in this medium including blogs, SEO content, internet banner ads, PPC advertising, mobile and social media marketing, etc.

Contact an experienced and reputed digital marketing company, so that you benefit from their services.

Local Optimisation, Are You Following the Best Practices?

Digital Marketing Practice in Fyshwick CanberraA scattershot approach to advertising your products and/or services weakens your brand identity. You need to have a focused consumer base to boost your profits and keep your competitive advantage. According to Voodoo Creative, a reputable digital advertising agency in Melbourne, you can achieve this by localising your search engine optimisation.

Business Listings

The right business listing makes it easier for your target audience to find your company. Claim local listings in Yahoo Local, Google+, Yelp, Manta and other sites. Listings that have accurate information allow a potential customer to leave a review or contact you if they want to make a purchase. Choose the sites that are appropriate in your niche. For travel, there is Tripadvisor and many others depending on the industry.

The Importance of Online Reviews

A customer’s power to tear down or build up a business has increased over the last few years. More people are searching the Web for reviews about the places they want to go to, the things they want to buy and others. They want heavily reviewed businesses before choosing which one to spend their money on. Allowing reviews also enable you to identify the needs and wants of customers, and determine the things they like or dislike.

Localised Content

Experts over the years have all agreed that content will always be the king, queen, princesses and princes. This will not change for the foreseeable future, so you have to keep publishing posts, videos, testimonials, podcasts and other forms to reach and connect with your audience effectively.


If someone was looking for a plumber or electrician right now, they might be browsing their phone to find someone that can come immediately. Even if you do not offer any of those services, you need to be mobile-friendly. This allows your potential customers to find your business within a short distance or in the neighbourhood.

Localised search engine optimisation is becoming more and more important. Implementing its best practices enable you to build brand identity and improve customer loyalty.

The Silent Film Rennaissance in Digital Marketing

Silent Marketing VideoYou probably know who Charlie Chaplin is. This tiny whirlwind of comedic genius made generations of people laugh, all without uttering a single word. His silent film era is a real thing, and it seems to be making a comeback, albeit with a purpose other than pure entertainment.

Silence is Golden

As you approach providers of web video production services, maybe you shouldn’t focus a lot on sound as you conceptualize for a marketing video. Understand that the marketing game is incredibly noisy and full of distractions. Think the only way to stand out is to shout louder than anyone else? Think again. It might be that muting your video is the way for your message to be heard.

Consider this numbers: 85 percent of videos played on Facebook are muted intentionally by audiences. A minuscule 15 percent are engrossed enough to keep the sound on. What this means to video producers is that they wouldn’t even connect with their viewers through the audio portion. This is a lost cause, especially for those who focused their efforts on getting good audio.

How to Make Silence Work?

There’s one simple truth about silent films: the lack of sound forces people to focus on what’s happening on screen. This puts considerable importance on telling a compelling story using only visuals. But, you have to remember one thing with this: there has to be a balance between audio and video value.

Here’s how it works. Try watching a video with sound, the conventional way. It obviously should be able to tell a story. Now, try watching it with the sound muted. If it doesn’t tell the story the same way as before, you need to work on it ASAP. You have to maintain a good balance between the storytelling effectiveness of both the audio and the video.

Design For Silence

Keep in mind that people watch videos on mobile devices with the sound muted. You must design in accordance with this trend. To do so, use catchy captions, logos, and other methods of visual communication to send a message. Always remember to frame your visual story: play with zoom, crop, and dolly work to help viewers focus wherever it is you want them to look.

The Benefits You’ll Get by Doing SEO Right

Online Marketing in BrisbaneOnline marketing is essential no matter how big or small your business is because the Internet is the number one source of information. Naturally, most people rely on the Internet whenever they want something. If you don’t have an online presence, you’ll miss so many potential customers. That’s why you have to invest on a good online marketing team that will make your SEO strategies better. Once you do SEO right, here are some advantages you will see for your business website.

Tangible Results

Effective SEO in Brisbane offers tangible results that start with more website traffic and end with conversions to actual customers. When you do SEO right, you’ll rank high and majority of people can see your website. After they click the link, your web design, content, and other online marketing aspects will come into play to make that click turn into a purchase.

Brand Awareness

When you see yourself at the top, or even at the first page or search results, people will see your brand as a credible and reliable one. This is because Google is known to give users what they want and need. If you are a reputable company, Google will recognize it and reward you with better rankings. That doesn’t happen overnight, though. Work on it constantly by associating great content with your business brand.

Social Media Presence

If your webpages rank high, this will also benefit your social media standing and exposure. Social media and SEO are strategies that are co-dependent. This means the more social media visibility you have, the more your SEO will benefit, and vice versa. Don’t forget to make your social media accounts reliable. This means replying to messages quickly, posting images that can encourage interaction, and sharing your recent blog posts to your followers.

These are just some of the things you can experience when you do SEO right. Hire a credible SEO specialist to do this effectively and reap results in the long run.