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Stress-Free Accounting for Trucking Companies

An accountant at workMany trucking companies still associate accounting with tons of paperwork because they manage their financials using ledgers, tax forms, printed receipts, and file drawers. Even with the use of digital spreadsheets, accounting can present many challenges when it comes to keeping data consistent across departments.

Having multiple users who have access to a single file raises the risk of misplaced dates and broken formulas. Accounting for truck drivers is challenging enough. Add to that the task of fixing mistakes, and you might just find that it’s taking time away from other aspects of the trucking business.

To avoid worrying about this, consider different accounting solutions to allow for an easier delegation of financial management and related tasks. To take the stress out of accounting, you can opt to track and update your financials in two ways.

1. Outsourcing accounting services

Many trucking companies have reported positive results from using third-party accounting services. By having an experienced professional do the number crunching for you, you avoid committing costly mistakes.

You could also do this for your trucking company’s financial functions, such as billing, payroll, and accounts payable. When you outsource accounting services, you will be able to focus on the other aspects of your business. That includes scheduling vehicle maintenance and expanding your network.

2. Using accounting software

There are many kinds of accounting software for trucking companies. These programs allow drivers and owner-operators to perform fleet-specific functions such as IFTA tax reporting and load tracking.

There are also cloud-based software products that let you access your accounting data from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to have a better overview of your trucking company’s finances.

Most of these software products are also downloadable in the App Store or Google Play, so you can use your tablet or mobile phone to send invoices, record receipts, and create expense claims.

Another advantage of online accounting is that it helps you analyze your company’s performance from different angles. When choosing an accounting software for your trucking business, consider the following factors:

  • Usability – Determine how many users need access to the software and which type of software they prefer. You can choose a software that has a mobile app to facilitate an easier driver communication process.
  • Price – Accounting software products differ in price and features. Depending on your allotted budget for accounting, you have the choice of using inexpensive software or investing in a product that costs more but comes with several extra features.
  • Features – Identify the specific features you are looking for in an accounting software. These include the type of reports you need the software to generate, as well your company’s needs for accounts receivable and accounts payable tools.

Accounting for your trucking business can be tedious, but it’s not impossible to make it less stressful by taking advantage of accounting services and programs.

The Modern Way of Promoting Your Business

A businesswoman working on her SEOPromoting your own business can be quite tricky and stressful nowadays. With all the different platforms of media that are available recently, deciding when, where, and how you can advertise your business properly can be tough, but you can do it as well.

Advertising your business is one of the first things that you must do to have a successful and lucrative business. Having a business without promoting it is like having an amazing idea but not sharing it or creating plans of action for it.

Use the best methods

One of the first ways to analyze your flaws within marketing is to see where you lack. An example of this would be if you were to search your business in a search engine and it doesn’t land on the first page, you lack in ranking. An easy solution to fix that problem is to hire SEO services in Alexandria, Minnesota.

There is a multitude of SEO services available across American states such as Florida, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Just by inserting some extra keywords into some articles on your website can easily boost it up to the first page of search engine.

Hire the right guys

As mentioned, SEO services are plentiful and readily available for your convenience. These services can provide a great variety of ways to easily get your website out there. They can offer consultation about your website to see if there absences or shortfalls in the design or content within it.

A lot of the consultation will also depend on what your particular goals are, for what media platform you prefer or for what kind of update you think you require to add on to your website. Simply producing articles, adding on keywords, and buying advertisement placements will bring your website to the top.

Buying Office Furniture? Quality Comes First

Office chairs for saleWhether you’re refurbishing your office or replacing few furniture pieces, it is important to keep quality in mind. Some business owners choose the cheapest option available, without thinking of how it will affect the employees. Note that your staff members spend a lot of the time in office, which means that furniture they are using can affect their well-being.

Investing in Comfort Matters

Backaches are a common health problem related to poor office furniture. This can also lead to pain, illnesses, and absences, which can negatively affect the productivity. This makes it essential to invest not just in quality pieces, but also in comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture. This will tell your employees that you value their well-being and support their health.

Longevity Helps Your Save More

While the initial expense of buying quality furniture pieces may seem substantial, this can help you save more in the long-term. Bishop Interiors, commercial furniture manufacturers in NZ, note that an expensive alternative is likely to be constructed using quality materials and craftsmanship. This only means that you won’t have to replace them every few years. If you, however, buy the cheapest options, you can just save initially, but not for the long-term.

The Pieces Don’t Have to Look Boring

Office furniture also needs to look good. This can enhance the working experience, while also allowing your business to adapt to modern culture and environment. Stylish furniture pieces can also impress your clients and customers, as furnishings are the first thing they notice when they enter your office. This can then showcase your company culture and create an excellent first impression.

Office furniture is an essential investment for your growing business. This is why choosing the right furnishings is a not a decision you should take lightly. Poor office furniture will not just compromise the efficiency of your business, but also contribute to the stress and pain of the staff members. If you want your company to succeed, invest in quality and comfortable pieces.


Going to a Washington DC Airport? Corporate Travelers Have Three Options

A man in the driver's seat of a carFor the past seven years, Washington DC has been breaking tourism records. In 2016, it recorded more than 19 million domestic visitors — almost a 4 percent increase the previous year. Domestic and international travelers, meanwhile, spent over $7 billion, which is 3 percent higher than 2015.

Washington DC also holds the distinction of being one of the safest places for business travelers, according to a Global Business Travel Association survey. Traffic, however, can also be horrendous. This begs the question: Which is the best way to commute to the airport if one does not use the hotel shuttle?

1. Limo

Business travelers looking for convenience, comfort, and value for money should consider a DC airport limo service. Its coverage is extensive, including places not within the metropolitan area. It can even accommodate passengers from the rest of Northern Virginia counties.

Limo services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is an advantage as many business travelers take the red-eye flight. The Metrorail, on the other hand, runs only up to midnight on Sundays and 3:00 a.m. on Saturdays.

2. Metrorail

Also known as the Washington Metro (or simply the Metro), the Metrorail transports passengers within the metropolitan area of Washington DC as well as key places in Virginia and Maryland. It has more than 85 stations and 6 lines, all covering almost 200 kilometers.

It is reliable and safe with routes that are easy to understand, but it doesn’t serve all three big airports in the capital. Business travelers might have to ride a bus that can take them to the airport.

The Metrorail is also one of the busiest rapid transit systems in the country, which means rush hours can be stressful and more expensive.

3. Buses

Because Metrorail doesn’t accommodate all Washington DC airports, passengers may have to alight at certain stations to ride buses. This can be a cheap alternative, costing only $7, with or without the Smart Trip card.

It also has a lot of stops, which can lengthen travel time. Serving other passengers, it can become crowded and noisy.

Corporate travelers have a different approach to tourism. Considering the amount of work waiting back home, time is of the essence.

Colorado Eats: The Best Places to Visit in Buena Vista

Bird's Eye View of a VillageSo you have a few days or the weekend off, and you’re planning on going somewhere. Buena Vista in Colorado is a perfect destination. Being greeted by the snow-capped mountains as you drive by is already a bonus, but that is not all that this town has to offer to the weekend warrior or the discerning mainland tourist.

The food

Restaurants in Buena Vista, CO should definitely be on your list of places to visit:

  • There are many restaurants in town that can cater to your Asian food hankerings.
  • Here, you will not also miss out on good old’ local fare like burgers and burritos.
  • If you are looking to paint the town red at night, there are decent breweries here to gulp down a pint or enjoy some locally brewed drinks. It isn’t a mountain town for nothing.
  • This is also why dairy products like cheese and goat’s milk are available in town.

The fun

Of course, you are going to want to do some activities once you are full. The town is far from dull, and there are quite a few things to do:

  • Named the “whitewater capital of Colorado,” you can go rafting in any of the available rafting companies in town. You can also try kayaking.
  • There are also geothermal, gravity-fed mineral spas available in town.
  • Feeling a little sporty? You can rent a mountain bike and challenge the Gentleman’s Loop, which is a trail from downtown that crosses a river.

These are only a few of the activities you can check out. The real thrill lies in doing them for yourself when you are actually in town.

How to Balance your Small Business’ Cash Flow

Managing FinancesWhen small businesses need fast cash, they usually opt for one of these things: using their personal savings to contribute to equity or increasing or obtaining a loan. However, before you resort to these options, below are some viable options to help you raise some funds permanently at low cost.

Time Invoices Properly

A prime reason for the occurrence of cash flow issues is when a business incurs expenses before a customer covering the sale. If possible, you should match your expense payments timing with your invoice collections. Time all your invoices so that they get to your customers as early as possible following a sale. For instance, you could offer discounts for your products or services a couple of months before the holiday rush to ease your cash flow until then.

Modify Invoice Terms

Once you have sent your invoices, ensure that they get settled as quickly as possible. You’ve probably seen or heard about terms like “Net 30”, which means that an invoice must be paid within 30 days upon receiving it. You could consider adding this or a similar term to your invoices or asking for upfront payments or even a down payment.

Make Certain That You’re Easy to Pay

Check your invoices this instant. Does it include specific instructions regarding your payment options? If not, resolve this issue immediately, advises a business bank account manager in Bloomington. If your company accepts online payment options, make sure to include relevant links, and if you accept checks, include a self-addressed envelope to make it easier to pay you.

Create a Strategy for Delinquent Payers

For instance, if a payment is 30 days late, send your customer a reminder of the late payment. However, you must be more aggressive when you request payments for significantly late payments. You could also consider adding late payment penalties or something similar.

Once you have successfully implemented the tips above, you increase your chances of speeding up your cash flow and increasing your cash balance. This is great for your business because once your available cash increases, you could either save interest or repay any loans you have on time, or you could sleep better at night knowing that your finances are in order.

3 Marketing Tactics to Try This 2017

 Online MarketingFor may practitioners of the trade, marketing is the art of telling people what to do without actually telling them what to do. It’s a subtle strategy that help brands get hold of the top reign when it comes to consumer experience, loyalty, and satisfaction. A lot has been said and done when it comes to marketing strategies, but here are new tactics you can employ in your own organization to improve your game.

  1. Improve your SEO strategy.

By now, you’ve probably heard of what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for your brand when it comes to online lead generation. And if you want to be competitive in today’s business world, SEO should be part of your marketing strategy. But what about SEO strategy? SEO isn’t about integrating keywords anymore. You need to build relationships with local brands. For instance, for a local company, earning links to major websites can earn you higher rankings. However, this isn’t easy to do so you really need to get a reputable team offering SEO services in Seattle or any city that can optimize this strategy for you.

  1. Invest on the right endorsers.

Sports drinks have become so popular because the endorsers are actually athletes who drink them. When it comes to endorsements, choosing the right spokesperson should not only be based on how famous they are. The brand identity should complement the endorser’s lifestyle and preferences at some point. This way, you also influence the endorser’s followers in a natural way.

  1. Create a strong online community.

Digital ads can only do so much. In fact, people have become more wary about clicking on these ads for fear of computer viruses and spy malware. This fear has increased the power of organic marketing content, such as blogs and social media endorsers. Building a strong online community can help your campaigns go viral. Apart from simply creating a large group of followers and generating massive likes and shares, having an online community keeps your consumers engaged and informed. If you’re still undecided about the powers of a strong online community, just think of what Apple Fan Boys can do.

Building A Stronger Brand

Marketing’s beauty and challenge continue to change along with new technologies. It also changes consumer behavior. This year, consider using these strategies to improve your marketing reach.

Keep Safe: Dealing with Risks in Your Business

Risks in Your BusinessRunning a business has many rewards, but you cannot deny that you have to deal with all the risks to achieving glory. While some risks can cause trivial problems, others can tear down the business. No matter how big or small your business is, the first thing you need to do is to identify the factors that can possibly put your venture in jeopardy.

Risks may be inevitable. But with enough preparation, you can mitigate or dampen their effects should they happen. Keep the following things in mind:

Determine the Possible Risks

It is important to note that risks come in different types. As such, you need to understand each risk type’s nature to make it easier for you to come up with plausible solutions.

The first risk you need to deal with is that factor that can directly affect your business. This includes fires, explosions, and the structural instability of the building. Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes should also be included in your list.

Risks that involve tech and equipment should also be your priority. A failure in the overall system or record-keeping component may cause serious damage to your operations and customers’ privacy.

Do not forget your employees. While they are some of your company’s greatest assets, they can also be your worst threats. If they have corrupt values to begin with, there is a possibility that they may cause financial and moral dilemmas while working for you.

Map Out the Solutions

Once you identify the risks, proceed with the laying of the groundwork for the possible solutions. Rate each risk and calculate its odds of happening in the future. One of the ideal things you can do is to get insurance policies for your brand, operations, and staff. VersiTrax says that you may also get reliable case management systems that will guide you through the process. Establish a special committee that will deal with the problems in case they happen.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when dealing with the risks your business is facing. Do not hesitate to work with a dependable partner that specializes in risk mitigation if you want to strengthen your security and safety plan.

Venturing Out: Business Elements to Win Big

Accountants in UtahIn the professional sector, more and more fields are being saturated by laborers. Some do not want to be part of the system. Others want to be their own bosses. An entrepreneur can be anyone with the mind for starting business ventures of his own. But not all of them are experienced in the complexities of business. More often than not, their first ventures are the maiden voyages of their business career. So for any entrepreneur in Utah, what will constitute a good and strong business? Here is the quick guide.

Services and Products

All companies offer services and products – it’s how they make money. Think long and hard what your business will cater to. Is there a market for it? Are current trends favorable to your plans? Market research is incredibly important in starting businesses. Think of something new and novel, but practical as well.

Business Model

This is where companies make or break. The business model is the template or the overall plan on how you make your trade. This defines how you will execute operations from manufacturing or sourcing your product, distribution, maintenance, customer support and the like. Plan this one out carefully, and make sure to consult with experts. Do your homework and research on as many models as you can, selecting all the best parts of available templates and putting them together for your vision. Once you have perfected your first business model, keep it open to change and improvement. This way, your business strategy and tactics evolve over time.


You cannot run the trade all by yourself. Along the way, you will have to hire people. Enlist a team of qualified professionals to share the load with you and contribute to the main effort. Having a competent team means, you can delegate tasks. And with experience comes quality in product and service.

Internal System

The internal system means, for the most part, your business infrastructure. Almost similar to the business model, this is how your company would work on the inside. Inner workings such as company administration, logistics and operations would dictate how smoothly your business could run. This includes setting policies and procedures for office employees in the conduct of their work. Hiring business consultants such as licensed accountants in Utah, human resources experts, administration professionals and the like, can go a long way towards optimizing your company for the long haul. Having the right systems and policies in place would mean having a well-oiled machine for your business: efficient and effective.

 Starting a business is never easy. But if you take the essentials and think on your feet, you will learn the ropes soon enough.

Price Negotiations

Why “Ballooning” is an Important Factor in PBM Price Negotiations

Price NegotiationsThe right pharmacy benefit contract can make an immense difference in a company’s bottom line. Even saving a few dollars on pharmacy expenses for every employee is significant, especially over several years. However, many companies go into negotiations completely unprepared, and often leave money on the table.

With an annual profit ranging into the hundreds of billions, the pharmacy benefit industry is obviously doing well for itself. Having a thorough understanding of the PBM’s revenue elements can give you a much better bargaining power, as you know what to focus on.

Industry consultants like Crystal Clear RX also say that PBMs may give up concessions in some areas, but inflate costs in other parts of the contract. This strategy is called “ballooning”, and is why you should always look at the contract as a whole, rather than being impressed with one or two selling points.

The Common Forms of Ballooning

An easy example of this strategy is the administrative fees that PBMs charge. These can cost up to several dollars per transaction, but some companies do not have them at all, as they make up the difference in another aspect of their pricing model.

You will also see things like contracts with exceptionally low dispensing fees, but non-negotiable Specialty Rx pricing. A PBM might give you a better deal on brand medication, only to then give you minimal to no rebates. It is crucial that you do not ignore these possibilities.

Meanwhile, you also need to watch out for confidentiality agreements and vague wording in the contract. These are especially common for generics and rebates. You PBM might offer you a great deal at first glance, but will then proceed to “nickel and dime” your company using loopholes.

What is the Solution?

You might be wondering how to negotiate with PBMs effectively, as they will simply use the balloon strategy to regain their profits elsewhere. The key is to conduct a proper RFP process, and have an experienced consultant on hand. Before any negotiations take place, you should already have an ideal range for each aspect of the contract.