Strategies to Starting a Green Workplace Initiative

Waste Management Services

Waste Management ServicesIt is never too late to join the ecological bandwagon towards responsible business practices that conserve energy and cut costs in the long run. Not only that you help the environment but also your company’s bottom line when you institute a Green Workplace Initiative.

Here are a few practical steps to getting started bringing sustainable practices in your workplace.

Engage Employees in Working Towards Sustainable Business Values

  • Involve the employees in the effort to commit to an environmentally conscious workplace.
  • Select a committee of individuals from across different departments passionate about conscious living and environmental issues.
  • Work with the committee to develop programs and training materials for existing employees and new hires alike.
  • Consider allocating a small training budget to cascade the plans designed by the committee to help employees understand the new guidelines and motives behind them.

This will help the rest of the employees align their personal values with the business goals of a Green Workplace critical to the efficacy of the whole effort.

Start with the Basics

Fortunately getting started with a Green Workplace initiative does not require too much technical know-how in the beginning. Just start with the basics of translating conscious living values and practices into the workplace setting.

  • Promote the prudent use of office supplies and resources and replace single-use pantry supplies like paper plates and cutleries to reusable versions.
  • Manage waste paper efficiently and effectively for recycling. Cascade easy-to-follow instructions on settings for optimising energy used by individual workstations.
  • Replace CFL light bulbs to recyclable and energy efficient LED and OLED light bulbs to cut on energy consumption.

Encourage Employees to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

  • Encourage employees to be mindful of their carbon footprint by promoting carpooling, biking and telecommuting.
  • Provide bike racks and locks at the office lot to encourage bikers to ride to work.
  • If budget allows, provide a salary loan program to enable non-bikers to purchase a bike immediately.
  • Organise carpool routes based on employee home addresses and if possible, consider vans for hire as employee shuttle services with predetermined pick-up points and paths.

With these simple strategies to launch a Green Workplace Initiative, you can lead your business and employees towards sustainable values and practices that not only help the environment but can also cut costs in the long-term.