Routine Mistakes People Make When Choosing an Air Conditioning Repair Company

A man repairing an air conditionerUnless you aren’t concerned about the quality of service, it’s crucial that you find the right person to fix your air conditioning problems. If you live in Indiana, it’s likely that you know one or two air conditioning repair companies near you. When deciding which company to hire, avoid the mistakes that many homeowners make.

Failure to Determine Whether the Company Is Licensed

It does seem incredible that a company would advertise AC repair services if it isn’t licensed, but this often happens. While it’s possible that the company could have skilled personnel who previously worked for legitimate companies, you can’t be sure. Confirm with the necessary organization whether the contractor is licensed before hiring them.

Not Putting Your Agreement in Writing

Whether your project is big or small, it’s crucial that you have a written agreement specifying what to expect from the contractor. The agreement should also state your payment terms. Throughout the project, you’ll use this agreement as your point of reference. Without it, you’ll often have misunderstandings.

Failure to Follow up on Receipts

If your contractor refuses to write receipts for the payments you make, that could be a warning sign that you are working with the wrong person. Insist on a written record whether you’ve paid in cash, card or check. Should the company ask you to pay for something you already did, you can always produce your receipt to put things in order.

Overlooking the Importance of Working With an Insured Contractor

Any time during an AC repair project, an accident could happen. When this happens, it is the person’s employer who should take care of treatment expenses. Work with someone who is fully insured, so you avoid unnecessary problems in case of injury. Verify that they are insured by asking for a certificate from their insurer.

Most AC repair companies are reliable, but there are some who want to separate you from your hard-earned money in exchange for poor service. To be safe, avoid making common mistakes that could prove costly.