How RFID Tags Benefit Retailers and Manufacturers


Many businesses today are developing strategies to deploy electronic product code-RFID based solutions in their operations and global supply chains.


RFID or radio frequency identification tags are intelligent bar codes that rely on reflected radio waves. RFID readers can scan many items at once without the actual bar code having to be within its direct line of sight. This makes it perfect for receiving applications and shipping.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of these smart labels.

Detects Counterfeit Products

Many manufacturers around the world are seeing poor sales because of counterfeit products. To prevent the distribution and sale of these fake products, many of them utilize RFID technology. Aside from detecting counterfeits, RFID can also identify theft and diversion points across the supply chain.

Increases Revenue

Today, many manufacturers and retailers both large and small are developing RFID deployments to generate better profit. With the use of RFID tags, these firms design innovative solutions that offer tangible benefits like improved customer support and inventory turns.

Provides Competitive Advantage

RFID technology not only creates a flexible and adaptive supply chain, but also boosts distribution center productivity. RFID also lessens the impact on prices of recycling legislation for electronic products, giving your firm a competitive advantage.

Operational efficiency is what every retailer needs to make sure that their goods are delivered on time. If you want to drive business success for your company, use RFID technology to make your vision a reality.