Planning a Funeral? Don’t Forget About These

Funeral Home Plan

Funeral Home PlanThe death of a loved one does not have to mean the end of your memories of them. The family can gather on important occasions to make new memories, and a visit to the cemetery will ensure they are still part of your milestones. It would be nice if their death does not mean neglect, either.

Here are three reminders when planning a loved one’s funeral:

Check the Headstone for Errors

It’s the marker for your beloved’s grave. It should have the right spelling and it should look decent. It will be there for years, so ask the headstones company in Salt Lake City for their best designs. There are smaller options if you want it to be subtle, but bigger headstones may be seen as majestic or imposing. Consider the personality of your loved one when choosing.

Make Sure the Resting Place is Well-maintained

You’re missing your loved one and decided to visit, only to find out the grass was not cut and the headstone is missing. Instead of finding some peace in a serene resting place, you feel this adding to your stress. This is the last thing you want to encounter, so before you choose a resting place for your loved one, visit your options to see for yourself how they are maintained. They cannot replace missing items all at once and they cannot coax grass to grow instantly, so you’ll see signs of neglect easily.

Talk About Visits

A funeral is a good time to have most of the family in one place. To keep the memories of your loved one alive, talk among yourselves about visiting. You don’t need to go together, but make sure everyone knows they can drop by whenever they feel like it. You should not pressure them into doing so, but do remind them about the family spending time together from time to time. Make plans on special occasions, such as your loved one’s first death anniversary, or their birthday.

You and your family can have fun visiting the grave of a loved one if everything is in order. So don’t neglect any aspect of their resting place because it’s for the living.