Pick the Right Mattress to Minimize Lower Back Pain

a man checking out the mattressGetting a great night’s sleep depends on a variety of factors, a primary one being your mattress. Poor choice of mattress can cause back pain or grow pain that already exists. In some cases, inadequate mattress support can result in poor sleeping posture, muscle strain, and spine misalignment, all of which cause lower back pain.

Waking up with mild or severe lower back pain may mean your mattress is failing you. Before you walk into 2 Brothers Mattress, a mattress store in Salt Lake City, you should know the right mattress that can offer the recommended level of support

If you feel the need to stretch or take medication to get rid of the pain, it’s time to reconsider that mattress. Here are tips to help you pick the right mattress to prevent or manage lower back pain.

Know Your Preferences

Making sure your choice of mattress matches your sleeping requirements is essential. What works best for your friend might not work for you. It’s wise to check different mattresses in several stores and pick one that offers the right comfort.

Knowing the components of a mattress makes it easier for you to choose the right one. Springs or coils provide support in a mattress. The padding thickness reflects a mattress’s level of comfort.

Balance Out Comfort and Support

Overall comfort is equally important as perfect back support. A mattress that’s too firm can cause pain on pressure points. Medical practitioners recommend medium-firm mattresses. These kinds of mattresses allow hips and shoulders to sink slightly. Plus, they offer more comfort.

In case you need a firmer mattress for a higher level of back support, choose one with thick padding for better comfort.

Test It Before You Pay For It

To identify the most suitable mattress for you, try sleeping on varying types and models in your friends’ homes or hotels. When shopping, you can lie on different mattresses for a few minutes to determine if it’s a perfect fit.

These tips will help you choose a good mattress that perfectly supports your back and offers great comfort. Pick your mattress wisely for a good night’s sleep and great health.