More Happiness, Heartbreak, and Social Proof = More Leads

Web DesignA person’s mind is complicated. Plenty of things go on up there, such as vital functions, memories, instincts, cognitive reactions, and emotions. As a result, the idea of pushing your brand inside a potential consumer’s head is terrifying.

But wait, that’s not the end of the story.

The human brain might be too complex, but its complicated nature can pave the way for more opportunities to appeal to the senses and gain more leads.

Before you dive into the world of SEO strategies and web design reseller programs, it pays to know more about consumer behavior. Understanding what makes customers tick results in the right technique, which maximizes conversions and generates better leads.

The Emotional Appeal

Boxing humans into their primal sense alone completely misses the point of marketing. Users have more interests than just surviving or reproduction; they are also after relationships. Emotions bring meaning to their lives; regarding branding, it personalizes the business, which builds a better link to customers.

Appealing to their emotions gains their trust. When visitors see you understand, they’ll visit more often — and that’s good for your bottom line.

Social Proof

Trust also plays a role in social proof. White label website designs are helpful, but if users are unsure of your services, all efforts might go to waste.

Social proof is a common tool that encourages potential customers to commit. Through customer ratings and testimonials, they learn more about the brand, which helps them justify purchases. Feedback also gives them an idea of whether or not they’ll enjoy the product.

Take advantage of this by gathering as much positive feedback and displaying it on your site. Likes and shares on social media are bonuses, as well.  The higher the likes are, the more confident potential customers will be in your brand.

Humans are complex, but that’s what makes them unique. To be persuasive online, it pays to target their emotions and gain their trust. With web psychology, you can persuade consumers on a personal level, and that drives more leads.