Modern Choices for Building Facades

A modern building Building facades are an integral part of the urban landscape. Their design attracts visitors and at the same time creates an image of the building’s use. Worldwide, architectural trends are dictating that buildings are more than just what they project, that the building walls should have a function.

Unique New Zealand requirements

New Zealand buildings have a unique challenge due to the location. Buildings must have wall cladding that is resistant to high UV. Buildings should also be resistant to the marine environment because of their proximity to the sea and must be adapted to seismic activity, high winds and water loading due to the climate.

Building cladding choices

Architects, developers and builders have a wide range of weatherboard cladding materials to choose from. Steel, aluminum, terracotta, glass, porcelain, and even wood are all cladding materials, which are popularly used.

Stainless steel and wood

Using stainless steel in various forms is one solution, which has its own adherents. There are new forms of steel roofing and cladding based on stainless steel. Wood is still a very popular cladding for residences. It has excellent insulating properties and has proven to be able to stand the test of time.

Aluminum cladding

A homegrown innovation, Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding, has a weatherboard profile which works well with buildings. Regarding construction techniques, it can be put in place quite easily as the cladding, and the same contractor can do the joinery. This makes for a more secure construction. This is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional weatherboard. Nowadays, there are more options when it comes to finish, as well as profiles. In effect, the company has extended the look of the weatherboard beyond what people thought it would be.