Important Office Refurbishment Costs to Prepare a Budget For

White modern officeProceeding with your office refurbishment without setting aside a budget can result in more expenses in the future. You need a budget to guide you during the project implementation phase.

Following are the essential office refurbishment expenses or costs that you need to be ready for.

Furniture, Fittings and Fixtures

Take an inventory of your existing furniture, fittings and fixtures, and their condition. Determine which ones are still functional, and which ones need replacement. If you are making a complete office refurbishment, some items may need to go even if they are still in good condition.

You can then sell usable items that you will no longer need.

Materials and Labour

You must come up with the cost of materials and labour you will need to complete your refurbishment project. Estimating labour cost is important since it involves manual work you cannot pass on to your staff. These tasks include not only skilled workers like electrical work, painting, and decorating.

You also need to consider non-skilled labour like waste disposal and moving of furniture. Likewise, include the cleanup costs upon completion of the project.


It would be a good idea to perform an overhaul of your technology-based systems during your office refurbishment project. You can also install energy-smart systems and upgrade your phone lines and broadband connections.

Temporary Storage

While office renovations are on-going, you may need to place some of your furniture and equipment in temporary storage. This may be necessary to prevent damages or to make extra room to work on.

Existing Operating Hours

The renovation project may have an impact on your business hours. Thus, you have to assess its cost impact on your business. You may need to close shop at certain times to give way to the refurbishment project.

These are only some of the important costs that you must prepare for. You may consider other expenses, depending on your type of business and the kind of refurbishment you are doing.