How to Sell More to Your Existing Customers

a car saleswomanMany business owners think that the best way to increase their sales is to gain new customers. However, this does not always have to be the case. They should actually be looking to leverage their existing customer base. The logic behind this is simple. Your existing customers already trust you, so it would be easier to convince them to buy more from you than it would be to persuade new customers to try your products or services.

Whether you have an Experimac franchise or a clothing franchise, here are some top tips to help boost your sales from existing customers:

Consider upselling.

Tell your sales team to offer your existing customers some related services or products that they bought from you. For example, if you own an Apple products franchise, you could provide your customers with extended warranty for purchases or repairs of electronic gadgets.

Sell bundled products and services.

When bundling products and services, offer them at discounted prices so that your customer would be enticed to try products and services that they would not have otherwise tried.

Offer rewards.

Think about the frequent flyer miles offered by airlines. You could offer your loyal customers a loyalty program as well. For example, you could offer a freebie after every 10 or so purchases, or give them a discount during their birthday month. Just be sure to consult with your franchisor if you own a franchise business.

Give your existing customers inside information. For example, if you see loyal customers looking at a product but are unsure if they should buy it, let them know when it is going to be on sale. Likewise, if you sell online and you see a shopping cart that has been abandoned, offer the customer a promo code to entice him or her to complete the transaction.

Offer freebies.

Giving away freebies will not necessarily cost you a ton of money, but could actually help increase your profit because people love getting free items.

You could do many things that would appeal to your existing customers and you will not even need to work very hard for it. The key is to ensure saturation without alienating your existing customers because you want to avoid making them feel like you are taking advantage of them or hard selling them.