Factors That Affect the Integrity of Your Plumbing System

Plumbing maintenance

Plumbing maintenanceMaintaining the integrity of your house’s plumbing is essential in keeping water flowing to where you need it. This is not really an impossible task. The trick is to ensure regular maintenance by a professional plumber.

The most common condition that requires emergency plumbing Salt Lake City is burst pipes. Experts at Action Plumbing explain that burst pipes can cause extensive water damage to your property. Burst pipes may take long to discover because most pipes are hard to access. To prevent plumbing problems from occurring, be aware of factors that affect the integrity of your pipes.

Increased Water Pressure

When your pipes clog, water pressure in them builds up and, if left unattended, may become too much for your plumbing to handle. High water pressure is, in fact, the most common cause of bursting pipes. Routine maintenance can help to prevent frequent clogs, keeping water pressure at optimum levels.

Freezing Temperatures

Most pipes are located in hidden areas of your house. The heat from your heating system typically does not reach your plumbing system. In cold temperatures, the water in your pipes freezes and consequently expands. The stress caused by this frozen water can weaken your pipe’s walls, causing them to burst.

Encroaching Tree Roots

Tree roots are common causes of burst pipes. Roots naturally grow towards water. Any weak point in your plumbing system is a target for root encroachment. Roots then wrap around your pipes, eventually affecting their integrity.

Insulating your water pipes in freezing weather conditions is vital in preventing frozen water in your pipes. Correct installation in the right location will minimize root encroachment. Frequent and professional maintenance is essential in preventing clogging in your pipes.

Water damage from burst pipes will cost you much. Get an expert plumber to advise you on measures to maintain the integrity of your pipes.