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Best for Learning: Why Comfort is Key Even in the Classroom

Classroom ComfortWhile classroom furniture may have to come at a budget cost, financial constraints shouldn’t mean skimping on comfort.

A Change in Design

How long does it take for you to find a comfortable position on a school armchair? Do you remember being able to pay attention when your bottom was starting to feel sore? Chairs for school need not be cushioned to feel comfortable, nor do the tables need to be anything particularly fancy. Simply altering the mindset on what school furnishing should be like can help students across the country.

Many designers have begun following the principles of ergonomic design to make all types of furniture better. This means ergonomic designs are no longer as expensive as they used to be. It also means that ergonomically designed furniture is more easily accessed. Budget constraints are still budget constraints, however. The thing is, comfort really does matter, an expert from School & Office emphasized.

Learning the Curve

There are two reasons why comfort matters in learning: first, discomfort means a lack of focus. Uncomfortable school furniture can lead to fidgeting students and students who fidget won’t be paying attention to the lesson. They’re too busy trying to find a comfortable position, consciously or not, to really listen.

Sometimes, It’s not the Student

Seating is probably the primary issue when it comes to school furnishing. Students spend a lot of time sitting down. Comfortable seating, be it for desks, stools for laboratories, benches in the canteen, should be given importance. These seats should be well-made and match the height of the corresponding surface they are paired with, if any, to optimize comfort. Most sturdy chairs are made of wood but cheaper plastic alternatives may be more suited for a school’s budget. Many schools prefer one-piece furnishing to ensure nothing loosens up or is lost over time.

Making the Purchase

Quality furniture will always trump purchasing cheap and constantly replacing it. The sturdiest furniture should be placed where it is most heavily used. If the funding is insufficient to get high-quality furnishing for the entire school, you can prioritize the allocation of your funds.

Education isn’t solely about the staff or students. A comfortable environment makes it easier to foster proper learning.

Man Repairing Air Conditioner

Five Everyday Habits that are Killing Your AC Unit

Man Repairing Air ConditionerBuying the right air conditioning system is one thing. Maintenance is another. The latter is more challenging to most homeowners. The problem lies in the lack of foresight and anticipation. Instead of a proactive approach, people wait around for a major failure to take place.

As long as there are no visible damages, why pay for maintenance, right? The answer is quite straightforward: it prevents abrupt malfunction, especially amidst the sweltering heat of summer.

If you aren’t sure where you stand on AC care, take a look at five mistakes commonly done to air conditioning systems at home:

  1. Using it for 24 hours straight or not using it at all

Overheating is often the result when you leave the AC on for too long. In contrast, leaving it off for extended periods can cause moulds and fungi to grow and its condition to gradually decline.

  1. Setting the thermostat improperly

Familiarise yourself with the temperature controls of your AC. Setting the thermostat lower than prescribed in a desperate attempt to get cooler air not only messes up the unit but also increases your energy consumption.

  1. Leaving dust to accumulate

Not taking the time to clean your unit can affect its efficiency. Research shows that just 0.042 of an inch of dirt on the coil decreases its functionality by 21%.

  1. Forgetting to shut the windows or any openings

Often, you do not get enough cool air simply because you forgot to lock the doors and left the windows open. Even the smallest gaps cause you to overuse the AC, play with its temperature controls and end up exhausting the unit. Make sure there are no openings that cold air can pass through.

  1. Ignoring minor issues

Although it’s always best to seek professional help, you can do DIY repairs. These involve small problems like refrigerant leaks, clogged drainage and unresponsive sensors.

Do not wait until your AC unit starts showing more serious symptoms. Do what you can do now to adhere to power use and enjoy an efficient and long-lasting cooling system.

Paralegal Career Online

Jumpstart Your Paralegal Career Online

Paralegal Career OnlineNever in history has been there so many legal disputes. And as more corporations and individuals continually look up to the law to settle differences, the need for competent lawyers has never been so real. And with this, comes the need for paralegals.

There may never be a better time to become a paralegal than today. Not only is there a greater need, there is a greater means to become one.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online education.

Paralegals to the Rescue

Already, the rise of legal disputes over time has caught headline news. Recent surveys done both in U.S. and in Europe point to a significant increase in legal disputes reported by corporate counsel and various compliance officers. Because of this, greater legal work is required, as corporate Legal Departments increasingly grow in size.

Seeking a career as a paralegal that certainly is good news. An increase in legal proceedings could not only mean greater demand for paralegals, but also a substantial increase in their compensation. Starting salaries for litigation support paralegal have continually risen over the years, a 2014 ALM/IPMA survey indicated.

What makes paralegal work even more attractive is even with its outlook exceedingly strong, it takes but a year or two to get a paralegal degree, explains

Online Advantage

Added to this, a slew of paralegal schools online offer the courses as thoroughly as any brick-and-mortar school. This makes it even easier for wannabe paralegals to get needed education. Moreover, many of these online schools offer certification.

While a certificate may not be a legal prerequisite to work under the wing of a lawyer or a law firm, it certainly boosts a paralegal’s chances for greater opportunities. Laws in most states all throughout US may not require certification, but certainly paralegals with certificates fare better income-wise.

That may sound like a tall order. With online education however, making your paralegal career happen is a breeze.