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Chatbot and marketing concept

How Real Estate Companies are Using Chatbots to Their Advantage

Chatbot and marketing conceptOne interesting aspect of digital marketing that’s piqued the interest of many entrepreneurs today is the technology called chatbots. Imagine landing the perfect retail property in Vancouver using a messaging interface on your mobile phone or laptop.

Sounds crazy? Well, that’s what chatbots can do. A chatbot can interact with a customer and gain conversion using a chat interface. It can be programmed to respond to specific questions or it can be as advanced as artificial intelligence that can understand a language and become smarter as you continue to interact with it.

That said, here’s how the real estate industry is taking advantage of this technology:

Building Trust with Their Prospects

By making their information available in a chatbot conversation, real estate companies can gain the trust of their prospects. They can even program their chatbot to send out daily helpful tips that are customised to what the prospect is looking for.

Spending Time with the Right People

Chatbots can filter out people who are actually looking to buy out of the sea of people who are just enquiring. They do this by having the prospect go through a series of qualifying questions, giving them only the information that meets their requirements. Once they pass the qualifications, the agents can step in and have a face-to-face encounter with an actual buyer.

Qualifying Potential Agents for Your Team

Not only do chatbots qualify leads, they can also qualify those applying to be real estate agents. Interviews can be handled through the chatbot and it will send a message to the HR team to call those who pass the qualifications.

Give Prospects Exactly What They Want

Since chatbots can be programmed to ask the right questions, they can provide the exact information to their prospects based on how they answered the questions. When people get what they want, there’s a bigger chance of turning them into actual customers.

It is not going to be long before more advanced technologies emerge and make buying or selling real estate easier. Anyone can use a chatbot to their advantage. Real estate chatbots are definitely starting to make history in their industry today.

phone using GPS Technology

Why You Should Use a GNSS Simulator

phone using GPS TechnologyBeing in the field of satellite-based navigation systems can give you an insider of what method to choose: actual live-sky testing or only close-to-reality simulation. In this guide, we’ll give you good reasons to choose simulation via a GNSS simulator and why it’s the right choice.

What is a GNSS Simulator?

First off, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is a general term for systems providing navigation solutions such as GPS and Galileo. If GNSS is used in the real world, a multi-element GNSS simulator is used in a ‘created’ world. Both are helpful for research and testing, but there are many reasons a GNSS simulator is more ideal for this purpose.

Benefits of Using a GNSS Simulator

  • It gives you a more controlled testing experience.

During the testing stage, you will need as much control over the GNSS signal. And no other system can provide you with this than a GNSS simulator. With it, you can achieve a more controlled testing experience. You can avoid sudden errors usually encountered in live-sky testing. You can also focus and repeat elements, factors, and incidents that need further testing (e.g. global positions, vehicles, time).

  • It’s a more efficient and effective testing method.

As you have more test control in using a GNSS simulator, you’re able to save time and cut down costs. Therefore, it’s a more efficient and effective method to test your developed device or system.

  • There’s no need to leave the laboratory to have your device/system tested.

With a GNSS simulator, there’s no need to leave your laboratory just to conduct tests. You can decide any place and time in the past, present, and future you want to test. You can observe vehicle dynamics circumstances in whatever location or trajectory without having the need to go out and move your equipment. Furthermore, you can test your device’s performance in different atmospheric, antenna, and signal conditions without using an actual system. Thus, you can do everything in ease in your test site.

These reasons are more than enough to prefer a GNSS simulator over an actual navigation system. Thus, starting saving test time, effort, and money by having your own multi-element GNSS simulator today.

Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, and Other Tech Trends That are Set to Transform Agriculture

Agriculture MachineryAgriculture, as with other industries, is set to change with the rapid and increasing adoption of various forms of technology like artificial intelligence automation. Technology allows farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses to complete more work faster.

Farmers need to assess their current operations and come up with a growth strategy that includes the adoption of technology. Through experts like Farm Operating Loan, you can implement changes like updating machinery or investing in new technology to make operations more efficient, while reducing the costs of doing business in the long run.

Some of these technology trends have the power to change agriculture and benefit farmers, like the following:

Internet of Things and Big Data

Innovations in data collection and computing have made it possible to collect more data from various sources and use it to enhance functions. Data collection devices and Internet-capable tools and equipment make up a part of the so-called Internet of Things, which allow connected devices to work seamlessly together.

Some examples of leveraging the Internet of Things and big data are sensors placed among crops to measure heat units and sunlight levels, a water filtration device with an IP address that can send a notification to its manufacturer about a filter replacement (without any need for human involvement), and a tractor connected to a web-based online mapping system.

Artificial intelligence

The collection and analysis of big data pave the way for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in agriculture. AI systems are designed to process information and make critical decisions based on the data analysis. AI has proven to be effective in the medical field, where it is used to suggest treatment protocols.

In the agriculture industry, AI is seen to benefit farmers soon by establishing crop health treatments, scheduling operations, managing pests, and optimizing animal health.

Autonomous vehicles

Vehicles that don’t require a human driver at the wheel can transform how farmers grow crops. Major auto companies are now running tests of their autonomous cars, so other vehicles may soon follow. In the farm setting, self-driving tractors can be developed to free up time for other chores or to allow farmers to have more quality time with family and friends.

There can also be unmanned aerial vehicles or drones that can monitor crops and assess crop health faster than a human can, and collect and analyze data for sending to farmers in real-time. Right now, drone-powered solutions are being developed for soil and field analysis, crop spraying, planting, irrigation, and aerial satellite imagery, so it’s only a matter of time before we see a wider adoption of this technology among farmers.

Time to Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

Robotic hand accessing a laptopYears ago, artificial intelligence (A.I.) remained in the realm of science fiction. Advances in technology, however, have brought A.I. to the forefront of the public eye. As a matter of fact, businesses today are already using A.I. in their operations. Have you integrated artificial intelligence technology into your own business?

A.I. Growth

The progress of artificial intelligence has accelerated over the years that researchers made a forecast graph of when A.I. will be able to take over certain human tasks or jobs. According to the chart, by 2026, A.I. will be able to write high school essays, play Master Poker well enough to win the World Series, read aloud actual written text on paper, and much more.


With the growing potential of A.I., you can benefit from integrating A.I. into your business. In the realm of customer support, for example, you can use chatbots who can interact with human customers in the way an actual human customer representative could. Chatbots operate within chatboxes, and you can provide 24/7 customer support with them.

Multichannel Support

Additionally, you can use artificial intelligence to direct customers to support channels that effectively address their concerns. For example, a customer contacts your business through e-mail, but the customer’s concern can be addressed quicker through instant messaging. Your A.I. system can then direct the customer to the messaging program.

Form an A.I. Team

Both chatbots and multichannel support serve only as examples of how A.I. can help your business. You can begin to integrate such systems into your business by forming an A.I. team. You mayhire AI specialiststhrough boutique executive search companies like Tanna Partners which knows who to find for you. You will initially need at least three specialists: a data engineer, a data scientist, and a software engineer.

You can expect for artificial intelligence to grow even bigger in the business world in the future. Implementing A.I. in your own business now will be a good first step that can prepare you for what’s to come in the future.

Tools and Tips: What Makes for Effective Program Management?

Program manager doing workAs a business owner, you have many tasks to delegate and plans to formulate for the growth of your business. To focus on that, however, you’ll need some help running the company. A program manager can help with that.

Make sure that they have the right tools and attitude to help you overcome challenges and reach your company goals in no time.

Cloud Technology for Efficiency

Cloud technology is an important tool for any program manager, especially now that scientists and engineers are constantly coming up with innovations to help make life easier.

Cloud-based program management solutions simplify tasks — from ensuring that your entire team stays in the loop about project updates to inputting and processing sensitive project data. They help program managers lay out their vision to generate a high return on investment. As such, a program manager who knows how to use the tool will yield great results for your company.

Positive Disposition for Productivity

How well will the right tools work if the user’s attitude does not match? Find a program manager who displays a positive disposition that’s infectious as well because it will undoubtedly affect overall productivity.

Whether you’re just starting out or are going through a rough patch, the challenges that your business encounters will become more manageable if the people trying to solve it are optimistic. Not to be confused with idealism, optimistic people know how to make the most of the situation instead of wavering at the first sign of trouble.

Communication Skills for Reliability

Hiring a program manager for a program crucial to your business is like choosing a business partner. With that said, choose one with communication skills that you can rely on.

A program manager works side by side with you to improve certain aspects of your business. For this reason, you need someone who knows how to listen to other people’s ideas and articulate their own. Moreover, hire someone who works well with a team and can network and negotiate effectively.

Knowledge and application of the latest tools, a positive disposition, and communication skills are important skills to look for in a program manager. Choose one who offers all three to secure your business programs.

Competitive Pricing

What to Look for in a Price Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Competitive PricingIn today’s markets, price information is power and price tracking, and monitoring is a strategy. Pricing is such an important part of commerce that it spearheads the competition. With the rise of technology and the internet, monitoring and comparing fluctuating prices across eCommerce sites has become one of the reasons shopping becomes fun for many people.

Price tracking is a huge part of online businesses because they are also consumers. They understand that people’s buying habits are motivated by the best deals for the best prices. Implementing an appropriate strategy that leverages technology to gain insight about a competition’s price is an advantage. There are, however, certain qualities of price tracking tools that are indispensable in ensuring that advantage.

Real-Time Monitoring

Your tool of choice must have a reporting capability that constantly tracks prices. Setting up a price alert that sends an email once there’s a hit is a good feature. Price trackers monitor millions of products across the globe, and they have to keep up and make sense of that complexity to let you know where you’re positioned.

Easy to Use

Another important feature you need to look for is automation. Collecting, comparing, and reporting tons of data must be left to a program to manage. Before this happens, though, you need to specify which competitors and products you want to identify and prioritize. It also helps to have a fully integrated dashboard.


A good software should be able to provide extensions for all browsers and apps for android and IOS. These make price monitoring convenient. They also make saving product details to a wish list possible in case you want to track and match multiple competitor prices.

Competitive price monitoring tools not only give an overview of a market but also enable online businesses to predict future trends. This way, they can be leaders and make their decisions instead of just adapting their competitors’ pricing strategies.

Data Entry

Data Entry: Helping Industries Achieve Greater Company Growth

Data EntryThe business world is growing at a rapid pace. As companies struggle to remain competitive, the need for a robust data management system is necessary and has led to a greater demand for data entry and transaction processing solutions. Data entry, after all, assists in digitizing data and creating an organized storage system. In fact, data entry has allowed the various industries to improve their processes and achieve company growth.

Data Collection in Advertising Campaigns

Advertising plays a huge role in the consumer experience. In the 1960s, ads professionals found a way to help the popularity of their marketing campaigns through the use of data entry. By processing data from public opinion surveys and product sales, ads producers could now determine a brand’s commercial ratings and public favorability. Thus, the iconic Marlboro man of tobacco campaigns and Campbell’s Soup became a household favorite.

Management of Health Records through Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a crucial part of the healthcare industry as it requires the conversion of analog data in into an electronic format. Given the constant growth of the healthcare sector, the industry processes millions of doctor reports, patient notes, and medical transcriptions every year. With the help of data entry services, the job of users is a lot simpler as it helps create a digital database.

Research and Analysis in Large-Scale Sports and Comic Con Events

Data collection is an integral part of large-scale events, such as in the professional sports industry and pop culture conferences. So, whether it’s organizing a sports event in a football stadium or gathering information for the annual Comic Con program, a data-based method is essential for determining popular events, budgeting for guests, and contracting with convention centers. Data mining ensures that industry success continues.

The presence of data entry in various industries signifies its overall influence on society at large. It continues to streamline operations and enhance overall productivity.  Without data entry, the success associated with the popular Marlboro campaigns and the tedious processing of medical records would be a lot harder to achieve.

Fixing Common Problems for Your iPad

3 Clever Tricks on Fixing Common Problems for Your iPad

Fixing Common Problems for Your iPadMany people use an iPad because of its useful and convenient features, like you can read eBooks and listen to audiobooks anywhere. There’s no need to bring heavy books from now on. However, with prolonged use, your iPad can be exposed to wear and tear. This can lead to issues that may leave you clueless on how to fix them. Here are some tricks you can use to combat common iPad problems:

Apps Cause the Screen to Freeze or Lag

It’s fun to play games on an iPad because of its large screen. However, it’s a common problem when apps cause your screen to lag (slow down) or freeze. There are a few tricks to help solve this problem. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the app, or you can reboot your iPad. If you did these and nothing improves, you may have to altogether uninstall a particular app that causes this problem. If you still need that app, consider searching for a similar one and install it.

Not Charging or Turning On

Another common reason is your iPad may be already low on battery or totally drained. You will have to wait for 20 minutes or more when charging before trying to turn it on again. When charging, make sure to use the original or an appropriate adapter and power cable. Plug it into an electrical wall socket. If you’re plugging it into your laptop, your iPad may not be getting the right amount of power it needs.

Restore Only as a Last Resort

If all else fails, you can restore your iPad to its factory settings. You are at risk of losing all your files with this move, however. To avoid this, backup your files first. To initiate a backup, connect your iPad, go to iTunes and choose ‘backup’. Alternatively, you still have one last option. You can go to shops that specialise in iPad repair.

Certified Apple product technicians can better troubleshoot your iPad to determine its true problems. They know how to properly fix your iPad, so don’t worry.

Conservative Versus Surgical Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

TMD surgery
A small but complex joint becomes the source of intermittent but intense, chronic, and disabling pain. If you wish to know what causes jaw pain, you must understand the nature of the condition known in the medical community as temporomandibular joint disease or TMD.

You can ask your doctor all about it. It is also important to understand current treatment options to improve chances of a positive outcome.

Take a closer look at management approaches for temporomandibular dysfunction:

Conservative Treatment

Even though you are determined to keep it conservative, you still have to consult a doctor to determine the specific causes of jaw pain and dysfunction. Each case is different. A medical assessment is critical, especially if you are already experiencing difficulty speaking and eating due to pain when closing and opening the mouth.

The most conservative approach revolves around lifestyle changes. One of the most important aspects of this approach is stress management. Self-help measures and relaxation techniques to relieve the pressures along the jaw are imminent. Your doctor will also advise you to perform simple exercises and avoid chewing gum and tough foods.

Surgical Management

The symptoms of TMD may arise within the joint itself. Mechanical problems within the joint capsule and the articular cartilage, which facilitates smooth movement through the available range, may not be manageable with conservative options.

When stretching, relaxation, and exercises are not enough, the doctor will refer you to a surgeon who will determine the best method to deal with intra-articular problems or issues within the TMJ. Nevertheless, only a small number of cases require surgical intervention. All invasive techniques are risky and may require extensive rehabilitation afterward. This option is definitely more costly and more time-consuming.

When any of the muscles and tendons of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) hurt, you would have to seek medical help. A surgical option is available, but if you ask your physician, he or she will recommend conservative treatment first.

Boater in Rockport

Danger-Free Cruising: A Guideline for Boating Safety Equipment

Boater in RockportMost boaters in Rockport consider January as their temporary break from cruising, which makes it the perfect time to examine and upgrade their safety equipment. This is especially important if they pulled it off for winter storage along with their boat lifts. Here are guidelines to make sure that the cruising season ahead is as danger-free as possible.

Inspect the Fire Extinguisher and Flares

Ensure that your fire extinguishers are in the full green zone by checking pressure gauges. If you see slightly used ones, then get new active fire protection devices that are Coast Guard approved. Otherwise, shake them to loosen the fire-retardant powder gathered at the bottom and double check the bracket making sure it’s securely grips the extinguisher.

Meanwhile, you have to replace your flares every three years. If you lost count, you can always check expiration dates indicated on your meteor and handheld flares. You can set a reminder on your mobile if they will expire mid-season, but replace them immediately if they expire in a couple of months.

Assess PLBs and EPIRBs

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) requires boaters to re-register their EPIRBs and PLBs every couple of years. They will send you notifications unless you changed your email and address. You can update your EPIRB and PLB details on the NOAA website if it is time. You also have to identify if you need to buy new batteries in your PLBs and EPIRBs by conducting a test procedure.

Check Life Jackets and the Horn

Examine the flotation materials, buckles, straps and fabric if they are still in quality condition. If you have any suspicion, do not risk your safety – get rid of them and replace them with new reliable ones. You also have to check the CO2 cartridges in your inflatable life jackets to see if they are used or damaged.

Even though the regular upkeep and upgrade of your boat can be a drag, you will need to go through this process to ensure your own safety. Besides, you will be feeling more at ease every time you cruise the big blue sea knowing that you can rely on your ride.