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Stress-Free Accounting for Trucking Companies

An accountant at workMany trucking companies still associate accounting with tons of paperwork because they manage their financials using ledgers, tax forms, printed receipts, and file drawers. Even with the use of digital spreadsheets, accounting can present many challenges when it comes to keeping data consistent across departments.

Having multiple users who have access to a single file raises the risk of misplaced dates and broken formulas. Accounting for truck drivers is challenging enough. Add to that the task of fixing mistakes, and you might just find that it’s taking time away from other aspects of the trucking business.

To avoid worrying about this, consider different accounting solutions to allow for an easier delegation of financial management and related tasks. To take the stress out of accounting, you can opt to track and update your financials in two ways.

1. Outsourcing accounting services

Many trucking companies have reported positive results from using third-party accounting services. By having an experienced professional do the number crunching for you, you avoid committing costly mistakes.

You could also do this for your trucking company’s financial functions, such as billing, payroll, and accounts payable. When you outsource accounting services, you will be able to focus on the other aspects of your business. That includes scheduling vehicle maintenance and expanding your network.

2. Using accounting software

There are many kinds of accounting software for trucking companies. These programs allow drivers and owner-operators to perform fleet-specific functions such as IFTA tax reporting and load tracking.

There are also cloud-based software products that let you access your accounting data from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to have a better overview of your trucking company’s finances.

Most of these software products are also downloadable in the App Store or Google Play, so you can use your tablet or mobile phone to send invoices, record receipts, and create expense claims.

Another advantage of online accounting is that it helps you analyze your company’s performance from different angles. When choosing an accounting software for your trucking business, consider the following factors:

  • Usability – Determine how many users need access to the software and which type of software they prefer. You can choose a software that has a mobile app to facilitate an easier driver communication process.
  • Price – Accounting software products differ in price and features. Depending on your allotted budget for accounting, you have the choice of using inexpensive software or investing in a product that costs more but comes with several extra features.
  • Features – Identify the specific features you are looking for in an accounting software. These include the type of reports you need the software to generate, as well your company’s needs for accounts receivable and accounts payable tools.

Accounting for your trucking business can be tedious, but it’s not impossible to make it less stressful by taking advantage of accounting services and programs.

3 Advantages of Using Company Name Badges

Design badgesEmployees use name badges for a variety of reasons. It could be for simple identification, tighter security or for more efficient customer service. Whatever your primary reason may be, it’s important to have your custom name badges crafted by a reputable supplier like ID Solutions. Name badges have been around for ages, and they have evolved over time to become an indispensable tool in a company or organization. Here are three ways that name badges work for you:

Improve Your Brand Identity

Corporate branding is all about being consistent. The company logo should be seen everywhere – stationery, mugs, name badges, and business cards, to name but a few. Do your employees travel and are seen by large numbers of people every day? Many employees commute to and from work or go for lunch break wearing their name badges ‒ whatever the reason, they become walking advertisements for your brand at no extra cost to you.

Improved Customer Relations

Customers interact first hand with your employees, so a name badge personalises their exchange, and gives a focal point for any follow-up by the client. By making the employee more approachable, you improve customer relations and encourage more business. Customers who know a name and face behind a brand are more likely to come back. At the same time, having name badges can improve your employees’ accountability. They are less likely to be rude to a customer who can see their name. Staff know they can be reported immediately or given a bad rating for not handling their client’s concern properly.

Improved Security

For security management, keeping account of people on the company premises is a standard procedure. Name badges make it easier to keep tabs on staff and visitors in the office, and make it easier to prevent people wandering into restricted areas. In high security areas, name badges can be equipped with security and tracking features.

Name badges are a simple but effective tool that serves many purposes. For a reliable product, name badges need to be durable, accurate and created by a company you can trust.

4 Accounting Tips for Proper Financial Management

An accountant at workFinancial integrity is required for your business to succeed. Proper accounting helps the owners make sound financial decisions. It also helps keep the company afloat even when the business environment is harsh. Here are a few accounting tips that every business should implement.

All financial records should be accurate

The basis for financial account is record keeping. Keep accurate records of your day-to-day accounting to make it easier to track your income and expenditure. Bank and credit card companies give statements of the monthly transactions. However, you have to keep separate records of the expenses.

Invoice clients in good time

Different clients have different payment cycles. If an invoice comes past the pay date, it is pushed to the next payment cycle. Remember, that the accounts receivable are not money until the invoices are paid. Therefore, invoice the clients as soon as you deliver goods or services. Send reminders when necessary.

Consider outsourcing the accounting function

Sometimes the financial accounting function takes much of time and resources that it distracts the business from its core competencies. In this case, it is ideal to outsource the service from professional accountants in Florida such as Perfect Accounting Service. You may also outsource specific functions such as auditing or payroll services. You can still maintain an in-house accountant for daily accounting tasks even as you outsource the service.

Avoid penalties by paying licenses and taxes on time

Paying for licenses late and late filing of taxes is likely to attract hefty penalties. Pay for permits and licenses on time, and file taxes before the due date. In the same breath, take advantage of any tax cuts, remedies, and other incentives that may help you bring down the tax or expense burden.

Sound financial accounting is a catalyst for business growth. Doing things right from the start eliminates back and forth adjustments, errors and delays. It also assists in making sound decisions on the future of the business.

Why Waterproofing is Important for Your Property

Two workers waterproofing at a construction siteWith concrete structures, waterproofing matters — just like any other property out there. Not only is waterproofing a strict requirement per the country’s building code, the practice also covers a lot of bases in terms of reinforcing buildings, ensuring the comfort of its inhabitants, and preventing health issues.

To keep your buildings free of safety hazards, you can employ contractors who can take care of the issue for you. They can make use of various waterproofing products to prevent leakages or, if the property is already experiencing leaks, identify the root cause.

What Happens to Non-waterproofed Buildings?

According to NBM & CW, water leakage could damage buildings in a number of ways. These include corroding steel beams (like those in the foundation), paint blistering, and damage to electrical circuits that could lead to short-circuiting.

In addition, this can cause a spread of microorganisms. It may even create harmful gases, which can lead to respiratory issues among the building’s occupants. For instance, mould can grow within the ventilation shafts. When these get through to the air conditioning system, they can be dispersed in the air.

Methods for Waterproofing Buildings

If you suspect that water is penetrating through your concrete structure, or if you see leaks that just won’t go away, the best course of action would be to hire waterproofing specialists. They can inspect the structure, identify any problem areas, and advise you on what to do next. The plan of action will often involve purchasing waterproofing concrete products in Sydney.

Depending on the building’s design, it may be waterproofed in the following ways — draining stored water, improving drainage systems, filling the structure with sealants to prevent moisture in the future, or coating concrete surfaces to seal them effectively. These prevent further surface leaks and reduce overall moisture.

Buying Office Furniture? Quality Comes First

Office chairs for saleWhether you’re refurbishing your office or replacing few furniture pieces, it is important to keep quality in mind. Some business owners choose the cheapest option available, without thinking of how it will affect the employees. Note that your staff members spend a lot of the time in office, which means that furniture they are using can affect their well-being.

Investing in Comfort Matters

Backaches are a common health problem related to poor office furniture. This can also lead to pain, illnesses, and absences, which can negatively affect the productivity. This makes it essential to invest not just in quality pieces, but also in comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture. This will tell your employees that you value their well-being and support their health.

Longevity Helps Your Save More

While the initial expense of buying quality furniture pieces may seem substantial, this can help you save more in the long-term. Bishop Interiors, commercial furniture manufacturers in NZ, note that an expensive alternative is likely to be constructed using quality materials and craftsmanship. This only means that you won’t have to replace them every few years. If you, however, buy the cheapest options, you can just save initially, but not for the long-term.

The Pieces Don’t Have to Look Boring

Office furniture also needs to look good. This can enhance the working experience, while also allowing your business to adapt to modern culture and environment. Stylish furniture pieces can also impress your clients and customers, as furnishings are the first thing they notice when they enter your office. This can then showcase your company culture and create an excellent first impression.

Office furniture is an essential investment for your growing business. This is why choosing the right furnishings is a not a decision you should take lightly. Poor office furniture will not just compromise the efficiency of your business, but also contribute to the stress and pain of the staff members. If you want your company to succeed, invest in quality and comfortable pieces.


New Zealand Aims to Hire More Overseas Construction Workers

Construction WorkersAn increasing demand for construction workers in New Zealand prompted several private and public sector groups to launch the LookSee Build campaign.

The campaign primarily aims to attract 20,000 skilled foreign talents from the U.K. and Ireland, according to Hamish Price, director of HainesAttract that spearheads the campaign. It follows a similar initiative in early 2017 that lured 48,000 job hunters for IT opportunities in Wellington.

Recruitment Strategy

The dearth of home-grown workers has mainly led private companies and public groups to search for workers elsewhere. Price said that the campaign would “future-proof” the construction sector amid an unprecedented infrastructure building boom.

The country’s construction pipeline in the next ten years amounts to NZ$125 billion, which explains the urgent need for additional workers. At the same time, it has embarked on an ambitious plan to build 100,000 new homes by 2021. This campaigns would benefit not just those who plan to migrate to New Zealand, but also provide business for local construction suppliers of diggers for sale in NZ. This is because companies would eventually need more tools at the same time that they need more equipment handlers.

First-Time Partnership

Craig West of Downer NZ said that the campaign also marked the first partnership between the public and private construction groups. The need for more workers has become so urgent that it prompted the two sectors to join forces, despite fierce competition in the industry, according to West.

Response from British workers has been relatively positive, partly due to a slowdown in the U.K.’s construction sector, said Auckland Transport Chief Infrastructure Officer Greg Edmonds.

The campaign represents a good opportunity for skilled migrants that plan to live and work in New Zealand. Despite the supposed shortage of labourers, the search for more workers means that businesses are on an expansion trend.

Expert Advice for Graduates Who Want to Jump-Start Their Finance Careers

World global economy, financial concept. Abstract business collage: stock market chart, financial data and world map. Global business, economy, finance, investment abstract background.Finance is one of the most prominent industries to pursue a career in today, making it a popular choice for college students. Statistics, however, show that the unemployment rate for finance graduates is substantial. You as a fresh graduate might soon realise that getting your dream job is not as easy as impeccable transcripts and graduating among the top students in your class. Here are some tips that can help you as you seek to start your financial career.

Work with Finance Recruitment Agencies.

If you have the proper credentials and background, it pays to have another set of eyes and ears looking for a perfect job for you. It is essential to find a recruitment agency with a niche in finance recruitment. Make a list of finance recruiters and see which one has a client list that matches your needs.

Grow Your Network.

To get your foot into the finance industry, networking is important. You can use professional social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. To actively expand your online network, join active groups and focus on serving other members rather than what you are getting from the group. By setting yourself up to help others, you increase chances of someone returning the favour.

Consider Less Affluent Entry-Level Jobs.

For the new finance graduate, an investment banker position is usually the first option in their financial career. For entry into the finance world, look for hands-on jobs as opposed to back-office positions and research. Bookkeepers, junior accountants, trainee stockbrokers and mortgage brokers are some entry-level positions you can consider. They will give you invaluable practical experience in the finance world.

Keep Busy.

While you wait for a job, do not stay idle. You can take foreign language classes to develop global skills, which is a must if you want to work abroad or with international clients. Consider professional development courses such as ACA, CIMA, AAT, and ACCA. It will help you stand out in the job market.

Top Techniques to Boost the Quality of Your Translations

Foreign languages translation concept, online translator, macro view of computer keyboard with national flagsMoving from one language to another may result in imperfections because of semantics, grammar and word use in different countries and cultures. However, one can always approximate and provide the best possible output for business services.

Experts in Singapore on language translation cite the following techniques to improve the quality of your company’s output.

Translate with a Local’s Eye in Mind

Approaching a content project knowing that another person from a different country will be reading it allows you to avoid time-consuming and expensive problems during translation. Write or translate with a local’s eye in mind; develop standards, use certain terminologies consistently, and write in a clear and concise manner so that it is easier to move the content into another language. Look out for nuances, even inside, cultural jokes or expressions that may not work if translated into Spanish, Chinese or any other language the reader might be using.

Have a Glossary of Terms on Hand

A glossary of certain terms is helpful when it comes to translating content because it contains words or even phrases that a reader or translator may use throughout the content. These may include a term related to a particular business, jargon, products, services or a certain niche. Creating a list of these early allows you to easily translate or use words consistently, and reduces time spent and costs.

Experts cannot stress the importance of having English terminologies before beginning projects as this allows translators to translate them immediately and they use the proper variations of these terms.

A Translation Memory is Your Friend

A translation memory holds all of your translated content in a database. This allows you to monitor content from various projects. This also houses the glossary of terms you established; as your list of content increases, your library will grow and will make it easier to translate projects as they come. The database allows you to translate previously approved terms and use them again for a current project, which reduces your overall costs and the work a new translator has to do.

These are some of the techniques you can use to improve the quality of the output of your translated works. Implement these to boost your company’s image and minimize confusion between inter-country communications or branding messages.

How Outsourcing HR Can Help Your Business

HR manager interviewing young man in officeFor many small businesses, managing human resources can be a daunting challenge that requires a lot of organizational resources. Businesses rely heavily on their human resources, and the skills needed to handle them have become highly specialized. Organizations often have to pay a premium to develop in-house talent competent enough to accomplish this task.

If your organization is facing such challenges, then here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a third-party professional:

Redistribute employee time

Because small organizations often lack a professional staff to handle its HR, the workload is usually done by staff members whose field of expertise does not fall within this domain. This results in a drawn-out learning curve that could drain time energy, and resources. Managing human resources requires extensive paperwork, reports, and summary plans that a rookie could easily get lose track of. Outsourcing to HR Service Inc. would thus let the employees do what they are best in and have the experts deal with your management.

Reduce liabilities

Commercial legal frameworks change regularly and have evolved to become very complex. Without specialized, expert knowledge, the company may find it difficult to navigate this legal minefield. Avoid dragging your company down with legal troubles by investing in a skilled HR management service.

Reduce employee turn over

Successful companies are those who not only recruit the best talent but those that are able to retain them. This is because high employee turnover is costly and reduces morale. Not only will you have to constantly re-train new employees, your workers would also have a hard time working with a constantly changing cast of team members.

Before opting to outsource, analyze what your company’s needs and capabilities are. Figure out the type of employees you have and whether you’ll be expanding your business soon. Whatever your situation though, you can be sure that the HR agency will be there to help you manage it.

Car crashed through house garage

Why Was Your Property Damage Claim Denied?

Car crashed through house garageThe main point of property damage claim is to help you financially recover after a disaster ruins your home. A reliable public insurance adjuster in Florida can help you make the most of your claim by making sure you fulfill all the requirements. Getting professional support would help you resolve the issues that plague most insurance claims.

There are, however, instances when your policy can’t pay for the damage. Insurance companies may deny your claim for the following reasons:

Late Notification

Failure to promptly notify your insurance provider of a loss may be reason enough to deny your claim. But in some cases, the decision to nullify your property damage claim is up for a courtroom proceeding. A notice of loss can depend on when you notice actual damage; some instances of damage are not apparent until a certain period and so a “prompt notice” can be a point of legal contention.

Inaccuracies in the Documentation

As the owner of the property, you should document the damage properly to prove your claim to the insurance company.

Exclusion Clauses

When you apply for an insurance policy for your property, it comes with exclusions and if these are the reasons for damage, then you can expect a denial of your claim. As a policyholder, you must make sure that you know what your policy covers and excludes.

No Preventive Measures Following Damage

Once you’ve suffered a loss, you must protect your property from further damage. Not taking the necessary steps to keeping your home safe could be grounds for denial.

The most common misconception revolving around insurance policies is that it covers all types of damages. It will cover losses to some extent, but your provider has exclusions that you need to know.

Once you purchase a new home, getting insurance for it is necessary to cover your losses and manage financially in the aftermath of a disaster. But do your research before settling with an insurance company. The more you know now, the fewer issues you’ll have to deal with in future claims.