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Choose a Funeral Plan — Here Are Your Options

Last will and testament, under pen and a pair of glassesIf you are thinking of buying a plan to cover the cost of your funeral, there are several things you should know before making a choice to purchase.

The cost of funerals has increased dramatically in recent years. The average cost of a funeral is now £4,078. Depending on where you live, the bill could exceed £5,000. In 2004, the cost was only around £1,500 — a rise of 80% to current times. One in 10 Brits cannot afford a funeral.

That’s why more people are thinking ahead and purchasing a funeral plan in which the payment is either in a lump sum or by instalments every month.

Funerals plans don’t cover everything so make sure to read the policy and terms and conditions. Prepaid funeral packages from providers such as Golden Leaves Funeral Plans could include:

Basic Plan

Basic plans include a simple cardboard coffin, transportation to the crematorium or cemetery and direct cremation or burial. The service is not normally part of a basic plan.
This is the least expensive type of plan. Relatives will not be able to attend a wake or say their goodbyes, but they have the option of having their own memorial service at home.

Standard Plan

Standard plans include funeral director fees, chapel of rest viewing, a wood-effect coffin, transportation in a hearse, burial and interment fees, as well as church service or secular service. Standard plans with a church service usually cost more than secular ones.

Medium Plans

Medium plans include all the services of a standard plan and some extras, such as a limo, flexible funeral procession, choice of funeral date and time, as well as floral tributes. Burial plot fees might not be included.

Premium Plans

Premium plans could include more than one limousine, solid wood coffin, pallbearers, thank-you cards, a counselling service for relatives and other extras.

You don’t have to leave your family in debt. Funeral directors can assist in choosing a policy and help with all the arrangements so that you have peace of mind they won’t be left in debt after your death.

Waste Management Services

Strategies to Starting a Green Workplace Initiative

Waste Management ServicesIt is never too late to join the ecological bandwagon towards responsible business practices that conserve energy and cut costs in the long run. Not only that you help the environment but also your company’s bottom line when you institute a Green Workplace Initiative.

Here are a few practical steps to getting started bringing sustainable practices in your workplace.

Engage Employees in Working Towards Sustainable Business Values

  • Involve the employees in the effort to commit to an environmentally conscious workplace.
  • Select a committee of individuals from across different departments passionate about conscious living and environmental issues.
  • Work with the committee to develop programs and training materials for existing employees and new hires alike.
  • Consider allocating a small training budget to cascade the plans designed by the committee to help employees understand the new guidelines and motives behind them.

This will help the rest of the employees align their personal values with the business goals of a Green Workplace critical to the efficacy of the whole effort.

Start with the Basics

Fortunately getting started with a Green Workplace initiative does not require too much technical know-how in the beginning. Just start with the basics of translating conscious living values and practices into the workplace setting.

  • Promote the prudent use of office supplies and resources and replace single-use pantry supplies like paper plates and cutleries to reusable versions.
  • Manage waste paper efficiently and effectively for recycling. Cascade easy-to-follow instructions on settings for optimising energy used by individual workstations.
  • Replace CFL light bulbs to recyclable and energy efficient LED and OLED light bulbs to cut on energy consumption.

Encourage Employees to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

  • Encourage employees to be mindful of their carbon footprint by promoting carpooling, biking and telecommuting.
  • Provide bike racks and locks at the office lot to encourage bikers to ride to work.
  • If budget allows, provide a salary loan program to enable non-bikers to purchase a bike immediately.
  • Organise carpool routes based on employee home addresses and if possible, consider vans for hire as employee shuttle services with predetermined pick-up points and paths.

With these simple strategies to launch a Green Workplace Initiative, you can lead your business and employees towards sustainable values and practices that not only help the environment but can also cut costs in the long-term.

Ways Your Trucking Business Can Earn Customers’ Trust and Loyalty

man driving a truckTruckers are considered as one of the most important parts of the skeletal framework in U.S. economy. Such that when this industry is debilitated, it can wreak havoc on the country’s financial condition. It’s therefore crucial that the trucking industry is in tip-top shape. One way to do this is for truckers to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Highly Skilled Drivers

A truck that delivers tons of products from one state to another would need highly skilled drivers. They must possess a commercial driver’s license, as this will prove that they have what it takes to drive huge trucks. While it can be a bit tedious to look for drivers who possess these qualifications, one could always seek the help of a CDL driver staffing company. They could provide truckers with drivers who can truly be trusted with the cargo.

Timely Deliveries

Probably the most important barometer of customers when it comes to choosing the trucker that they will trust is timely delivery. Products that are transported often consist of raw food or raw materials, all of which are vital to the operations of many businesses across the U.S. The key to a successful trucking service company is to be well organized. Once you’re well organized, there’s a higher chance of being able to deliver on a timely basis. With only room for the least amount of latitude, customer trust and loyalty will surely be gained.

Well-Maintained Trucks

Aside from the ability to deliver merchandise on the expected delivery date, truckers must also maintain their vehicles. Getting the right equipment is always important. Think about it; customers would surely frown upon dirty, rusty, and smelly delivery trucks. This is more so when what’s being delivered is sensitive stuff such as food products. When timely deliveries are coupled with well-maintained vehicles, one could expect customers to remain loyal for years.

Once a trucking business ensures that they make timely deliveries and use well-maintained trucks driven by highly skilled drivers, customer loyalty will be the definite outcome. All these won’t happen overnight but will take time and patience to truly achieve them.

Funeral Home Plan

Planning a Funeral? Don’t Forget About These

Funeral Home PlanThe death of a loved one does not have to mean the end of your memories of them. The family can gather on important occasions to make new memories, and a visit to the cemetery will ensure they are still part of your milestones. It would be nice if their death does not mean neglect, either.

Here are three reminders when planning a loved one’s funeral:

Check the Headstone for Errors

It’s the marker for your beloved’s grave. It should have the right spelling and it should look decent. It will be there for years, so ask the headstones company in Salt Lake City for their best designs. There are smaller options if you want it to be subtle, but bigger headstones may be seen as majestic or imposing. Consider the personality of your loved one when choosing.

Make Sure the Resting Place is Well-maintained

You’re missing your loved one and decided to visit, only to find out the grass was not cut and the headstone is missing. Instead of finding some peace in a serene resting place, you feel this adding to your stress. This is the last thing you want to encounter, so before you choose a resting place for your loved one, visit your options to see for yourself how they are maintained. They cannot replace missing items all at once and they cannot coax grass to grow instantly, so you’ll see signs of neglect easily.

Talk About Visits

A funeral is a good time to have most of the family in one place. To keep the memories of your loved one alive, talk among yourselves about visiting. You don’t need to go together, but make sure everyone knows they can drop by whenever they feel like it. You should not pressure them into doing so, but do remind them about the family spending time together from time to time. Make plans on special occasions, such as your loved one’s first death anniversary, or their birthday.

You and your family can have fun visiting the grave of a loved one if everything is in order. So don’t neglect any aspect of their resting place because it’s for the living.

Your Primer on National Police History Checks

criminal background check documentFor employment or other work-related licensing and registration needs, the National Police History Check is an essential requirement. You can obtain the document in local police precincts or licensed issuing companies in Victoria (VIC). Police check online services has also become popular in recent years.

But, just what is a National Police History Check? What information does it contain? Why is it important?

What It Is

A National Police History Check — or National Police Clearance — is a document that lists a person’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges. It is from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions, information governed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

The clearance is an outcome of a criminal background check done by the police or a government agency. Records of arrest, conviction, and court proceedings are the typical sources.

However, some convictions (e.g., spent or juvenile convictions) might not be utilised for the clearance depending on the legislation and applicable policies of police jurisdictions.

What It Contains

The clearance contains information that includes cases or events covering admission of guilt, instances of good behaviour bonds, and orders from a community as well as suspended sentences.

Traffic infringements with convictions such as driving under the influence, excessive speeding, outstanding sentences, and pending court hearings are normally included.

Though results or facts of existing or ongoing criminal proceedings are contained in the clearance, there is some information excluded such as findings of incomplete or dropped charges, traffic infringements with no convictions, and foreign convictions.

Why You Need It

A National Police History Check is an important public document. It adds value to employment or work-related applications. It also guides organisations in assessing an applicant’s background. More so, it serves as a safety net reducing potential risks in the workplace like fraud and violent behaviour.

Make Every Event a Success

Man in a public eventOrganising a public event or activity takes hard work. You need to address a few important issues before you could even begin the preparation.

When people turn up for a public event, be it a conference, a party, or a concert, they expect it to run like clockwork. They expect to have fun, be entertained, and be safe. Such expectations make it crucial to handle everything with efficiency; this includes audio and lighting services, says a reputable lighting equipment for hire service provider.

Have Contingency Measures

Even the best-laid plans could go awry, so it is best to have contingency measures in any event. Make sure you have health and safety issues covered. Contact the right people who could help you set up the stage for your audio and lighting needs. Make sure that the place itself has the right kind of amenities for your guests, speakers or talents. Covering all the ‘What ifs’ ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Spread the Word

The last thing you want is going through the trouble of organising a large event only to have a handful of people turning up. Use the Internet to spread the word and make it known to your target audience what your event could give them.

Go on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to establish a connection with them. Create rapport and engage your audience so they could go to your event. Be sure to allocate enough time for this exercise as some campaigns might take time to gain traction. Regardless of the kind of event you have going on, you need to sell it to the crowd.

Holding a memorable event that lives up to expectations takes a considerable amount of effort and preparation. When you address these crucial factors, you can make each presentation, activity, and concert a success.

Improving Your Restaurant Performance in 4 Ways

A restaurant owner by the counterOne of the success metrics of restaurants is the rate of table turnover. However, you may be aware by now that it is not as simple and straightforward as that. More than the speed of the kitchen and service crew, so many other factors affect table turnover.

Here are some possible ways to achieve the number of serviced customers that you target.

1. Outsource during high season

As much as you want a consistent overflow of customers, there really are some lean days. However, if you predict a high turnout on specific days, outsource other services like commercial dishwasher services you can get from firms such as BC Industrial Services, LLC to make sure that you are not shorthanded.

2. Hire an experienced manager

Leadership in a restaurant set-up is vital. You need someone with adequate experience to orchestrate your crew especially when the crowd starts pouring in. Some staff may get rattled due to impossible demands here and there, and you want someone who can effectively manage them.

He or she should also be able to analyze patterns and come up with an efficient workforce planning.

3. Monitor the kitchen

Making sure that your inventory, particularly the fast-moving ones, is regularly replenished can impact your table turnover. Also, your kitchen crew should be able to prepare early what they can, especially if there are reservations.

Servers, on the other hand, can suggest items on the menu that are easier to prepare.

4. Use technology to speed up the process

Apart from waiting for the food to be prepared and arrive on the table, the checkout process also involves significant waiting time. One way to cut the waiting time is to make use of available technologies.

According to the National Restaurant Association, a quarter of restaurant customers claim that they consider the convenience of technology when choosing a restaurant. If you can incorporate technologies in the checkout and payment, it would have a positive effect.

Speed and efficiency in service impact table turnover rate of restaurants. Nonetheless, it is still important that the quality of food and service are not compromised. While you want to serve more customers, you also need to make sure that you deliver a memorable experience every time.

Janitor holding cleaning supplies

Three Benefits of Outsourcing Janitorial Services

Janitor holding cleaning suppliesRunning a business is akin to joggling. Multitasking is part of the deal. Your duties run the gamut, from making sure that your profit goals are being met to making sure that your workplace remains in tiptop shape at all times. While being hands-on when it comes to the former is crucial, the latter is something you are better off outsourcing.

Here are three reasons why subcontracting janitorial services is the wiser option.

Your options abound

Whether your business is located in Provo, Salt Lake City, or wherever else in Utah, you will find a cleaning company that best suits your needs. According to a data from 2015, there are approximately 875,000 businesses in the country offering cleaning services. For you, as a customer, this means a wealth of options that allows you to choose the best and most cost-efficient.

You remain covered

Ideally, cleaning companies should be backed by a cocktail of insurance coverage, such as Bodily Injury Coverage and Property Damage Coverage, among others. If you maintain an in-house janitorial team, you will have to shoulder these expenses. This means that outsourcing janitorial services allows you to cut your business’s operational costs.

You are assured of utmost expertise and reliability

Certifications from different third-party organizations back most cleaning companies. These certifications better position these businesses’ level of legitimacy. One of the most sought-after certifications for the cleaning and janitorial industry is the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) given by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). This stamp of approval means that you can expect no less than an expert and reliable service.

Subcontracting your workplace maintenance needs is an option worth considering. Especially for small businesses, the reality is maintaining an in-house janitorial team is far from practical.

Why Businesses Should Entrust Customs Procedures to Brokers

business cargo passing through customsMany business operations involve importing goods from another country. As a universal rule, businesses need to secure a customs clearance for their products to enter a country legally. Failure to do so may result in the confiscation of items due to a possible smuggling case.

Businesses that do not have the human resources to see to the process of getting this clearance will have an easier time if they hire a customs broker. In the Philippines and in other countries, the customs department imposes strict regulations on imported goods, so it would be better to hire someone with knowledge and expertise in customs requirements and processes.

Brokers help in securing a customs clearance and assist businesses in other related procedures for clearing its requirements. They also know how to communicate with customs officials and other related agencies properly.

Let’s take a closer look at what brokers can do for your business:

Provide assistance with documentation

Brokers help in handling the documentation required by customs. They offer convenience as they manage the necessary paperwork. They make sure to obtain clearance that adheres to the regulatory requirements of the country of the recipient or consignee of the products.

Assist in the proper declaration of products

Brokers are knowledgeable in the proper procedure for the declaration of products. There are cases wherein incorrect declarations happen because businesses want to pay less. This can become a serious legal issue that will put any business at risk.

Brokers make sure products are declared correctly to avoid sanctions and penalties. Every item is categorized with an assigned classification number. These are placed into primary and minor groups for easier classification.

Apply expertise in regulatory requirements

The regulatory requirements of different countries can be complicated and confusing. Brokers help businesses understand these provisions and requirements in an easier and clearer way. Businesses can either ask for assistance in certain steps or entrust the entire process of securing a customs clearance to their chosen broker.

Ensure added costs are avoided

Customs regulations in different countries continuously change. As brokers are familiar with these changes, they can supply new information for their clients regarding the adjustments they need to do. Because businesses are notified, they avoid possible additional costs such as fines sanctioned by the customs department.

Brokers help businesses avoid added costs by notifying businesses of the necessary updates. It is better to follow the regulatory requirements — even if these may seem like a lot of work — than to skip these steps and end up facing a hefty penalty.

Important Considerations when Looking for a Janitorial Company

Janitor at workThe cleanliness and sanitation of your office play a major role in the success of your business. To do the job, it’s either you employ a full-time janitor or hire a professional cleaning service. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a commercial janitorial company in San Diego:


The best janitorial company offers customized and flexible services. It should provide general cleaning and deep cleaning of specific areas weekly, monthly, or quarterly services based on the client’s needs.

Tools and equipment

General cleaning and deep cleaning require different sets of tools. The best janitorial company uses the right tools and equipment for every cleaning routine. Also, it should use cleaning products in accordance with health and safety standards. The use of toxic products that can cause serious illness should be discarded.


A legitimate janitorial company should provide professional training and awareness on potential hazards. Its workforce should be trained on the different cleaning procedures and concerns, and the proper use of cleaning agents and equipment. They should be briefed on work ethics, privacy and confidentiality since they will be dealing with business firms.


Ask for references. A reputable company can provide you with a roster of satisfied clients. Get in touch with these references and ask how pleased and satisfied they are with the company’s services. More importantly, make sure that the company is duly accredited. Check its ratings regarding high-quality standards.


Read the contract before signing. Specify the services that you want (mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing, etc.), the amount of time required to do the job, and of course the service fee for the job done. You may ask for a trial period of a month or two before signing for a yearly contract.

Choosing the best janitorial company requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and even intuition. Ask pertinent questions about the company’s reputation and services offered. Ideally, testimonials can help you make a choice.