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Buy a Franchise and Get Great Return on Investment

financeIt’s easy to overlook the value that comes with being part of an established brand when getting into the business. Buying a franchise lets you ride on the success of the brand and grow your customer base quickly.

A growing population and a booming economy spell good news for the construction sector. Prevailing low-interest rates on mortgages make it possible for people to own homes, further driving up the demand. If you’re keen to ride this wave but don’t have what it takes to be a contractor, you can still join in.

Spray-net, a reputable player in the painting franchise industry, wants people to know that buying a house painting franchise lets you become part of the movement while giving you an edge on the market. Every interior wall of a home or office complex needs a coat of paint to improve its visual appeal. That means that there are hundreds of thousands of square feet of walls in need of painting.

Build a Credible Workforce

Your ability to snag these juicy contracts hinges your ability to deliver stellar results with every project. Being part of a reputable company gives you an edge over the no-name brands bidding for the same jobs. Again, as part of your initiation into the franchise, the franchisor supplies you with a proven business blueprint. The document will guide and inform your hiring process to ensure that you fill your ranks with capable employees. Working with certified painters ensure that your work lives up and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Build on the Success of Your Brand

Since painting is an expensive undertaking that influences the overall quality of a building, clients are quite picky with services they engage. They are on the market for a business with a proven track record of delivery quality finishes. On joining a franchise, you’re required to abide by a set code of conduct and provide a service that is consistent with the brand.

Customers have certain expectations of a brand and hold them to a set standard. Since the brand reputation precedes you, clients are likely to pick your bid over other players in the market. That way, you’re likely to build a lengthy client list and have a high return on investment.

People show a marked preference for established brands when undertaking projects as they are assured of great results. Buying into a franchise fast-tracks your ascension to the list of preferred service providers.

Mother travelling and carrying her baby

Your Guide to Travelling with a Baby

Mother travelling and carrying her babyFlying and traveling with a baby can be a bit of a hard work. You have to bring lots of stuff to keep your baby comfortable all throughout the flight, and you need to remember a couple of things to prevent them from crying during the trip.

Here, we will discuss some things you can do to make sure that your baby would be a hundred percent safe and comfortable in a double rollaway bed during your vacation.

Create a List

Create a checklist of what you need to bring for your baby during the trip. These include the following:

  • Milk and bottles, if you bottle-feed
  • Your baby carrier
  • Receiving blankets
  • Clothes
  • Diapers and a couple of wipes
  • Nursing pads
  • A few of their favorite toys
  • Pacifiers
  • Snacks
  • Ziploc bags for storing soiled diapers and such

Bring a Stroller

You might want to bring your own stroller, especially since some airports have extremely long walkways. Make sure to bring one that collapses easily and is not bulky, so you can just tow it away if needed.

Bring your baby sling if you think that strollers will be too much of a hassle. You can also rent a stroller once you reach your destination, which is a more sensible decision for both you and your baby.

Prepare for Takeoff

Takeoff and landing can cause a little bit of pain for your baby, as the pressure can be too much for them to handle. They are babies and of course, they do not know how to deal with plane pressure yet.

Relieve this pain by bringing their favorite pacifier or bottle, as the sucking motion helps relieve the pressure for them.

Always see to it that both you and your baby are comfortable during the whole flight. You would not want them crying all throughout the flight, so make sure to follow these tips.

Piggy bank, paper house, and stacked coins

Buying Home: Preparing for All the Associated Costs

Piggy bank, paper house, and stacked coinsWhen it comes to paying for a new home, many buyers turn to mortgages to finance a portion of the purchase. If you don’t have enough cash to pay the house in full, a home loan will allow you to borrow a certain amount of money (plus interest) that will be paid per month over a certain period of time, based on your chosen mortgage term.

Even with a mortgage, you still need to make a down payment to cover a portion of the sale price. Many think that making a 20% down payment is necessary, but as this benchmark has become increasingly unattainable, you can now pay between 3% and 5%. Making a big down payment, however, is advisable to score low rates, avoid private mortgage insurance, and have lower monthly payments.

Apart from down payment, you also need to prepare for other costs associated with buying a house. Home loan providers in Ogden share some the things you need to save for when getting a mortgage:

Closing costs

As its name suggests, closing costs are the fees paid at closing of the transaction. These costs can vary on the type of house you buy, the location of the property, and your chosen mortgage. Some of the fees included in the closing are appraisal fee, loan origination fee, application fee, and homeowner’s insurance. The amount may be between 2% and 5% of the purchase price. You can use this calculator to calculate your closing costs.

First loan payments

You may need to pay a full month or more as your first mortgage payment. As you get closer to the closing date, the lender or lending company will provide you with an estimate of this cost, so you can start saving some money. Your reoccurring monthly payments, meanwhile, are likely to be due on the first of each month.

Home inspection

Before buying a home, it is best to have a professional home inspector to check the condition of the property. This will help you avoid the costly mistake of purchasing something that is in need of major repairs. According to Home Advisor, the average home inspection cost is around $315, but this may also depend on where you live and the size of your home. You may also require specialty inspections like mold or radon testing.

It is best to learn about the other costs you need to pay for besides down payment. You should also avoid depleting your savings just to pay a large down payment. Note that you still need to have enough money to cover your first loan payments, as well as associated and unexpected costs. It is also best to work with a reliable lender to learn more about your mortgage options.

Waterproof boat covers

Why Choose Fully Waterproof Boat Covers

Waterproof boat coversYou agree that most of the boats you have did not come with a boat cover, and for the few that did, the covers were not of best quality. Whichever the case, you’ll require research to find a reputable manufacturer that can customize a cover that will fit your boat perfectly. It’s equally important to confirm that the boat cover is also durable, as well as less labor-intensive to use and maintain.

While most covers have all these qualities, especially for bass boats, being fully waterproof is a critical characteristic that you should also consider. Here’s why:

They Have an Extended Useful Life

For boat covers, being fully waterproof means that they have an improved protection from wear and tear. The waterproof elements will also discourage mold from growing. Therefore, the covers can offer a better, extended service life.

They’re Better Than the Water-resistant and Repellent Types

Fully waterproof boat covers are not the typical types that only have a waterproofing coating to give water-resistant or water-repellent properties. It’s their material that makes them stand out among the rest. Composite synthetic materials with polyester and vinyl-based fibers are among the best choice.

Even while some of the covers that came with the boat are of substantial quality, they do not have such an extended service life as the ones that you would get from a boat cover shop. Finding the right type, color, and size of cover for your bass boat will, however, depend on from which manufacturer you will source the cover.

Evaluating the quality of products and services that different boat cover manufacturers offer is important. Checking client reviews online will help a lot in finding unbiased information about these manufacturers, but still, you are the one to make the final decision.

Couple buying a property

3 Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Couple buying a propertyReal estate is one of the most popular ways to invest your hard-earned money. There are a lot of success stories in real estate, making it top of mind when people first think of getting into investing. If you’re interested in getting into this business, here are three ways to start your real estate investment journey.

Buying straight rental properties

Owning rentals is very attractive for many reasons. One, it gives you an additional income stream if you can find a cash-flowing property. Another reason is that options like section 8 real estate investment or investing minimize the risk of having a property just sit in the market.

What sets rentals apart from other ways of real estate investing is that it’s often – at least at first – a very involved way of investing, not very different from running a full-blown business. From sourcing properties to finding tenants and managing rentals, it’s a big undertaking. However, the challenges do come with rewards!

Buying a home in an up and coming market

The quintessential real estate success story is that of a family that bought a property just for family use and in a few decades found themselves in the middle of a rapidly growing area, increasing the value of their property multiple times.

This is the jackpot that many real estate investors want to find themselves in. Of course, the challenge is knowing what areas will grow in the future. If you have a keen sense for emerging communities, putting down a chunk of your resources into a new home to live in can pay off in the future.

The biggest difference is that this is largely a strategic play because the rewards come in the end, with no prospect of cash flowing in the immediate.

Living in an owned rental property

A third option that many fail to consider is buying a property with the plan of living in it and renting portions of it. It could be a duplex or a multi-family home, or even a single-family home where you rent other rooms out. This combines the rewards of a rental and homeownership.

The upside is that you get cash from the rentals, and you save on taxes when you eventually sell but you also compromise your privacy, and you get more responsibilities being a landlord as well.

Here are just three ways to enter the world of real estate investing. Ask yourself what fits your preferences the best and go for it!

Happy couple visiting a house for sale

3 Wise Tips to Live by When Looking for a House to Buy

Happy couple visiting a house for saleBuying your own house, especially if this is the first house or property that you are about to acquire, can be very exciting and fulfilling. This is a huge milestone for you, which is why it’s important to take the right steps.

Learn some of the most important things you should remember when looking for a real estate property in Tri-Cities, WA.

1. Prepare for the Down Payment

The most practical amount to put in when it comes to the down payment is about 20% of the total price of the house. Sure, some lenders may allow you to put down even as little as 3% of the total cost, but choosing this option will definitely cost you a hefty interest in the future.

Ask your real estate agent about this and see what their advice would be. They most probably will tell you to increase the down payment and pay as much as you can, so you won’t need to pay a huge amount every month.

2. Check Your Credit Score

You can get a copy of your credit report once a year for free, so be sure to use this to your advantage. You definitely want a high credit score and a good credit report to get approved by your lender.

If you find that you have a low credit score and that your credit report is not good at all, then go ahead and work on it before trying to apply for a home loan.

3. Work on a Pre-approval Letter

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage will allow you to get an estimate of how much your lender is willing to lend you for the house. They will most likely base the amount on your debts and income, so be sure to pay off most or all of your debts to get a good amount.

This will also work to your advantage, as sellers will see how serious you are when it comes to buying a house. Do your research and follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of buying your own house.

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When Buyers Have Regrets About Their Mortgage or Lender

People signing contract behind a home modelHomebuyers usually feel happy and a sense of accomplishment after making the purchase. There are also those, however, who feel doubts and fear while wondering if they’ve made the right decision. The most common reason is not being entirely happy with the home or the neighborhood. It might be because the house is too small or big, or the life in the neighborhood isn’t what they expected.

Property Financing

While remorse is usually associated with the home or the purchase itself, some buyers regret how they financed the property. When the house is the not the problem, homeowners might feel remorse if they start having problems with their choice of loan or lender. Mortgage companies in Salt Lake City share the reasons for regretting the loan or lender:

– Settled with an interest rate that was higher than other lenders
– Didn’t have enough knowledge and experience to compare loan offers (especially with first-time homebuyers)
– Felt pressured into picking a mortgage that wasn’t really the right choice
– Had issues with the lender after the closing
– Didn’t do enough research about the process of home buying and mortgage lending


You can always refinance your loan when you hate it, but you should be aware of the pros and cons of refinancing. While you can get better terms with a refinanced loan, you’ll have to apply for a new loan and lenders will then have to evaluate your credit report and financial information. You’ll also need to pay the closing costs and other related fees.

This is why if you’re in the process of buying a home or shopping for a mortgage, do your homework first. Learn more about the different home loan options, the pros and cons of making a small down payment, and how you can make yourself an attractive borrower. You should also take advantage of the tools and resources online. Talking to successful homebuyers and reputable mortgage lenders can also help you make an informed decision.

Key with a house key chain being held by a person"

What You Should Remember If You Want to Sell Your House Fast

Key with a house key chain being held by a personBuying a house can be time-consuming. The same applies when you’re trying to sell your house. There are many activities to do and items to fix. This is why many who have been wanting to let go of their homes end up selling them at a lower value — just so they can get rid of it. If you plan to take the same route, you need to remember that it’s a loss.

There are actually some ways you can resort to if you want to sell your home fast. Some of them will not compromise the value of your real estate property.

Make the proper preparations

Maybe your home is not attractive enough to entice buyers. Simply because you’re letting go of it doesn’t mean that you’ll leave it slovenly. Make the necessary repairs. Declutter and get rid of items that make it less attractive and functional. You may even want to make your garden more beautiful. For example, a property with good landscaping can fetch a hefty price tag.

Choose the right time

You just cannot sell your home any old time you want. You need to pick the most optimal time or season. Summer may not be the right time, as people are busy with their holidays. The same applies to winter. Spring and autumn make good selling seasons due to favorable weather, which encourages people and homebuyers to go out and see the properties in proper daylight.

Work with a home-buying company

Sometimes, it takes a professional to help you sell your home — or you can even sell it to them. As such, you need to find a home-buying company. These businesses buy homes, improve them, and sell them again for profit.

These are just some of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to sell your home fast. Only work with reliable providers and advisors to avoid scams.

Ways to Make a Profit Off of Land

a land for sale signYou can make money by investing in property. However, what most people don’t know is that buying land is also a great way of investing.

At Manor Lakes, a reputable land development in Melbourne’s West, an investor can buy land for sale granting that property will sit on it in the future. After all, land can be used to develop endless things, such as retail spaces, multi-family homes, office spaces, and single-family homes. But you need to understand the processes involved before you buy it.

Here are different ways you can make a profit out of this investment:

Buy and sell

With this approach, the investor is fundamentally flipping the land. The land buyer believes that they bought the land at a lower price than the current market price, so they hope that they can find a buyer who will pay the price higher than the market price. Also, the investor hopes for a quick sale that will generate profit with no extra work on the land.

Buy and hold

Besides the buy and sell approach, the buy and hold strategy entails buying land and holding onto it for some time. The investor, in this case, believes that the value of the land for sale will appreciate. However, the investor should know that they are required to pay for taxes or other extra costs necessary for maintaining the land.

Buy, develop and rent

Investors can buy any land for sale and develop it, then rent it out to tenants. For instance, you can buy land, build a parking lot, then rent it to tenants. After all, you can get a tenant who owns a huge business and is looking for an additional parking lot for their clients.

Now that you are aware of land buying strategies, you can choose the most suitable approach depending on your goals. It’s advisable to take your time to search for the best land for sale deals. Make sure you study the market and other opportunities and challenges in that area.

Could You Include an Office Desk From Your Tax Deductions?

Brown Office FurnitureCompanies should know that they can deduct their office furniture to their tax returns, but there are certain rules for doing this. If you plan to add an industrial office desk you bought from vendors such as Urban95 to your deductible, you should only declare the amount you spent on the item.

Startup firms are also restricted from deducting more than $5,000, or else it would be tagged as a capitalization cost.

Proper Deductions

One of the most common mistakes for tax deductions on office furniture includes an improper identification of items. The risk of an audit from the Internal Revenue Service awaits you if any type of furniture is redundant for your business, or seem to have a vague purpose, yet you still added it to our deductible.

You would need to pay a penalty and cover the underpayment of taxes since the IRS won’t acknowledge personal office furniture as a deductible expense. Some companies may include the design of their office, as long as it helps with their workflow.

Commercial Designs

Non-traditional office designs have emerged due to a need for trendier workplaces, especially among millennial workers who represent a huge part of the working class. Most companies are responding to this common design trend by adopting open-floor layouts and collaborative office spaces.

Certain designs include a large industrial office desk in a common area, where workers can brainstorm ideas and hold meetings like those in the creative industry particularly like dynamic offices within the last three years. This type of design is “marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change.”

Sustainable offices are unsurprisingly a trend as well since the property industry has become more aware of their environmental footprint.


By knowing the right way to declare your office furniture as a deductible, you avoid the risks and maximize its benefits. You can likely stretch your chances of a higher deduction if your office design supports business operations.