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Effective Ways to Reduce Homesickness While Travelling

Brown transportable cabinTravelling is one of the things many people do to get rid of stress. Some work day and night that travelling is their way to get away from everything. Others consider travelling as an essential so they can say they are living the life. There are those who are travelling for their job. No matter the circumstance, homesickness can play a part in their travels. To combat that, here are some ways to feel at home while travelling:

Bring the Items that Reminds You of Home With You

All of us have personal belongings that remind us of something. There are things that would absolutely remind us of home every time we see it, touch, or smell its scent. For some, a pillow they had with them since they were children reminds them of home. It may be a certain brand of instant coffee that one used to sip back in their homes, among others. Bringing a thing that reminds you of home will surely cure some of the homesickness

Build a Transportable Cabin

This is an investment that any traveller will find useful in the long run. A transportable cabin, though on the expensive side, can remedy homesickness because you feel like your home is with you. For big countries like Australia, a transportable cabin is a good investment since there are so many places to visit and discover. A transportable home would save you from expenses, especially food, as you’ll have a quality kitchen where you can cook your own food instead of going to restaurants.

Travelling is a good feeling for all of us. Travelling with our homes near our hearts will make things even better. With our homes near us even while travelling, exploring would feel so much better.

Are You Able to Send Targeted Mailshots to Achieve Great Results in Your Candidate Search?

Recruiter and an applicantFinding the right candidates for your job can be a complex undertaking, which may require the use of a dedicated recruitment database.

One common issue is that your email marketing strategy may not be as effective as you want it to be. It may be that you are not getting the value that you expected from your database and that your clients are receiving candidates before you can find them.

Sometimes, the issue lies in the data itself — data cleansing companies such as INEO can help iron out these issues such as irregularities in your general contact information. Incorrect email and phone number formats can greatly cripple your operation.

Structure Your Data Storage

Your database may have issues because the coding procedures and structures themselves are ineffective. What you need is to structure and centralise data storage to improve its performance. It usually begins by analysing existing business processes to identify any underlying issues.

This may include data categorisation and cataloguing, as well as systems configuration and process mapping. In some cases, you may need to change your database system altogether if it does not meet your business goals.

Migrating Your Data Storage Systems

If you want your mailshots to achieve great results, it may be easier to migrate your data storage systems to something much more effective. Ideally, you should be able to complete a clean migration, which only transfers relevant data. A clean migration transfers the correct data in the correct format.

This actually takes a fair amount of work, as it will require some careful system configuration adjustments.

Database marketing typically has mailshot creation tools available. If you improve your database management, you can get better results too, ensuring that your mailshots reach the right people at the right time.

Second Life & Grief: Coping Through Technology

Couple supporting each other during a funeralVirtual reality is “virtually” everywhere. From gaming to architectural rendering, the technology has been useful for many industries and it’s given people opportunities for new experiences. Researchers are even exploring the technology’s use in the grieving process.

Grieving and Virtual Reality

McDougal Funeral Home defines grief as “our natural reaction to losing something, or someone, that we deeply care about.” It adds that while there are guidelines as to how people are supposed to handle it, everyone responds to it differently, as it is an individual experience.

As the population in the United States gets older, half of the women over 65 years old will have lost their spouses while one-sixth of men of the same age will be widowers. Research suggests that participating in virtual reality support groups can help bereaved older adults.

The Study

Graduate students of clinical psychology at the University of Arizona analyzed how effective online support resources are for older adults. With participants consisting of men and women over 50 years old and who have lost their spouses, researchers tested how interactive virtual groups and online readings would help cope with the loss.

Grouped into two, the participants had to take part in an eight-week study period. Researchers later found out that both groups showed an improvement in sleep quality, stress, and loneliness.

What was interesting, however, was that those who participated in the interactive support group, called Second Life, had self-reported improvement in symptoms of depression.

Second Life is an online platform developed by researchers from the university. It lets participants create their virtual versions and chat with other people as a part of a study.

There’s so much stress and emotion that come with grief and sometimes, there’s only so much you can take. It helps to reach out to support groups in the community. Alternatively, social and static online platforms may also enable you to cope with the loss and move forward.

Tree Rooting and Removal: Why It’s Necessary

Field full of treesMake no mistake about it: Utah, especially Salt Lake City, loves its trees. After all, the state is one of the best places to observe the change of foliage during autumn. The city also recognizes the “wealth of benefits” of trees and the urban forest.

But everything should be well-balanced, and so many trees may not be ideal for the residents. In this case, you need to trim or cut them, or sometimes call your local tree rooter service in Salt Lake City.

1. Property Encroachment

You’re responsible for your yard and anything that grows in it, and that includes pruning, trimming, and cutting trees whenever necessary. But this may not hold true all the time with your neighbors.

The responsibility for cutting or trimming tree branches depends on the local ordinances, but if there’s none, the implied rule is you have the right to do it. This works only if the branches reach your property. Nevertheless, try to be diplomatic and negotiate with the neighbors.

2. Sewage Clogging

When one thinks of clogged drains, you may immediately think of backflows in the toilet. Perhaps there’s a large object lodged inside the pipes. What many homeowners don’t know is the culprit might be outside. Tree roots can find their way to pipes, and while they get nourishment from the water, they also cause clogging.

Usually, the best option is to cut the tree, but you could also call a rooter service in Salt Lake City. A licensed plumber will use a drain cleaning machine that can inspect the condition of the pipes.

3. Danger

You may have to cut the trees merely because they pose a threat to you and the passersby. For example, they may already have a decaying foundation and are therefore prone to falling. They may also be growing near power lines, increasing the risk of power outage and fire.

In the end, part of your responsibility is preserving the trees. If you’re unsure whether to cut, trim, or prune, ask assistance from Salt Lake City Forestry Program.

Forever Young: Three Ways You Can Stay Youthful at Any Age

Young looking womanMost people would look at the phrase ‘life begins at forty’ with varying degrees of emotions. For many, it is when they start thinking about their retirement or plan trips abroad to countries they’ve never visited. For others, however, they associate that age with wrinkles and slowly realizing they aren’t getting any younger.

Contrary to popular belief, youthfulness knows no number. Here’s how you can feel young no matter your age:

Enhance Your Physical Appearance

When you feel confident about your physical appearance, you will feel confident about yourself. There are clinics in Chicago that specialize in facelift surgery, helping clients achieve the look they’ve always wanted.

Depending on the type of procedure you want to undergo – whether it’s rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery or facelift – the process could take anywhere from just two to four hours. Healing time may take a couple of weeks but after the treatments, you will be happy to see a youthful appearance.

Attend Gatherings

Consider attending events and social gatherings to meet new people. When you’re surrounded by positive energy, you will inevitably feel the energy yourself.

If you don’t have existing opportunities to socialize, organize a gathering yourself. Just be careful about staying around people with bad energy. It is important to be in the presence of like-minded people who exude youthfulness.

Engage in Conversations; Build New Relationships

Start partaking in conversations during social gatherings. In an excerpt from the book Dating for Dummies, being overly shy could lower your chances of connecting with people.

Try to find common ground with a person and engage them in genuine conversations about life. Maintaining relationships with people – romantic or otherwise – gives a person a youthful energy that cannot be found elsewhere.

There is no harm in wanting to stay youthful. Whether you’re a teenager or a mother of two children, youthfulness can be achieved.

3 Perks of Having a Beautiful Smile

Young male smilingA beautiful smile does not only benefit a person’s self-esteem but also leaves a lasting impression. A perception study in the US reveals that the alignment of teeth can affect a person’s success, popularity, and general health. Many people say that those with straight teeth are more likely to be successful in job interviews and promotions.

Dental procedures in Salt Lake City, such as dental implants, braces, and the like can help you get that beautiful set of teeth and a stunning smile.

Here are the top three benefits of having a good smile:

1. More Success

A smile can make a huge impact on a person’s life. People with a beautiful smile are 58% more likely to be successful, and are often hired more and promoted more. Americans usually perceive people with straight teeth to be more desirable and pleasing than those who have crooked teeth. As such, having a complete set of straight teeth can help you gain more friends and even help you get your dream job.

2. Lasting First Impressions

The teeth are usually the part of the face that people notice and remember after the first meeting. Whether for work or for social interaction, your smile could say many things about you. In terms of relationships, 2 out of 5 Americans would not consider having a second date with people who have crooked teeth. Meanwhile, people with straight teeth are usually perceived to be healthy, happy, and smart.

3. A Healthier Life

Smiling increases the release of endorphins that can help reduce stress, anxiety, as well as lower the heart rate and boost the immune system. People who smile more often are proven to live longer and happier lives.

A brighter, more beautiful smile does not only improve one’s appearance; it also boosts the confidence as well. A confident and attractive person can have more potential for success in life, work, and social activities. Consult your dentist to learn how you can achieve that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Cat Care: Reminders for First-Time Cat Owners

Mother and son playing with the catCats make for great companions at home. They’re generally independent and like the company of humans. If you’re thinking about adopting your own feline friend, here are some tips to help you out:

Consider allergies

Cats may cause reactions among those who are allergic to their fur. Make sure you don’t have such an allergy. You may also do some research on which cats are best for people with allergies.

Make time for your cat

Your cat needs your attention and company, so make sure you have time for it. Grooming, playtime, feeding, cleaning the litter box, etc. – these are things you should have time for before you get a furry friend.

Think about adopting another cat

Busy people who work long hours may not have the time to spend with their cat. If you’re one of them, consider adopting two cats so they can keep each other company.

Give your cat some playthings

A toy mouse, string, and other playthings can keep your cat occupied for hours. A bored cat can turn on the sofa or the curtains, so give your pet something to keep it alert and happy.

Your cat needs healthy food

Nature’s Select Pet Food stresses that your cat needs proper nourishment. Natural cat food is easy to find; you can even get it online. Good food that keeps your cat healthy should be a part of your budget once you take that kitty home.

Buy a scratching post

Cats need to scratch on something. If they don’t have a scratching post, they’ll make do with chairs, tables, sofas, and even your expensive shoes. Buy a scratching post and train your cat to use it.

Consider neutering

Neutering can help keep your cat happy, healthy, and contented. Skipping it when your cat is of age may make it restless. It may even start destroying your things.

A cat is a great home companion for people of all ages. Learn everything you can about pet care before taking one home.

It’s time to improve your smile!

Man with VeneersThere are many options to give your smile the gleam it deserves. Veneers are one of the most popular choices for patients who craving a healthier looking, whiter smile. Veneers are made of ultra-thin shells of porcelain, or a composite resin material, which are bonded to the fronts of your teeth.

You should always get veneers fitted by highly trained dental professionals, such as those at Staplehurst Dental in Kent. This dental practice also offers a free consultation to help you decide if veneers are the right choice for you.

Veneers can easily mask dental imperfections such as discolouration, stains and chips, as well as worn down or misshapen teeth. Even slight gaps between your teeth can be hidden with veneers. They can also be designed according to the size, shape and colour that would suit your smile.

The benefits

Generally, veneers should last for at least 10 years. The procedure has shown remarkable longevity when properly performed and combined with good dental hygiene. Veneers have a natural look and can be applied in just two of visits to the dentist.

The first visit is to prepare the teeth to be treated. This involves shaving off a thin layer of the outer coating of your teeth. This creates a slightly roughened surface onto which your veneers will more easily bond. This also creates room for them to seamlessly fit in against the rest of your teeth. During this initial visit the colouring of your veneers will also be decided. On your second visit, your veneers will be bonded in place with a special dental adhesive. Your dentist will show you where the veneers are placed to ensure you are happy with them.

The procedure requires little or no anesthesia. They can therefore be the ideal choice for improving the appearance of the teeth that shown when you smile, known as the ‘social six’, without having the stress of major dental surgery.

Additionally, porcelain veneers are stain resistant. They do not discolour like natural teeth do over time. You can even choose the colour of your new teeth to make sure they blend in with your natural teeth.

Study: Facelifts Contribute to Women’s Health and Success

A person planning to get a facelift Cosmetic procedures remain popular in Beverly Hills and throughout the United States. The procedures alter certain facial features, making individuals look younger and more attractive. So it is no longer a surprise that people continue to go under the knife.

One of the most common types of facial plastic surgery is the facelift. It is a tried and tested way of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and addressing other signs of aging. A recent study indicates that it could also potentially contribute to the health and success of women.

A Confidence Booster

A group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University conducted a web-based survey of 483 people. The survey included the images of 13 female patients before and after they had a facelift. Surveyors had to estimate the age, success, and overall health of each one.

The study concluded with a positive association between facelifts and an attractive, healthy, and successful appearance. It’s nothing new to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who explained that patients generally undergo the procedure to look younger.

The procedure addresses many signs of aging, including droopy cheeks, crow’s feet, and lip corners. As such, patients come out of a cosmetic surgical clinic feeling more confident about how they look. This confidence reflects in the way they do things and approach challenges.

Women who have had facelifts feel better about their appearance and experience a confidence boost, which is good for mental health and potentially affects their productivity, leading to success.

A Timeless Procedure

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual plastic surgery statistics shows that facelifts remain in the top five surgical procedures of 2016. With the intention to enhance sagging and wrinkled skin, it boasts a total of 131,106 procedures performed by plastic surgery society members.

Facelifts are a timeless procedure for a reason. They restore youth and make women feel self-assured, resulting in improved health and success.

6 Foolproof Ways to Know if You’re an Emotional Eater

Stressed comfort foodThere are many different kinds of emotional eaters. Some respond to negative emotions with eating, while others do the same in response to positive emotions. Regardless of the category, here are seven telltale indications you need to take note of:

  • You respond to any emotion with eating

You eat whenever you feel an emotion — happiness, sadness, annoyance, boredom, disappointment, anxiety, loneliness, angriness, tiredness, or emptiness.

  • You can’t simply stop eating

You eat even if you’re not hungry at all or even when you know that you should have stopped eating. You do anything to satisfy a certain craving, even if you don’t feel hungry. It’s simply an unreasonable craving that you need to satisfy or else you would feel unhappy throughout your day.

  • You reach for food whenever you feel stressed out

Regardless of the source of your stress — your job, studies, or family life — you eat. It's a given.

  • You eat just to feel some semblance of happiness

This means that you are emotionally reliant on eating to feel happy. EDCare and other therapists explain that this is not the same as appreciating food. Appreciation involves a healthy attitude, but about eating to feel happy creates an unhealthy relationship between food and yourself.

  • You can only find solace in food

Whenever you’re feeling down, you instantly turn to comfort food, such as cake, ice cream, cookies, and chocolates.

  • You eat even when you feel full

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just eaten or how full you are. Whatever satisfaction you feel from eating is fleeting, so you eat again to try and get that feeling of satisfaction again.

Do know that it is perfectly fine to eat in response to particular emotions, but not every single time you feel any sort of emotion. With this in mind, if you resonate with the above-mentioned signs, you need professional help before it’s too late.