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4 Misconceptions about Virtual Office Spaces

laptop sitting on top of tableIf you were an active employee at the turn of the century, you’d be aware of the dotcom bubble that got many entrepreneurs hyped – and, eventually, broke. After the dotcom crash that devastated some business owners who jumped into the bandwagon, many became wary of setups that have no brick-and-mortar connections, such as a virtual office.

But, virtual offices today, like the ones host, are not the “anchor-less” type they were before. They’re more like remote workspaces that have a central office somewhere. In fact, many businesses and workers favor them.

However, the idea is still plagued by misconceptions, making some companies skeptical to make the shift from traditional office settings to a virtual office space. Let’s look at some of these misconceptions and try to clear them.

Virtual offices are expensive

The truth is that your business is bound to save thousands of dollars by switching to a virtual office because you can downsize on space. Employees also enjoy services, such as high-speed internet, office kitchenette, and lobby greeter services without you actually installing them. The best part is that you don’t pay additional fees for these complementary services.

Organizing virtual offices is a hassle

Don’t be deceived by the myth that arranging a virtual office is like signing a lease on a conventional office. On the contrary, organizing the office spaces is simple and straightforward. Besides, you only pay for what you require and use, which makes signing up easy.

Customers don’t trust companies without physical locations

While it is true that customers prefer businesses with primary business addresses, using a virtual office gets rid of this challenge. Virtual office providers offer a professional mailing address, office, and rentable meeting spaces to build businesses’ reputation and emphasize professionalism. Besides, you can work from home, and pay for your virtual office only when you need to use it.

Virtual offices pose security risks

The other misunderstanding about virtual offices is that they have security risks as far as sharing sensitive information is concerned. Business owners are afraid that cellphones and online accounts can be hacked, and information may land in the wrong hands. What business owners don’t realize is that virtual offices have enhanced security measures to protect company information. Businesses are also given private access to the network.

Virtual offices are customized to suit the specific needs of companies. You should not dismiss the idea of a virtual office based on these myths. Break out of your comfort zone to realize how your business could benefit from a virtual office.

Does Your Web Design Match Your Brand Image?

Web Design and Jigsaw PuzzlesYou’ve had the domain for a while now, and you have enough content to fill the pages with relevant information. There’s a mixture of humor and seriousness that you think should help the site perform better as a means of driving sales. But that’s not happening.

Perhaps your web design, no matter how smartly executed, is just not what you need. Here’s what Minnesota experts in SEO services say about the matter:


You want to seem like the most professional company out there. But when clients are looking for a creative agency, it’s not just professionalism that they’re looking for. They also judge your website based on how creative it is, because they think that translate to how unique you are in your line of work. Give them samples of your past projects and let those goofy office pictures show. Restaurants and fashion brands may also go for a little fun on their web design to help cement their reputation in their respective industries.


A dental practice can show a bit of fun on their website if they’re catering to children, but if all your clients are adults, you’ll want to highlight cleanliness, sanitation, and adherence to best practices. Being part of the health industry means you are putting the safety of clients first and foremost. Showcase new equipment you have bought for the practice, to show clients you are well-equipped.


If your business is all about sciences and mathematics, you cannot afford any mistakes on your website. Whether it’s a typographical error or a formula expressed incorrectly, your reputation is on the line. Highly technical fields have clients who are more discerning, especially if they don’t know what they need. If they see a mistake, they’ll think it’s a sign of weakness and move on to another company.

The design of your website is important. Before you go crazy with the design, however, remember that it should still be connected with your industry.

Change Some Things: Lowering Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Bounce rate and other web traffic componentsWhen it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of websites, there are many parameters and criteria that experts look into for careful judgment. One of them is the bounce rate, the measurement or percentage of visits that are not converted into sales or any desired actions you are expecting.

A high bounce rate indicates that some of the website’s functionalities aren’t working properly. This is because they don’t convert visitors into buyers like the way you designed them to do. Below are some of the ways you need to do, as suggested by a trusted SEO company in Denver.

Look at the UX

The user experience or UX component of your website is one of the major things you should design properly. Avoid pop-ups, as these will disrupt your audiences’ attention. Make sure the instructions on the navigation of your site are clear. Conduct A/B testing to know which components work and which don’t.

Make sure the content rocks

Content is king, so make sure it’s the start of any page on your website. When it comes to writing content, you need to keep them short and sweet. Avoid jargons and fluff, as these will turn off your customers. Avoid using long blocks of text; use subheadings and bullet points if necessary. Once the content is properly developed, optimize it using the most effective SEO practices.

Make transactions easy

This is especially true for those running an e-commerce website. You need to make the transactions easy to prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts. Offer more options when it comes to deliveries and payments. Provide discounts, but make sure these strategies are implemented within the bounds of usability and good design.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when lowering your website’s bounce rate. Get the help of a reliable provider to ensure the effectiveness and feasibility of your plans.

3 Reasons SMEs Need a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketingIn 2014 alone, there were more than 2 million small businesses in operation in Australia. In fact, about 97.4 per cent of all businesses in 2014 were small businesses. In some reports, experts were calling Australia as the country of small businesses. And when you have a small business, you need to have a strong online presence, and this doesn’t end and start with a website or a Facebook page.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in small business digital marketing services.

Lead Generation

Having a business is not just about selling a product or service, it’s also about building relationships with your patrons. Moreover, it’s about finding new customers. Do you know that 41 per cent of businesses are having difficulties finding and reaching new customers? A digital marketing specialist can help you plot strategies and come up with marketing campaigns to generate new leads for business.

Success Measurement

How do you measure success? How do you know that your Facebook and social media posts are reaching your target audience? How do you know if they’re working? You need to track your campaigns and analyse the metrics to see if you’re able to reach the goal/s you set. While there are many online resources that you can use to track and analyse metrics, you need a digital marketing specialist to interpret the numbers.

Marketing Trends

Marketing trends change. Your customers’ spending habits change. You need to adapt to survive. An effective digital marketing specialist needs to stay updated on the latest trends and forecasts. This knowledge can help you plot future campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

You Need to Start Planning Your Future

Investing in digital marketing services for your small business is not just about being in the “now.” It’s more about strategising your future and ensuring that you stay as competitive as possible.

Video Marketing: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?

woman being filmed for video marketingAs a small business owner, you might feel limited with your options when it comes to marketing your brand because of budget constraints. If for now you only have enough budget for one marketing campaign, you should carefully choose the right strategy that will work best for your brand.

Video marketing is a great option and has a good ROI. Plus, it can accomplish what traditional marketing can and so much more. Promotional videos might not come cheap, but you can talk to different video production companies in Denver and ask them what works best for your given budget.

Here are more great reasons video marketing is the kind of marketing strategy you are looking for.

1. Videos can increase brand awareness

You have to face the reality that most people shy away from lengthy posts or articles because reading takes too much time.

So, how can you introduce who you are and what you offer as a business if no one wants to read about you? A well-made video can entice them to watch it a little bit longer.

2. Videos help your site rank better on search engines

The more people watch your videos, the more they will stay on your site. This helps reduce your bounce rate. This will help convince search engines such as Google that you offer valuable information on your site. Hence, you get a better ranking, which will improve your online presence.

3. Videos boost your social media engagement

Videos are compatible with most marketing platforms — TV, your website, and social media platforms. Did you know that videos are the most shared content social media? The more interesting the video, the better.

4. Videos can help you save time

Instead of giving instructions or explaining something over and over again to someone, why not just create a video containing all the information you need to share with others. This way, you get to save time, and you can focus on making your business grow.

Don’t just hire any video production company. You should carefully select one that can capture the essence of your business and give your videos heart. You don’t want people to just watch your videos; you should also be able to touch their hearts.

3 Ways to Boost Your Travel Agency Business with Social Media

a couple at a travel agencyDo you that in Europe, travel, tours, and related activities accumulate up to US$40 billion in revenue? In fact, in 2015 alone, the tourism sector garnered an income of 37,000 million euros in Europe alone. The key takeaway is that every year, billions of people travel all over the world. If you have a travel agency business, you should learn how to take advantage of this key statistics.

And remember, since most people start their travel search online, you should have a strong digital marketing strategy for your travel agency. Here are some ways on how to use social media to your advantage.

Create travel ambassadors

Hire some online influencers to be your travel ambassadors. This way, you take advantage not only of their strong online presence and huge following but also their curated content. There are many online influencers you can hire for this. To go even further, you can hire online influencers based on your niche. For instance, if your travel agency is focused on value-of-money or that of luxury, you can look for online influencers that have the same focus as yours.

Partner with top hotels for the best rates.

Some people do not want the hassle of researching the nitty-gritty details. For instance, they want a one-stop-shop when it comes to travel. So make sure you partner with not only the top hotels but also with the top tours so you can offer the best promotional packages. This way, you offer more value-for-money without the headache.

Work the “social” in social media.

More and more people are finding the perks of traveling alone. It is such an awesome experience that people should try at least once. And with more solo travelers, you can put the “social” in social media by connecting fellow solo travelers and looking fun group activities that they can engage in.

Being Social

When it comes to using social media, it’s all about being social. So make sure you create posts that are not only informative but also engaging. Use these tips so you can improve your travel agency business.

How to Engage Your Online Audience More in 2018

man looking at his computerWeb design companies in Worcester, MA such as New Perspective cater to many thriving enterprises. Today, having a website has become a necessity for the growth of those local businesses. Beyond that, however, user experience has risen to the fore as a core metric for determination of their online success.

Soasta, a digital performance technology company, reports that an additional second of page load speed can result in as much as 27 percent drop in sales.

Statistics like this indicate the need for professionals in web design to have a finger on the pulse of their online audience to build sites that resonate and accomplish business objectives.

Are you wondering what 2018 will bring in the web design terrain? Here are just a few of them.

Enhanced Web Animation

Despite the prominence of animation in 2017, it will hit new levels in 2018. As designers grow in the use of coding techniques, they are gradually fusing into roles with developers.

Animation and prototyping software and techniques are growing in prominence as web designers seek to help brands tell their stories more succinctly. Expect to see more from prototyping platforms like Framer.

Design Software Standardization

It used to be Photoshop, but many design tools are giving the popular software a good run for its money. A plethora of design tools have appeared on the scene including, but not limited to, Vectr, Figma, Invision, Sketch 43, and Webflow.

In 2018, the expectations are high for these tools especially with regards to collaboration and standardization of the design process.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer the stuff of futuristic movies, the year 2017 saw Artificial Intelligence (AI) become entrenched in the web design process. This is especially apparent in the use of chatbots (conversational interfaces).

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) as an associated concept is also driving voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Home. The development curve will grow steeper in 2018.

Contemporary business growth now relates to online performance, which, in turn, is determined by the website’s ability to hold audience’s attention. Watch out for these trends.

The Modern Way of Promoting Your Business

A businesswoman working on her SEOPromoting your own business can be quite tricky and stressful nowadays. With all the different platforms of media that are available recently, deciding when, where, and how you can advertise your business properly can be tough, but you can do it as well.

Advertising your business is one of the first things that you must do to have a successful and lucrative business. Having a business without promoting it is like having an amazing idea but not sharing it or creating plans of action for it.

Use the best methods

One of the first ways to analyze your flaws within marketing is to see where you lack. An example of this would be if you were to search your business in a search engine and it doesn’t land on the first page, you lack in ranking. An easy solution to fix that problem is to hire SEO services in Alexandria, Minnesota.

There is a multitude of SEO services available across American states such as Florida, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Just by inserting some extra keywords into some articles on your website can easily boost it up to the first page of search engine.

Hire the right guys

As mentioned, SEO services are plentiful and readily available for your convenience. These services can provide a great variety of ways to easily get your website out there. They can offer consultation about your website to see if there absences or shortfalls in the design or content within it.

A lot of the consultation will also depend on what your particular goals are, for what media platform you prefer or for what kind of update you think you require to add on to your website. Simply producing articles, adding on keywords, and buying advertisement placements will bring your website to the top.

The Need for Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Laptop with the word Today the world is full of technology in every field. People have gone digital in a big way, so they do not have the time to look at different products, brands, and other projects through offline advertisement. They hardly look at marketing through newspapers, radio broadcasts, communication through TV, newsletter, or other print media.

The internet and the mobile phone are platforms which are continuously accessed. So, it makes sense for businesses to opt for digital marketing. Through this mode, the clients can get information at any place and at any time they want through their phones.

Larger Outreach

Globalization and the internet have made the world very small and shrunk it to a tiny axis point, where customers all over the world can get all the information through mobiles, tablets, and computers. Digital marketing is a blessing for all types of businesses. You can hire a good Denver PPC management or digital marketing company like for your marketing needs. This kind of marketing can help you reach a wider chunk of clients all over the world.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the best tools to work on the minds of your potential customers. You are free to use great content, appealing advertisement, meaningful videos, and other marketing tricks to lure customers. The aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website and also convert the casual visitor into a potential lead, to boost your sales.

This type of marketing offers the businesses the chance for survival, competition, and better sales in today’s tough market conditions. Today’s customers can access all the product details online through the tablets, mobiles, and laptops. This has become very easy because the customers are constantly online either working or browsing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Besides providing easy accessibility, digital marketing is very economical compared to other conventional methods. The affordability of this medium has made it the favorite platform for smaller businesses too. The other benefit is the reliable and real-time reviews and feedback from customers.This also allows for brand recognition and conversion optimization. There are many tools available in this medium including blogs, SEO content, internet banner ads, PPC advertising, mobile and social media marketing, etc.

Contact an experienced and reputed digital marketing company, so that you benefit from their services.

Maximising the Benefits of Dental Practice SEO

Dental Care website shown on a computer monitorIn the old days, if your dental practice paid for a full page on the telephone book, that was all you needed by way of advertising. That, and word-of-mouth, were pretty strong forms of communicating your practice to patients.

These days, however, a listing in the phone book and on the newspaper, pamphlets or fliers and posters are hardly enough to get you any visits from new patients. When people need to see a dentist, most of them do not turn to old media; they reach for their phones.

With that in mind, here is what you need to remember about SEO for dentists.

You need SEO

Search engine optimisation is what leads to the “organic” rise of your website on the search results pages of Google and other search engines.

Having a website is not enough; you need to pay for SEO services to make sure your practice website does not get lost in the multitude of results that appear on people’s phones when they need your services.

Invest in localised SEO

There are perhaps over a million of dentist around the world, and many of them offer the same services as you. This is why you need local SEO. Localised and geo-targeted keywords are important.

You are competing for dominance with properly chosen keywords, and those keywords are likely to have very, very high competition. Keeping them geo-targeted gives you a better chance of appearing on searches by people within your area.

Post only quality content

Spamming is not something that Google appreciates, so do not just post content for the sake of posting them. Make sure the content on your website is of high quality, something that raises your image and provides value to users.

Not only does this make patients appreciate your practice website more, but it also builds up your authority in the eyes of both users and Google.

It is not easy to compete in a field where there are so many other players. But the Internet makes it a more level playing field. Invest in a great website, good and useful content, and search engine optimisation to get a better chance of getting more patients to come to your practice.