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The Need for Digital Marketing Services for Your Business

Laptop with the word Today the world is full of technology in every field. People have gone digital in a big way, so they do not have the time to look at different products, brands, and other projects through offline advertisement. They hardly look at marketing through newspapers, radio broadcasts, communication through TV, newsletter, or other print media.

The internet and the mobile phone are platforms which are continuously accessed. So, it makes sense for businesses to opt for digital marketing. Through this mode, the clients can get information at any place and at any time they want through their phones.

Larger Outreach

Globalization and the internet have made the world very small and shrunk it to a tiny axis point, where customers all over the world can get all the information through mobiles, tablets, and computers. Digital marketing is a blessing for all types of businesses. You can hire a good Denver PPC management or digital marketing company like for your marketing needs. This kind of marketing can help you reach a wider chunk of clients all over the world.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the best tools to work on the minds of your potential customers. You are free to use great content, appealing advertisement, meaningful videos, and other marketing tricks to lure customers. The aim is to drive targeted traffic to your website and also convert the casual visitor into a potential lead, to boost your sales.

This type of marketing offers the businesses the chance for survival, competition, and better sales in today’s tough market conditions. Today’s customers can access all the product details online through the tablets, mobiles, and laptops. This has become very easy because the customers are constantly online either working or browsing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Besides providing easy accessibility, digital marketing is very economical compared to other conventional methods. The affordability of this medium has made it the favorite platform for smaller businesses too. The other benefit is the reliable and real-time reviews and feedback from customers.This also allows for brand recognition and conversion optimization. There are many tools available in this medium including blogs, SEO content, internet banner ads, PPC advertising, mobile and social media marketing, etc.

Contact an experienced and reputed digital marketing company, so that you benefit from their services.

Maximising the Benefits of Dental Practice SEO

Dental Care website shown on a computer monitorIn the old days, if your dental practice paid for a full page on the telephone book, that was all you needed by way of advertising. That, and word-of-mouth, were pretty strong forms of communicating your practice to patients.

These days, however, a listing in the phone book and on the newspaper, pamphlets or fliers and posters are hardly enough to get you any visits from new patients. When people need to see a dentist, most of them do not turn to old media; they reach for their phones.

With that in mind, here is what you need to remember about SEO for dentists.

You need SEO

Search engine optimisation is what leads to the “organic” rise of your website on the search results pages of Google and other search engines.

Having a website is not enough; you need to pay for SEO services to make sure your practice website does not get lost in the multitude of results that appear on people’s phones when they need your services.

Invest in localised SEO

There are perhaps over a million of dentist around the world, and many of them offer the same services as you. This is why you need local SEO. Localised and geo-targeted keywords are important.

You are competing for dominance with properly chosen keywords, and those keywords are likely to have very, very high competition. Keeping them geo-targeted gives you a better chance of appearing on searches by people within your area.

Post only quality content

Spamming is not something that Google appreciates, so do not just post content for the sake of posting them. Make sure the content on your website is of high quality, something that raises your image and provides value to users.

Not only does this make patients appreciate your practice website more, but it also builds up your authority in the eyes of both users and Google.

It is not easy to compete in a field where there are so many other players. But the Internet makes it a more level playing field. Invest in a great website, good and useful content, and search engine optimisation to get a better chance of getting more patients to come to your practice.

What to Do After You Bought a Business

Businessmen Shaking HandsEven the most successful entrepreneurs will sometimes admit that starting and running a business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment, focus, and just a little bit of luck to make a business prosper.

Despite all this, the rewards of actually hitting it big are worth all the diligence that you put into a business. But if starting a new business is too much of a gamble for you, you can always resort to buying a business here in Utah.

If you choose to go with an already established business, it is as if all the risks involved in the early stages of entrepreneurship are already past you. Here is what you need to know about how to move forward now that you have already bought an existing business.

Announce It

Not for boasting purposes, of course. You have to inform all of the business’ creditors that there is a change of ownership and now they deal only with you or your authorized agents.

Additionally, you should also have an article published in the local paper about the purchase, which fulfills the publication requirements and serves as a little advertising for you as well.

Connect with its Roots

This means talking to the employees and the customers to get a feel of the business. What do they expect from a management under you? Are there any ideas that can improve processes better? What do they want to say to you?

This helps you gain insight about the flow of things within the business. You should also connect with the previous owner for possible advice he can provide in the future.

Investigate, Explore, Evaluate

Take your time adjusting to the new environment while making sure that you examine every corner of the business. This means literally and figuratively. More information gathered about it can help you with decisions you might have to make in the future.

Buying a business may be hard work, but with the right amount of strategy, it could mean success for both you and your brand new company.

3 Lawn Care Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

A person mowing their lawnWhether you take great pride in having the greenest patch of yard in your neighborhood or you’re good with a monthly mowing or two, it’s possible that you’re ignoring some activities that could actually be harming your lawn in the long run.

The lawn is a representation of the kind of property a homeowner has. The next time you encounter lawn care ads showcasing products and activities that are supposed to help in maintaining your lawn, Upfront Crew Marketing Solutions recommends taking a step back and do your research first. Many ads are there just to convince you to buy their products, while others genuinely care about your yard.

1. Daily Shower for Your Lawn

Grass — like other plants — need water almost all the time, right? Not really. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Vice President Missy Henriksen warns against surface-level watering, saying that a deep soak will do a better job of preventing shallow root growth.

2. Let the Weeds Grow Long Enough Before Cutting Them Down

Wouldn't it be a timesaver if you only start cutting weeds once they've reached a certain height? Not really. Prevention is better than cure, as the old adage goes. “Weed prevention should not be approached with a quick-fix mindset,” Henriksen tells to Make your lawn less vulnerable to weed invasion by not mowing your grass too short. In some cases, over-seeding can also aid in slowing down weed growth.

3. Sticking to the Same Old Mower

If you’ve been using the same mower for over a decade, then congratulations because that means you're a careful owner. However, there are more power-efficient mowers available in the market. Give your mower a rest and get a new and more efficient one. If there’s not enough, then do a little tweaking with what you have by sharpening the mower's blades, draining its fuel, or changing its spark plugs.

There's more to lawn maintenance than mowing. Know the right way to do it and if possible, find an expert to work with. If you don't know any, look at the ads in your area or ask for a referral from friends and colleagues.

U.S. Consumer Debt Reaches $12.73 Trillion

Debt on a paper with calculator, pen and glassesU.S. consumer debt has amounted to around $12.73 trillion payable to banks, credit card companies and car loans among other lenders as of May, according to the New York Federal Reserve.

Economists estimated the value of consumer debt for the month to be higher than the recorded number in the last financial crisis, although they say that the current economy is better now than it was 10 years ago.

Aside from mortgages, student loans account for the biggest share of household debt in the country.

Debt Dilemmas

In 2016, a survey revealed that Utah has the lowest average student debt nationwide. The state also has the least number of unemployed people between 25 and 34 years old.

If you’re looking for collateralize loans in Utah, there are many lenders providing attractive interest rates for title loans in Ogden, Salt Lake City and other cities. Applications for title loans are also easier compared to student loans.

That’s because loan defaults for student debt have increased at the same time that more Americans find themselves buried in educational loans. For instance, student loans comprised 5% of the total consumer debt among Americans in 2007 and after 10 years, these loans have now accounted for almost 11%.

Economic Indicator

Despite the higher risk of defaults among those applying for student loans, experts say that more people willing to borrow money signal their positive outlook for their financial future. However, the place of residence serves as a good determining factor for borrowers’ ability to pay back their financial obligations.

In Utah, approximately half of college students owe money after graduation, according to the Utah System of Higher Education. This can be attributed to the state’s economy, which is one of the top performers in the U.S.

Financial freedom not only requires you to be debt-free, but also involves a disciplined approach on how you handle your money and be prudent enough to know the best time to apply for a loan.

Enhance Children’s Health With a Sports Program

Kids playing a game of basketballEverybody knows sports is not only fun but also healthy. But how can it improve a child's or teen's health?

1. Improve the Brain's Performance and Capacity

Playing sports is good for the brain. One, it helps increase the blood flow and, therefore, oxygen. This is one of the essential factors for the brain to function well. The oxygen uptake then increases alertness, concentration, and performance. Organized activities such as sports also boost coordination.

All these improve the children's cognitive skills and increase learning capacity. They become more attentive and focused in schoolwork.

2. Train Them to Take Care of Their Body

Sports needs discipline. Coaches, for example, expect players to eat the right food and stay away from bad habits like smoking. Good sports programs impose stiff penalties to those who violate the rules.

3. Reduce the Risk of Mental Health Problems

Many teens are prone to anxiety and depression. Usually, when they seek medical help, doctors prescribe antidepressants. Studies show these medications can increase the risk of drug dependency. Drugs like Prozac have been linked to suicide thoughts among teens.

In a study by the University of Bern, sports change the physical structure of the brain. They promote new cell growth and prevent the death of older cells brought about by depression. Furthermore, the activity increases the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls mood.

The social aspect also prevents the feeling of isolation, which is common among people with depression.

Creating a sports program for the community or school demands a close coordination between the school and state agencies. It also needs a venue, which can be expensive. You can go cheap, though, by retrofitting vacant spaces with multipurpose auditorium seating with help from providers like Preferred Seating. These seats consider needs of users, such as children and parents.

Support the growth of children. Create and push sports programs for them.

4 Ways to Save Money on Office Furniture and Equipment

An OfficeSetting up a small or medium-sized office can be one of your most expensive investments. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have no options to save on office design and setup costs. It is possible to set up an office on a budget. By doing your research properly and choosing your suppliers well, you can set up a functional, attractive office that your employees will love to work in.

  1. Buy secondhand.

Certain pieces of office furniture and equipment will look good and work well secondhand. Used office cubicles, desks, and lounge chairs in the reception area rarely see a lot of wear and tear, so it may be worth it looking into used office furniture outlets that offer well-made products instead of brand new, cheap ones.

  1. Consider shipping costs.

If you are ordering furniture online, you must always factor in shipping costs. Sellers may not be upfront about the costs of shipping right away, so be sure to ask even before you consider buying from the Internet.

  1. Ask for bulk discounts.

Don’t be shy about asking for discounts. Especially if you are buying in bulk or if you plan to buy more from the same seller, furniture vendors will be more than happy to provide discounts. You simply have to be bold enough and ask.

  1. Splurge on comfort.

While saving is beneficial to your cash reserves, it is also important that you consider the comfort of your employees, as this directly affects productivity and efficiency. One area you need to make huge allowances for is office chairs. Even if you buy secondhand chairs, you still want to buy top-of-the-line, ergonomic chairs that everyone will be happy to sit in all day long.

Saving money on office design and furniture requires that you choose your suppliers wisely, ask for discounts boldly, and decide which areas you want to invest more money in.

Social Media Metrics that Matter to Your Campaign

Social Media Button on a KeyboardWhen a boss or client asks for the return on investment of a social media campaign, many managers give the easy answers, which include the increase in followers, re-tweets and shares. These metrics provide insights into the performance of campaigns and engagement with content; however, you will need to dig deeper to evaluate the data you have.

Here are metrics used by London-based SEO companies that are important to the success of your campaigns.

Monitor Click-Through with Bounce Rate

You might already be monitoring click-through rate whenever you share content through your social media channels. This metric indicates that you are getting your brand message across and it is compelling enough to elicit clicks and pique the interest of your audience. However, this data provides more insights when you pair it with bounce rate.

Monitor the bounce rate of visitors that came from your social accounts and compare those with visitors that directly visited your site via Google or paid campaigns. When the bounce rate of those that arrived from social media is lower than other sources, it means you are targeting the right audience for your campaign.

Monitor Mentions and Social Share of Voice

Mentions are an important metric because they show how much your audience is talking to and about your brand on their accounts. However, this becomes more valuable to your campaign when you measure it up with the competition by monitoring share of voice.

Simply put, social share of voice is the percentage of your brand mentions in the niche compared to the percent about your competitors. This enables you to determine if you are doing better than the competition, how strong your brand reach is, and which aspects of a campaign need improvement. When you track this metric over time, you can see how your social campaigns are returning your investment.

These metrics are only some of the data you need to monitor to determine the success rate of campaigns. When you monitor these over time, you get more insights and learn more about the competition and your brand.

5 Exciting Quick Facts About Aluminium and Aluminium Recycling

Recycling ImageAluminium is light, malleable, ductile, and therefore easily machined and cast. This metal also has exceptional corrosion resistance and excellent durability. It’s no wonder then that aluminium is crucial to nearly all segments of the global economy. Here are five exciting facts you should know about aluminium and aluminium recycling:

1. Aluminium is an abundant element but never found free in nature.

Oxygen (47%), silicon (27%) and aluminium (8%) are the three most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust. Despite its abundance, aluminium is not found in natural deposits as a free metal. It’s always found as a combination of elements.

2. Aluminium is an “energy bank”.

Virtually all the original energy stored in an aluminium can be recouped again and again every time the metal is recycled. Although small fractions of scrap aluminium are lost during the recycling process, the metal can be recycled indefinitely without a loss in quality.

3. Recycling aluminium saves 94% of the energy need to produce aluminium from bauxite.

Metal recycling helps to save a lot of energy. McCamish Metals notes that when you recycle aluminium, you save about 94% of the energy that’s typically needed to produce the metal from its ore. And making cans from recycled aluminium is 20 times more energy efficient than making the cans from primary aluminium.

4. Aluminium recycling cuts greenhouse emissions and conserves natural resources.

Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves 4 tonnes of bauxite and 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Accordingly, recycling is a crucial component of a sustainable aluminium industry.

5. Aluminium recycling has been a standard practice since the early 1900’s.

Aluminium recycling became a high-profile activity in the late 1960’s. It was made famous by the recycling of beverage cans. However, recovering aluminium for scrap has been ongoing since the early 1900’s.

Aluminium is one of the most important metals mainly because of its abundance and versatility. But aluminium production is an energy-intensive and capital-intensive operation. Accordingly, we have to recycle scrap aluminium to make the use of this valuable metal sustainable. Make efforts to recycle your aluminium. Every seven aluminium cans you recycle will save enough energy to keep a 60-watt light bulb on for 26 hours.

How to Balance your Small Business’ Cash Flow

Managing FinancesWhen small businesses need fast cash, they usually opt for one of these things: using their personal savings to contribute to equity or increasing or obtaining a loan. However, before you resort to these options, below are some viable options to help you raise some funds permanently at low cost.

Time Invoices Properly

A prime reason for the occurrence of cash flow issues is when a business incurs expenses before a customer covering the sale. If possible, you should match your expense payments timing with your invoice collections. Time all your invoices so that they get to your customers as early as possible following a sale. For instance, you could offer discounts for your products or services a couple of months before the holiday rush to ease your cash flow until then.

Modify Invoice Terms

Once you have sent your invoices, ensure that they get settled as quickly as possible. You’ve probably seen or heard about terms like “Net 30”, which means that an invoice must be paid within 30 days upon receiving it. You could consider adding this or a similar term to your invoices or asking for upfront payments or even a down payment.

Make Certain That You’re Easy to Pay

Check your invoices this instant. Does it include specific instructions regarding your payment options? If not, resolve this issue immediately, advises a business bank account manager in Bloomington. If your company accepts online payment options, make sure to include relevant links, and if you accept checks, include a self-addressed envelope to make it easier to pay you.

Create a Strategy for Delinquent Payers

For instance, if a payment is 30 days late, send your customer a reminder of the late payment. However, you must be more aggressive when you request payments for significantly late payments. You could also consider adding late payment penalties or something similar.

Once you have successfully implemented the tips above, you increase your chances of speeding up your cash flow and increasing your cash balance. This is great for your business because once your available cash increases, you could either save interest or repay any loans you have on time, or you could sleep better at night knowing that your finances are in order.