Aspects to Consider While Installing Walk In Bathtubs

Modern luxury bathroom with blue interiors.Today there are special types of bathtubs available for seniors and people with mobility issues. These tubs make accessibility easier and help seniors avoid bathroom accidents.

Installing walk-in tubs for the elderly can be done with professional help from Heavenly Walk In Tubs. The installation depends on three factors: the size of your bathroom, the type of accessibility it will give you and whether the installation is an integral part of a renovation project.

The required accessibility 

It is good to remember that every walk-in tub is not accessible by wheelchair. Depending on the accessibility you require, pick the type of tub; this includes corner installed tubs and lateral access tubs. Look at the tub before buying it; this will help you get a better picture of how and where to install the bathtub in your bathroom. 

If you have severe mobility issues and need help to transfer seats, then a lateral access tub is ideal. Thus, the type of accessibility does affect the method and type of installation to a certain extent.

The size of bathroom

The size of the bathroom influences many factors – including the scale of the bathtub, the method of installation, and the type of access of the walk-in bathtub. If you can stand for a while and the bathroom is also too small for a regular walk in tub, you can pick a model that does not take up much space. There are also walk-in tubs that can be installed in the corner of the bathroom while offering sufficient legroom too.

Remodeling project

If you are building your home, then you can plan well and ensure to install a perfect walk-in bathtub in your bathroom. You can also design your bathroom to be big enough to fit in the tub of your liking. However, it is also possible to install a suitable bathtub while remodeling your home. 

There are many sizes and designs to pick from; choose a model that will improve the aesthetic appearance and the functionality of your bathroom. An alcove walk-in tub will give you the freedom to decorate the rest of the bathroom unit.

Call in professionals who can consider all these aspects before installing your walk-in bathtubs.