Are You Able to Send Targeted Mailshots to Achieve Great Results in Your Candidate Search?

Recruiter and an applicantFinding the right candidates for your job can be a complex undertaking, which may require the use of a dedicated recruitment database.

One common issue is that your email marketing strategy may not be as effective as you want it to be. It may be that you are not getting the value that you expected from your database and that your clients are receiving candidates before you can find them.

Sometimes, the issue lies in the data itself — data cleansing companies such as INEO can help iron out these issues such as irregularities in your general contact information. Incorrect email and phone number formats can greatly cripple your operation.

Structure Your Data Storage

Your database may have issues because the coding procedures and structures themselves are ineffective. What you need is to structure and centralise data storage to improve its performance. It usually begins by analysing existing business processes to identify any underlying issues.

This may include data categorisation and cataloguing, as well as systems configuration and process mapping. In some cases, you may need to change your database system altogether if it does not meet your business goals.

Migrating Your Data Storage Systems

If you want your mailshots to achieve great results, it may be easier to migrate your data storage systems to something much more effective. Ideally, you should be able to complete a clean migration, which only transfers relevant data. A clean migration transfers the correct data in the correct format.

This actually takes a fair amount of work, as it will require some careful system configuration adjustments.

Database marketing typically has mailshot creation tools available. If you improve your database management, you can get better results too, ensuring that your mailshots reach the right people at the right time.