A Guide to Buying an Air Compressor

Air Compressors

Air CompressorsAir compressors are some of the most useful tools in the world. They can store pressurised air, which one can then convert into power. These systems can run other types of equipment.

Commercial air compressors come in different types. Knowing their differences is essential to buy the right one for your needs. When buying compressors, the options can include the following:


The design of the air compressors can range from basic to complex. One of the factors that determine that is the user. A user-grade compressor usually uses a single model; it compresses the air only once. It is ideal if the amount of compressed air necessary is low.

Manufacturing facilities need an industrial air compressor. It is a system designed to work nonstop and handle large volumes of compressed air. It can also be customised to meet the changing needs of users.


This refers to how the machine converts the air into potential energy and then later into kinetic energy. There are two main types: positive and dynamic.

Compressors that use the positive-displacement method allow the air to pass through a chamber, which has a mechanism to lower the volume and compress the air. Once it achieves the ideal pressure, the valves then open to release the air into an outlet. Two of the most popular types of positive-displacement compressors are vane and rotary screw.

The dynamic-displacement compressor uses a centrifugal force with the help of an impeller. It rotates, and the movement helps create the energy necessary to compress the air.

Operation Principles

Lastly, air compressors differ because of their operating principles. A reciprocating compressor uses a piston-type mechanism. It features a suction valve that draws the air and a delivery valve to release the pressurised air. An axial compressor, on the other hand, has a rotating airfoil. The air then passes through in a parallel movement throughout the system.

Buying an air compressor can be tricky. Hopefully, the information above will be a huge help. Otherwise, don’t forget to get help from legitimate distributors or suppliers.