4 Most Common Plumbing Problems At Home

Most homeowners will call a plumber at least once every year. They do so Plumbing Systembecause they need immediate plumbing services, which include repairing leaking faucets, unblocking drains, and replacing broken pipes, among many others.

Homeowners deal with a variety of plumbing problems, and All Hours Plumbing and HVAC reveals the five most common ones:

1. Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet can keep you awake at night, lead to water stains, and cause floods in the bathroom or kitchen. Damaged parts are probably the biggest reason for a leaking faucet. The solution is to replace the washer inside the tap itself. A worn-out carriage can also be the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the leaking faucet can be the result of high water pressure.

2. Leaky Pipes

For most pipes, leaking begins near the joints. Hard water is one of the major causes of leaky pipes. The limescale, which is made of calcium and magnesium deposits, builds up in the plumbing system and reduces the flow of water through the pipes.

In time, your water pressure drops, increasing the limescale build up. Eventually, the pipes become completely clogged and begin to leak. Hard water also causes the pipe to corrode. Using a water softener is a good way to solve the problem.

3. Leaking Hose Bib

Leaking hose bibs are common during summer and spring. After a long, cold winter season, hose bibs that are not well-protected crack and begin to leak. A great solution is to invest in a frost-proof hose bib. It reduces the risks of experiencing future leaks.

4. Faulty Water Heater

Water heater problems may occur due to a tripped circuit breaker or a faulty electric thermostat. Depending on maintenance, a water heater can last anywhere between 8 and 12 years.

Plumbing problems become more severe when ignored, so call a plumber whenever you notice something unusual with the pipes, heater, or any other components of the system. Immediate servicing can make your plumbing system work better for longer.