3 Things to ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Accessories Today

DiamondsJewelry today has evolved into many forms. Most of them made from gold or silver, embedded with precious gems that tell so much about who you are. Someone’s first impression of you will also come from what you are wearing. And that includes your accessories.
So, how will you know if you are choosing the right kind of jewelry that matches your personality? It is simple, really. Here are three things to ask yourself before you wear those gorgeous gems out on a day, or if you are buying jewelry here in Salt Lake City.

How do I feel today?

Everyone has his or her good and bad days. At times when you do not feel 100%, you usually won’t care about what you wear. Now, would you want people to know that? Or, will you choose to stay on the brighter side of things?

The answer will make it easier for you to choose the right accessories for the day.  You can go for the matte and less-shiny bracelets or earrings if you are feeling a bit dreary. Or you can choose the sparkly or colorful ones for a more cheerful, elegant day.

There are many other jewelry personalities you can have. Just make sure you wear what you feel.

What am I doing today?

You have to be dressed for the occasion, even if it is just tea at a friend’s house. You would not want to be wearing too much silver or gold if you are only going on a picnic. Neither would you want to be wearing only a single band bracelet to a formal evening gala.

Different occasions require specific embellishments, so you should choose yours wisely.

Who am I seeing today?

It may not make sense to match your accessories with the people you will meet. However, you will never know when you will make that first impression that will find you your soul mate, or get you your dream job.

That was pretty simple, right? Just remember, you are what you wear. Everything else will be secondary.