3 Med Spa Treatments You’ll Surely Love

Couple about to have a medical spa treatment

Couple about to have a medical spa treatmentIf you’re planning to give yourself a makeover and want something that has lasting and natural looking results, head over to any medical spa in Utah to get these three treatments that you’ll definitely love.

Cool Sculpting

Improve your fitness plan with Cool Sculpting, a medical spa treatment that removes stubborn fat on targeted areas by process of natural elimination over the course of the treatment. This procedure is ideal for those who want to get natural-looking results, and one that gives you a noticeably fit and toned body over the course of the treatment. This can be done on the arms, the stomach area, thighs, and on other parts of the body that you want to look trimmer and firmer.


This procedure is excellent for getting the chin area back in shape. It’s an alternative to invasive treatments like surgery or liposuction. It’s a synthetic version of a salt component that’s found in human bile, which aids in fat digestion.

When this is injected into a targeted area, it destroys fat and dissolves it. The dissolved fat is then removed from your body through its natural process of eliminating waste. As the effects are seen gradually, it yields a more natural looking result compared to any other treatment.


This treatment is specially made for facial care. Juvederm uses a type of filler with a hyaluronic acid base, a natural component found in the skin. It’s a great way to give the face a natural contour and improve its shape by lifting the cheeks, lips, and other wrinkle-prone areas of the face.

It results in a younger looking and firmer skin that makes you look more youthful and radiant. The results are almost immediately noticeable and can last for a good year or two. It gives you a look that is easy to maintain and natural looking, too.

Want to learn more about these exciting treatments? Get in touch with a med spa consultant to get your makeover plans started, and see the new you soon!