3 Advantages of Using Company Name Badges

Design badgesEmployees use name badges for a variety of reasons. It could be for simple identification, tighter security or for more efficient customer service. Whatever your primary reason may be, it’s important to have your custom name badges crafted by a reputable supplier like ID Solutions. Name badges have been around for ages, and they have evolved over time to become an indispensable tool in a company or organization. Here are three ways that name badges work for you:

Improve Your Brand Identity

Corporate branding is all about being consistent. The company logo should be seen everywhere – stationery, mugs, name badges, and business cards, to name but a few. Do your employees travel and are seen by large numbers of people every day? Many employees commute to and from work or go for lunch break wearing their name badges ‒ whatever the reason, they become walking advertisements for your brand at no extra cost to you.

Improved Customer Relations

Customers interact first hand with your employees, so a name badge personalises their exchange, and gives a focal point for any follow-up by the client. By making the employee more approachable, you improve customer relations and encourage more business. Customers who know a name and face behind a brand are more likely to come back. At the same time, having name badges can improve your employees’ accountability. They are less likely to be rude to a customer who can see their name. Staff know they can be reported immediately or given a bad rating for not handling their client’s concern properly.

Improved Security

For security management, keeping account of people on the company premises is a standard procedure. Name badges make it easier to keep tabs on staff and visitors in the office, and make it easier to prevent people wandering into restricted areas. In high security areas, name badges can be equipped with security and tracking features.

Name badges are a simple but effective tool that serves many purposes. For a reliable product, name badges need to be durable, accurate and created by a company you can trust.