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Rodent Control: Which Method Should You Use?

two rodentsWhether you are focused on ridding your house of rodents, or you are thinking ahead to avoid a rodent issue, there are plenty of ways to deal with vermin.

Mice and rats are resourceful invaders and prove difficult to eradicate. If rodents are smart, you need to understand their characteristics and behavior to deal with them effectively. If you live in Boca Raton and have a problem with rat control, here are different types of rodent and how to deal with them:

Norway rat

This type is common in the USA and is recognized by its thick heavy body and a flat nose. They are difficult to get rid of as they are extremely cautious and hardly move beyond a 30 feet radius from their nesting area. They are also highly intelligent and tend to outsmart basic rodent traps. They prefer hiding in moist and dark areas such as basements. Therefore, the most efficient method to kill the Norway rat is with rodenticide or the use of an ultrasonic rodent repellent.

Roof rat

This species has a long and slender body with a sharply pointed nose; most of the time, the roof rat is mistaken for a mouse. They are extremely good climbers; in most cases, they sneak into the roof through downpipes and under the eaves to nest in the attic. Popular methods used to get rid of these rodents include traps, rat poison, glue or sticky boards.

House Mouse

This breed has a small body but has a tail longer than its body length. Unlike the other two rat types, a mouse will explore the territory and leave its nest to look for food. They are likely to nest in the pantry, the kitchen, or any other dry place that has access to food. Mice can be poisoned, trapped or kept away by keeping a cat or dog in the house. Be careful not to lay traps or poison that your pets can find.

Dealing with vermin is rarely a pleasant experience, so it is safer and more effective to bring in professionals. Once you’ve had a professional assessment and got rid of the problem, there are various ways you can prevent the rodents coming back.

Rodent control is the skill of using different tools available. After dealing with the initial problem you need to think of methods to ensure your house doesn’t again become an attractive nesting ground.