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3 Tips for A Truly Unique Wedding Reception

spacious wedding receptionPreparing for a wedding is nerve-wracking, then there’s the reception. While the wedding ceremony itself is straightforward, there are so many moving parts and so many choices to be made for the reception that it could get overwhelming. You want it to be special and unique, but you are also worried about the ballooning costs. Here are some tips to help you out:

Start with a blank canvas.

Have you considered getting married and holding the reception in a truly bespoke venue? How about one of the many production studios in New York like the Manhattan Center? A truly customized and unique way to spend time with those closest to you is by dressing up a venue to as close as possible to how you see it in your head. And what better venue to allow you to do that than a production studio? You will be in control of every detail while you are also able to ensure that you have access to the best acoustics and lighting for those perfect wedding videos.

Go with a smaller caterer.

While there surely are big name caterers who are known to serve up the best dishes for any occasion, going for a smaller supplier can ensure that your requests and other customizations will be taken care of. It is difficult for bigger caterers to disrupt their usual workflow to accommodate couple’s wishes and varying tastes, so they usually have fixed menus for you to choose from. Smaller caterers will be able to get you the dishes and desserts exactly as you want them.

Get an event manager.

Event managers are experts in making sure no stone is unturned from planning your wedding and reception to your actual wedding date. Getting the help of a professional will save you from a lot of stress and give you more time to focus on the precious moments leading to your most awaited day.

A unique wedding reception is not a pipe dream. Follow these tips, and you will be waltzing to your wedding reception with minimal fuss.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors to Spruce up Your Shower

Light blue modern bathroom interior with glass door shower and white cabinet with mirrorThe shower is a special room in many homes. For some, it is the place where they get the motivation to start the day, and to others, it is the place to unwind from all the day’s stresses. Thus, it is important to treat your shower as the investment it is.

Showers have either a curtain or glass at the closing space. The glass can have a metal or plastic frame, but if you are looking to get an elegant look, you need to get a frameless glass shower door.

Here are reasons to do so.

It is easy to clean the shower door

Frames can create cracks at the edge of the glass, and you need to ensure that it does not compromise the state of the glass. Cleaning a frameless glass door is as simple as cleaning plain glass.

Attractive to the eye

The appearance of the frameless glass door makes it the best option. The glass creates a sleek look making the shower door a focal point in your home. The frameless glass shower door resembles the ambiance of a spa, and you cannot get enough of shower time.

Adds value to your home

If you are considering selling your home and are not a getting buyer, try getting a frameless glass shower door and windows installation in Kansas City, Missouri. The frameless shower door will do the magic, and soon you will start the home selling process.

Variety of options

Frameless glass offers you a variety of options in the installation process. You can choose a single glass panel as your door, or go for various panels to create a shower enclosure. Note that adding glass walls makes your shower more decadent. You can also get a corner unit or a sliding door.

Now that you want a frameless glass shower door and windows installation, it is important to note that this glass comes in different looks and finishes. You can choose textured, clear, or colored glass with brass, chrome, or gold finish.

4 Benefits of Having a Fireplace

A fireplaceSipping a cup of hot cocoa, in front of a warm hearth and a French fireplace mantel is what most people love to do on a cold winter night. Keeping one corner of your home nice and warm will always have its benefits — if not for one, but for all members of the household.

Authentic Provence and other experts say that having a fireplace can say a lot about your way of living. Many say that a fireplace can bring a sense of vitality to a house. Many family gatherings happen in front of a warm fire, and why shouldn't they? Anyone can appreciate the calm and steady atmosphere a fireplace brings. Here are a few reasons you should get one yourself:

1. A perfect place for a date night

There are times when you'd just want to stay in and have a glass of wine with the person you love. Sitting by a fire and having an endless conversation can be a perfect romantic setting for a date.

2. A permanent cozy area

Everyone has a favorite spot in their homes. Most of them would be by the fireplace. Whether it's nursing a broken heart or spending quality time with a bunch of friends, a fireplace will always be a reliable source of comfort and warmth.

3. A warmth savior in blackouts

Winter can sometimes bring storms that knock out electricity. No one wants to be shivering under a blanket, waiting for the lights to come on. A fireplace is the best thing in the world in times like these.

4. Get eco-friendly heating

You don't need to use fossil fuels anymore. Most of today's wood-burning appliances are efficient, as these burn enough heat to warm your home longer. 

Like all things, fireplaces also have its disadvantages, as they can also be fire hazards. Make sure you follow all safety measures to keep a warm fire going in your home.

3 Advantages of Using Company Name Badges

Design badgesEmployees use name badges for a variety of reasons. It could be for simple identification, tighter security or for more efficient customer service. Whatever your primary reason may be, it’s important to have your custom name badges crafted by a reputable supplier like ID Solutions. Name badges have been around for ages, and they have evolved over time to become an indispensable tool in a company or organization. Here are three ways that name badges work for you:

Improve Your Brand Identity

Corporate branding is all about being consistent. The company logo should be seen everywhere – stationery, mugs, name badges, and business cards, to name but a few. Do your employees travel and are seen by large numbers of people every day? Many employees commute to and from work or go for lunch break wearing their name badges ‒ whatever the reason, they become walking advertisements for your brand at no extra cost to you.

Improved Customer Relations

Customers interact first hand with your employees, so a name badge personalises their exchange, and gives a focal point for any follow-up by the client. By making the employee more approachable, you improve customer relations and encourage more business. Customers who know a name and face behind a brand are more likely to come back. At the same time, having name badges can improve your employees’ accountability. They are less likely to be rude to a customer who can see their name. Staff know they can be reported immediately or given a bad rating for not handling their client’s concern properly.

Improved Security

For security management, keeping account of people on the company premises is a standard procedure. Name badges make it easier to keep tabs on staff and visitors in the office, and make it easier to prevent people wandering into restricted areas. In high security areas, name badges can be equipped with security and tracking features.

Name badges are a simple but effective tool that serves many purposes. For a reliable product, name badges need to be durable, accurate and created by a company you can trust.

How to Engage Your Online Audience More in 2018

man looking at his computerWeb design companies in Worcester, MA such as New Perspective cater to many thriving enterprises. Today, having a website has become a necessity for the growth of those local businesses. Beyond that, however, user experience has risen to the fore as a core metric for determination of their online success.

Soasta, a digital performance technology company, reports that an additional second of page load speed can result in as much as 27 percent drop in sales.

Statistics like this indicate the need for professionals in web design to have a finger on the pulse of their online audience to build sites that resonate and accomplish business objectives.

Are you wondering what 2018 will bring in the web design terrain? Here are just a few of them.

Enhanced Web Animation

Despite the prominence of animation in 2017, it will hit new levels in 2018. As designers grow in the use of coding techniques, they are gradually fusing into roles with developers.

Animation and prototyping software and techniques are growing in prominence as web designers seek to help brands tell their stories more succinctly. Expect to see more from prototyping platforms like Framer.

Design Software Standardization

It used to be Photoshop, but many design tools are giving the popular software a good run for its money. A plethora of design tools have appeared on the scene including, but not limited to, Vectr, Figma, Invision, Sketch 43, and Webflow.

In 2018, the expectations are high for these tools especially with regards to collaboration and standardization of the design process.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer the stuff of futuristic movies, the year 2017 saw Artificial Intelligence (AI) become entrenched in the web design process. This is especially apparent in the use of chatbots (conversational interfaces).

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) as an associated concept is also driving voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Home. The development curve will grow steeper in 2018.

Contemporary business growth now relates to online performance, which, in turn, is determined by the website’s ability to hold audience’s attention. Watch out for these trends.

4 Accounting Tips for Proper Financial Management

An accountant at workFinancial integrity is required for your business to succeed. Proper accounting helps the owners make sound financial decisions. It also helps keep the company afloat even when the business environment is harsh. Here are a few accounting tips that every business should implement.

All financial records should be accurate

The basis for financial account is record keeping. Keep accurate records of your day-to-day accounting to make it easier to track your income and expenditure. Bank and credit card companies give statements of the monthly transactions. However, you have to keep separate records of the expenses.

Invoice clients in good time

Different clients have different payment cycles. If an invoice comes past the pay date, it is pushed to the next payment cycle. Remember, that the accounts receivable are not money until the invoices are paid. Therefore, invoice the clients as soon as you deliver goods or services. Send reminders when necessary.

Consider outsourcing the accounting function

Sometimes the financial accounting function takes much of time and resources that it distracts the business from its core competencies. In this case, it is ideal to outsource the service from professional accountants in Florida such as Perfect Accounting Service. You may also outsource specific functions such as auditing or payroll services. You can still maintain an in-house accountant for daily accounting tasks even as you outsource the service.

Avoid penalties by paying licenses and taxes on time

Paying for licenses late and late filing of taxes is likely to attract hefty penalties. Pay for permits and licenses on time, and file taxes before the due date. In the same breath, take advantage of any tax cuts, remedies, and other incentives that may help you bring down the tax or expense burden.

Sound financial accounting is a catalyst for business growth. Doing things right from the start eliminates back and forth adjustments, errors and delays. It also assists in making sound decisions on the future of the business.

Are Real Estate Investors Better Than Individual Buyers?

Sold Home with the sign focused and house blurredIf you’ve ever faced the need to sell your property, you may have many questions: How long should you wait to pull the trigger on an offer? What’s the highest you can sell your house for? Should you sell your house for cash?

You might even receive offers both from individuals (e.g. your neighbors and relatives) or real estate investors like Klamen Real Estate. Can you rely on individual buyers more than brokers when selling your St. Louis house for cash?

Here are some advantages of selling your house to real estate investors:


Imagine if someone makes a great offer to buy your house. After the verbal and written handshake, the would-be-buyer applies for a cash home loan. A week later, the buyer receives a letter from the bank, saying the loan request was rejected.

In this case, it’s best to sell it to an investor. Unless the person who made an offer has the cash on hand to buy the property, it can take weeks for the transaction to be resolved. Even then, it’s not guaranteed to succeed. Time would be lost, and you would have to go back to the drawing board and wait for offers again. This is not the ideal place to be for those who need cash urgently.


With brokers, you can have some more peace of mind. If someone makes an offer to flip your St. Louis property, you can always ask them for a license. This way, you can find out whether they are authorized to practice in the state of Missouri and protect yourself from any scam.

Real estate investors are trained to appraise properties and make the best offers for your house. If you’re in need of quick cash, you can inform them that you’re receiving cash offers by sending them an e-mail, filling out a web form, or even by calling them.

Cavite Home Prices Around 30% Cheaper Than City Rates

Brand New Luxury HomeAlmost every Filipino will consider the price of a home as their top reason, whether or not to purchase the property, with location likely being the second factor.

In Cavite, home buyers may save around 30% in costs compared to acquiring property in cities, according to Pronove Tai International Property Consultants. Cavite Properties note that the province’s proximity to Metro Manila makes it even more attractive not just for buyers, but also for developers and investors.

Transport Infrastructure

Pronove Tai CEO Monique Pronove said that the emergence of many transport links to Metro Manila allowed easier access to different cities. For instance, the Manila-Cavite Expressway connects the South Super Highway to Daang Hari, which lets residents travel to Muntinlupa or Las Piñas.

These transportation links led to the construction of more township developments. As a result, land values in Cavite have increased by 300% over the past ten years, according to Pronove Tai. This bodes well for investors that made a bet on the region’s property market.

Even as land prices increased, more buyers can still find it cheaper to acquire a spacious home than a small condominium unit in the city, Pronove said.

Competitive Pricing

The different prices offered by developers can be a confusing chore. If you have been considering a house and lot in Lancaster New City, a review online helps you reach a decision.

Enrique Soriano, executive director at Wong + Bernstein Advisory Group, said that house-and-lot packages still account for the biggest share of transactions in the residential property market with an almost 76% share.

For this reason, you may expect to see competitive prices from developers as they try to outsmart each other in luring clients.

While it may be cheaper to buy a house in Cavite, you need to consider all options and review prices before signing along the dotted line in any contract.

The Modern Way of Promoting Your Business

A businesswoman working on her SEOPromoting your own business can be quite tricky and stressful nowadays. With all the different platforms of media that are available recently, deciding when, where, and how you can advertise your business properly can be tough, but you can do it as well.

Advertising your business is one of the first things that you must do to have a successful and lucrative business. Having a business without promoting it is like having an amazing idea but not sharing it or creating plans of action for it.

Use the best methods

One of the first ways to analyze your flaws within marketing is to see where you lack. An example of this would be if you were to search your business in a search engine and it doesn’t land on the first page, you lack in ranking. An easy solution to fix that problem is to hire SEO services in Alexandria, Minnesota.

There is a multitude of SEO services available across American states such as Florida, New Jersey, and Minnesota. Just by inserting some extra keywords into some articles on your website can easily boost it up to the first page of search engine.

Hire the right guys

As mentioned, SEO services are plentiful and readily available for your convenience. These services can provide a great variety of ways to easily get your website out there. They can offer consultation about your website to see if there absences or shortfalls in the design or content within it.

A lot of the consultation will also depend on what your particular goals are, for what media platform you prefer or for what kind of update you think you require to add on to your website. Simply producing articles, adding on keywords, and buying advertisement placements will bring your website to the top.

Insulation of a old house

4 Top Home Insulation Mistakes to Avoid

Insulation of a old houseWhen it comes to enhancing your home’s comfort while saving on energy costs, few projects are as effective as properly insulating your home. Insulation protects your home from the elements, ensuring that the temperatures inside your building are properly regulated. But not all people know how to undertake this task properly. Here are four top mistakes to avoid as you install insulation.

Focusing too much on R-value

While you want the highest R-value when choosing insulation, don’t make this the only factor as you plan the project. You also want to be sure that the installation performs excellently against air leaks, mold, and pests. One of the reliable Kansas City insulation contractors should be to recommend which insulation performs best.

Choosing the cheapest insulation

No one wants to spend a fortune on insulation. But no one wants the cheapest insulation in existence either. So think twice before buying insulation solely based on low price. In any case, you’re not living in the cheapest house or using the most inexpensive appliances. Better spend a few extra dollars to get the most reliable insulation for you.

Assuming all insulation is equal

Without experience in insulation, it’s difficult to tell the difference between types of insulation. Sometimes you’ll find two kinds of insulation that have similar R-value, but different abilities to seal out air. Or find spray foam insulation that takes less time to settle compared to other varieties. Take the time before deciding on any insulation.

Ignoring the attic

Often, homeowners forget to insulate the attic doors. Doing so allows air to escape through the edges of the door. The best way to avoid this is placing insulation against the attic doors before adding weather stripping in any open spaces.

Properly insulating your home can help you reduce air leaks in your home and help cut power wastages. Fortunately, many of the projects you can do to prevent this are simple and affordable.