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New Zealand Aims to Hire More Overseas Construction Workers

Construction WorkersAn increasing demand for construction workers in New Zealand prompted several private and public sector groups to launch the LookSee Build campaign.

The campaign primarily aims to attract 20,000 skilled foreign talents from the U.K. and Ireland, according to Hamish Price, director of HainesAttract that spearheads the campaign. It follows a similar initiative in early 2017 that lured 48,000 job hunters for IT opportunities in Wellington.

Recruitment Strategy

The dearth of home-grown workers has mainly led private companies and public groups to search for workers elsewhere. Price said that the campaign would “future-proof” the construction sector amid an unprecedented infrastructure building boom.

The country’s construction pipeline in the next ten years amounts to NZ$125 billion, which explains the urgent need for additional workers. At the same time, it has embarked on an ambitious plan to build 100,000 new homes by 2021. This campaigns would benefit not just those who plan to migrate to New Zealand, but also provide business for local construction suppliers of diggers for sale in NZ. This is because companies would eventually need more tools at the same time that they need more equipment handlers.

First-Time Partnership

Craig West of Downer NZ said that the campaign also marked the first partnership between the public and private construction groups. The need for more workers has become so urgent that it prompted the two sectors to join forces, despite fierce competition in the industry, according to West.

Response from British workers has been relatively positive, partly due to a slowdown in the U.K.’s construction sector, said Auckland Transport Chief Infrastructure Officer Greg Edmonds.

The campaign represents a good opportunity for skilled migrants that plan to live and work in New Zealand. Despite the supposed shortage of labourers, the search for more workers means that businesses are on an expansion trend.

Expert Advice for Graduates Who Want to Jump-Start Their Finance Careers

World global economy, financial concept. Abstract business collage: stock market chart, financial data and world map. Global business, economy, finance, investment abstract background.Finance is one of the most prominent industries to pursue a career in today, making it a popular choice for college students. Statistics, however, show that the unemployment rate for finance graduates is substantial. You as a fresh graduate might soon realise that getting your dream job is not as easy as impeccable transcripts and graduating among the top students in your class. Here are some tips that can help you as you seek to start your financial career.

Work with Finance Recruitment Agencies.

If you have the proper credentials and background, it pays to have another set of eyes and ears looking for a perfect job for you. It is essential to find a recruitment agency with a niche in finance recruitment. Make a list of finance recruiters and see which one has a client list that matches your needs.

Grow Your Network.

To get your foot into the finance industry, networking is important. You can use professional social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. To actively expand your online network, join active groups and focus on serving other members rather than what you are getting from the group. By setting yourself up to help others, you increase chances of someone returning the favour.

Consider Less Affluent Entry-Level Jobs.

For the new finance graduate, an investment banker position is usually the first option in their financial career. For entry into the finance world, look for hands-on jobs as opposed to back-office positions and research. Bookkeepers, junior accountants, trainee stockbrokers and mortgage brokers are some entry-level positions you can consider. They will give you invaluable practical experience in the finance world.

Keep Busy.

While you wait for a job, do not stay idle. You can take foreign language classes to develop global skills, which is a must if you want to work abroad or with international clients. Consider professional development courses such as ACA, CIMA, AAT, and ACCA. It will help you stand out in the job market.

Hot air balloon festival

3 Things People Love About Albuquerque

Hot air balloon festivalThink Albuquerque and thel might probably come to mind. The city hosts the annual Balloon Fiesta, one of its biggest attractions, in October. But all year-round, there many things to love about this beautiful city.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation, here’s a list of fun things to do with your family in Albuquerque:

Family-friendly Activities

What’s great about this vibrant city is that there are many things you can do or try. One of the most popular family destinations is the Albuquerque BioPark, which features a zoo, an aquarium, a fishing lake, and a botanical garden.

The whole family can also enjoy rollercoasters and other thrilling rides at a famous amusement park. You can ride a bike and hike along the Rio Grande Trail. During winter, the family will enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the spectacular Sandia Peak.

Historical Sites

Another thing to love about Albuquerque is the host of historical sites that offer a glimpse of the rich Indian and Spanish cultures. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the Petroglyph National Monument will take you back to the old days of Native Americans. Meanwhile, the quiet winding streets of Old Town showcase the early life of New Mexicans under the Spanish colony.

Diverse Food Scene

The local cuisine features delightful red and green chile dishes that fuse Indian, Spanish, and contemporary American recipes. The flavors of New Mexico cuisine are distinct and dining always seems like a feast. Albuquerque hosts an eclectic row of restaurants and holds various food and wine festivals all year round as proof of the city’s thriving culinary scene.

While New Mexico’s largest city enjoys all four seasons, it registers over 300 days of sun every year. With the fantastic view of nature, great places to visit, and exciting things to do, Albuquerque’s clear skies and amazing weather will make your trip memorable.

4 Secrets to Hassle-Free New Home Construction

House under constructionBuilding a house from the ground up is a huge undertaking. It requires time, planning, and a lot of consideration to achieve the outcome you want. That’s why you have to be willing to spend and give all those things to ensure the success of your project.

Whether you’re a first-timer or not, it’s important to know the step-by-step process of home building. This way, it’s easier to fulfill and finish the job with ease. To give you the basics, here’s a list you may refer to:

Plan Everything Carefully

Planning is one of the most important steps in any construction project. Without it, it’ll be challenging to check the project’s progress and move forward. That’s why you need to ensure that everything was under consideration, including the view of those who are going to be involved. Be sure that you’ve talked and agreed on every little thing to avoid sudden changes that may cost a fortune.

Find a Builder to Trust

The next thing you need to search for is someone who could help execute the plan. This is where builders and contractors enter the picture. In choosing your team, it’s important that you take time in knowing them first. Ask around and listen for recommendations or feedback to sort out which among them is a perfect match for you. A group of custom home builders in MN suggest that other than a background check, you must directly interact with them to see how they communicate with their clients.

Stick with Your Budget

Another important factor you can’t simply set aside is money. Make sure that you’re capable of funding the whole thing up until the smallest work. Keep spending under control and avoid going over your budget. If it can’t be helped, you can create a maximum ceiling of what you should spend.

Avoid Following the Trends

Focus on the features and designs that would match your needs and lifestyle. It’s not practical to always follow all the rage because you’ll need to undergo renovation again when the trend dies out. Instead of being trendy, go for classic designs and materials because they stay dated no matter what. If you want to add a little something, you may always do so without ruining anything — both your budget and your home’s current aesthetic.

New home construction provides a satisfying and rewarding experience as long as you’re doing it right. Don’t succumb to its pitfalls by understanding what will matter most throughout the process. Be practical and stay organized to prevent having any remorse in the end. Keep these things in mind and you’ll certainly go a long way.


Top Techniques to Boost the Quality of Your Translations

Foreign languages translation concept, online translator, macro view of computer keyboard with national flagsMoving from one language to another may result in imperfections because of semantics, grammar and word use in different countries and cultures. However, one can always approximate and provide the best possible output for business services.

Experts in Singapore on language translation cite the following techniques to improve the quality of your company’s output.

Translate with a Local’s Eye in Mind

Approaching a content project knowing that another person from a different country will be reading it allows you to avoid time-consuming and expensive problems during translation. Write or translate with a local’s eye in mind; develop standards, use certain terminologies consistently, and write in a clear and concise manner so that it is easier to move the content into another language. Look out for nuances, even inside, cultural jokes or expressions that may not work if translated into Spanish, Chinese or any other language the reader might be using.

Have a Glossary of Terms on Hand

A glossary of certain terms is helpful when it comes to translating content because it contains words or even phrases that a reader or translator may use throughout the content. These may include a term related to a particular business, jargon, products, services or a certain niche. Creating a list of these early allows you to easily translate or use words consistently, and reduces time spent and costs.

Experts cannot stress the importance of having English terminologies before beginning projects as this allows translators to translate them immediately and they use the proper variations of these terms.

A Translation Memory is Your Friend

A translation memory holds all of your translated content in a database. This allows you to monitor content from various projects. This also houses the glossary of terms you established; as your list of content increases, your library will grow and will make it easier to translate projects as they come. The database allows you to translate previously approved terms and use them again for a current project, which reduces your overall costs and the work a new translator has to do.

These are some of the techniques you can use to improve the quality of the output of your translated works. Implement these to boost your company’s image and minimize confusion between inter-country communications or branding messages.