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Protection for Nuclear Workers


Man shooting a videoIf you happen to work in a nuclear facility, you know that you are constantly exposed to unseen dangers.  According to physics.isu, one of these dangers is the  constant exposure to radiation, which brings about diseases like cancer.  

Aside from radiation, there is the risk of reactor accidents which sometimes cause unexpected deaths. This is why your health and those of others in nuclear facilities need to be taken care of.

Benefits for Nuclear Workers

The EEOICPA or the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act does just that.  Cold War Patriots explains that EEOICPA part B provides compensation for you and other people working for the Department of Energy or its subcontractors. This keeps your mind at ease in case something bad happens to you while you are at work like getting radiation-induced cancers. 

Your family need not worry about the financial burden while you’re getting well. That’s because you’re guaranteed to get a lump sum payment of $150, 000.00 and medical benefits. These medical benefits can be had through the medical card. 

This card allows you to benefit from doctor visits, hospital stays, medication, and in home-care among others. You don’t have to shell out a single cent because the medical card pays for all your medical needs.

Filing for Claims

So how do you get paid under the EEOICPA part b claim?  The NIOSH or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health will determine the radiation you’ve been exposed to. Or a Special Exposure Cohort or SEC may be designated to allow you to file for claims with any one of twenty-two qualifying cancers.

You can say the EEOICPA has got you covered. In spite of this, the best way is to undertake all kinds of precautions while working in a nuclear facility so that you always stay safe and healthy.





4 Ways to Save Money on Office Furniture and Equipment

An OfficeSetting up a small or medium-sized office can be one of your most expensive investments. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have no options to save on office design and setup costs. It is possible to set up an office on a budget. By doing your research properly and choosing your suppliers well, you can set up a functional, attractive office that your employees will love to work in.

  1. Buy secondhand.

Certain pieces of office furniture and equipment will look good and work well secondhand. Used office cubicles, desks, and lounge chairs in the reception area rarely see a lot of wear and tear, so it may be worth it looking into used office furniture outlets that offer well-made products instead of brand new, cheap ones.

  1. Consider shipping costs.

If you are ordering furniture online, you must always factor in shipping costs. Sellers may not be upfront about the costs of shipping right away, so be sure to ask even before you consider buying from the Internet.

  1. Ask for bulk discounts.

Don’t be shy about asking for discounts. Especially if you are buying in bulk or if you plan to buy more from the same seller, furniture vendors will be more than happy to provide discounts. You simply have to be bold enough and ask.

  1. Splurge on comfort.

While saving is beneficial to your cash reserves, it is also important that you consider the comfort of your employees, as this directly affects productivity and efficiency. One area you need to make huge allowances for is office chairs. Even if you buy secondhand chairs, you still want to buy top-of-the-line, ergonomic chairs that everyone will be happy to sit in all day long.

Saving money on office design and furniture requires that you choose your suppliers wisely, ask for discounts boldly, and decide which areas you want to invest more money in.

Why That Refrigerator Magnet Matters

Colorful magnetsYou learned in school that magnets come in all shapes and sizes. There are bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, cylindrical magnets, and U-shaped magnets. You may have thought that magnets are shaped this way because they are meant to be toys. But there are other reasons why magnets have different shapes according to

Uses of Custom Shape Magnets

Aside from its different uses in the scientific field, magnets also have a domestic usefulness. Unlike the other magnets you have known, custom shape magnets come in the form of animals, vegetables, cars, and other objects. According to magnets, these are used to make learning fun for kids. Not only can kids play with them, but they can also stick them on surfaces like those of magnetic boards.

These magnets can also be used to secure documents like shopping lists, bills, and receipts. Companies use magnets with cute shapes either to promote their name or the products they sell.

How Custom Shape Magnets Boost a Business

Custom shape magnets are useful in giving a business a boost. Custom shape magnets–such as fridge magnets-allow the name of a company to get into every home. Since custom shape magnets are seldom thrown away, your family continues to see and recall the company name or its products. Even your guests and friends unconsciously become familiar with the name of the company as they look at the magnets repeatedly. These magnets also make it easy for you to contact a company without having to search for its contact information.

These magnets are better than stickers because they can be moved from one place to another and easily repurposed. Compared to stickers, magnets do not lose their color easily, and they don’t get torn. These qualities make custom shape magnets make the ideal paperweight and document holder.

Tools and Tips: What Makes for Effective Program Management?

Program manager doing workAs a business owner, you have many tasks to delegate and plans to formulate for the growth of your business. To focus on that, however, you’ll need some help running the company. A program manager can help with that.

Make sure that they have the right tools and attitude to help you overcome challenges and reach your company goals in no time.

Cloud Technology for Efficiency

Cloud technology is an important tool for any program manager, especially now that scientists and engineers are constantly coming up with innovations to help make life easier.

Cloud-based program management solutions simplify tasks — from ensuring that your entire team stays in the loop about project updates to inputting and processing sensitive project data. They help program managers lay out their vision to generate a high return on investment. As such, a program manager who knows how to use the tool will yield great results for your company.

Positive Disposition for Productivity

How well will the right tools work if the user’s attitude does not match? Find a program manager who displays a positive disposition that’s infectious as well because it will undoubtedly affect overall productivity.

Whether you’re just starting out or are going through a rough patch, the challenges that your business encounters will become more manageable if the people trying to solve it are optimistic. Not to be confused with idealism, optimistic people know how to make the most of the situation instead of wavering at the first sign of trouble.

Communication Skills for Reliability

Hiring a program manager for a program crucial to your business is like choosing a business partner. With that said, choose one with communication skills that you can rely on.

A program manager works side by side with you to improve certain aspects of your business. For this reason, you need someone who knows how to listen to other people’s ideas and articulate their own. Moreover, hire someone who works well with a team and can network and negotiate effectively.

Knowledge and application of the latest tools, a positive disposition, and communication skills are important skills to look for in a program manager. Choose one who offers all three to secure your business programs.

How the EEOICPA Benefits DOE Workers

Doctors smiling with the patientsThe Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act or EEOICPA was created to help DOE employees, former employees, contractors, and their families to claim benefits or support from the government. There are many workers employed in the nuclear test sites or nuclear power plants, who might have been exposed to hazardous materials, despite the precautions taken by the authorities.

The government provides various programs and benefits such as the EEOICPA for the victims. The compensation program is designed to protect the victims and the interests of their family members. EEOICPA Part B gives details of the broad coverage under this Act.

The coverage of this Act

Part B of the Act highlights the extent of coverage for the nuclear victims and workers. The coverage also includes various other sicknesses, including ones caused due to radiation exposure. These include beryllium sensitivity, radiogenic cancer, and chronic silicosis. The EEOCIPA is structured to provide compensation and health care benefit to former workers and all eligible survivors. Workers who suffer from radiation exposure should be awarded benefits under the compensation act or be eligible for reimbursements. These benefits also include providing referrals and medical services.

Claims and benefits

The benefits under this act are for workers who have suffered sicknesses or injuries, during their tenure as employees of any government facility such as the DOE, whose workers could have been exposed to dangerous radiation levels. The program administers claims for former and current employees and also all qualified survivors. These include all associated contractors and subcontractors.

The compensation includes medical expenses incurred from the date of the claim.  Apart from nuclear energy workers, employees of gas diffusion plants located in various parts of the country are also eligible. However, they should have worked for at least 250 days to be eligible for compensation. Uranium workers and their survivors will also be awarded health benefits under this program.

Besides getting monetary aid from the government, the patients can obtain medical home care from medical service providers who are approved under the EEOICPA.

Social Media Metrics that Matter to Your Campaign

Social Media Button on a KeyboardWhen a boss or client asks for the return on investment of a social media campaign, many managers give the easy answers, which include the increase in followers, re-tweets and shares. These metrics provide insights into the performance of campaigns and engagement with content; however, you will need to dig deeper to evaluate the data you have.

Here are metrics used by London-based SEO companies that are important to the success of your campaigns.

Monitor Click-Through with Bounce Rate

You might already be monitoring click-through rate whenever you share content through your social media channels. This metric indicates that you are getting your brand message across and it is compelling enough to elicit clicks and pique the interest of your audience. However, this data provides more insights when you pair it with bounce rate.

Monitor the bounce rate of visitors that came from your social accounts and compare those with visitors that directly visited your site via Google or paid campaigns. When the bounce rate of those that arrived from social media is lower than other sources, it means you are targeting the right audience for your campaign.

Monitor Mentions and Social Share of Voice

Mentions are an important metric because they show how much your audience is talking to and about your brand on their accounts. However, this becomes more valuable to your campaign when you measure it up with the competition by monitoring share of voice.

Simply put, social share of voice is the percentage of your brand mentions in the niche compared to the percent about your competitors. This enables you to determine if you are doing better than the competition, how strong your brand reach is, and which aspects of a campaign need improvement. When you track this metric over time, you can see how your social campaigns are returning your investment.

These metrics are only some of the data you need to monitor to determine the success rate of campaigns. When you monitor these over time, you get more insights and learn more about the competition and your brand.

5 Exciting Quick Facts About Aluminium and Aluminium Recycling

Recycling ImageAluminium is light, malleable, ductile, and therefore easily machined and cast. This metal also has exceptional corrosion resistance and excellent durability. It’s no wonder then that aluminium is crucial to nearly all segments of the global economy. Here are five exciting facts you should know about aluminium and aluminium recycling:

1. Aluminium is an abundant element but never found free in nature.

Oxygen (47%), silicon (27%) and aluminium (8%) are the three most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust. Despite its abundance, aluminium is not found in natural deposits as a free metal. It’s always found as a combination of elements.

2. Aluminium is an “energy bank”.

Virtually all the original energy stored in an aluminium can be recouped again and again every time the metal is recycled. Although small fractions of scrap aluminium are lost during the recycling process, the metal can be recycled indefinitely without a loss in quality.

3. Recycling aluminium saves 94% of the energy need to produce aluminium from bauxite.

Metal recycling helps to save a lot of energy. McCamish Metals notes that when you recycle aluminium, you save about 94% of the energy that’s typically needed to produce the metal from its ore. And making cans from recycled aluminium is 20 times more energy efficient than making the cans from primary aluminium.

4. Aluminium recycling cuts greenhouse emissions and conserves natural resources.

Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves 4 tonnes of bauxite and 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Accordingly, recycling is a crucial component of a sustainable aluminium industry.

5. Aluminium recycling has been a standard practice since the early 1900’s.

Aluminium recycling became a high-profile activity in the late 1960’s. It was made famous by the recycling of beverage cans. However, recovering aluminium for scrap has been ongoing since the early 1900’s.

Aluminium is one of the most important metals mainly because of its abundance and versatility. But aluminium production is an energy-intensive and capital-intensive operation. Accordingly, we have to recycle scrap aluminium to make the use of this valuable metal sustainable. Make efforts to recycle your aluminium. Every seven aluminium cans you recycle will save enough energy to keep a 60-watt light bulb on for 26 hours.

Renovating Your Home for Selling

Home Being RenovatedThe external appearance of your home makes a big impression on potential buyers. Sights that cause would-be buyers some alarm are unsightly exterior walls, untidy gardens and cracks in the driveway. Here is a guide for prepping the outside of your home before you have it listed for sale.


For buyers, cracked and chipped paint means work, money, and possibly other problems. You can simply repaint your walls, but a great addition is to use aluminium cladding. This is durable, lighter than other materials, and is low maintenance. It will not rot, burn or corrode and adds aesthetic value to your exteriors in the same way that a statement wall can add value to an interior. Auckland-based company Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding, says that the material can also be used for garage cladding, counter fronts, interior feature walls, and much more. With cladding on your walls, your home will be protected from the elements and will look better, creating a great first impression for your buyers.


If you do not have a green thumb and cannot afford to landscape your garden, simply removing weeds and dead plants, mowing your lawn, and raking away the leaves can do wonders. If you cannot wow potential buyers, at least they will not be scared off by the work the garden might require.

If you can spend a bit more cash and are in the mood to be creative, fill in bald spots on the lawn with grass or decorate them with garden pebbles. Tastefully done, it will look like professionals had a hand in your yard.


Nowadays, a cracked driveway can be fixed with commercially available fillers and sealants. Try to determine what caused your driveway to crack and look up the filler compatible to your driveway. Clean the crack with a chisel and wire brush, fill in the crack and let it cure. Check the product guide so that you do not use your driveway before it is ready, making the crack worse.

If you want to resurface your driveway, you will find do-it-yourself kits in home improvement stores. You can create patterns for your driveway and use coloured bricks to brighten it up.

Doing a bit of work before you put your home on the market can reap great rewards. Just try to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and imagine what you would look for when trying to find your new home.

How to Balance your Small Business’ Cash Flow

Managing FinancesWhen small businesses need fast cash, they usually opt for one of these things: using their personal savings to contribute to equity or increasing or obtaining a loan. However, before you resort to these options, below are some viable options to help you raise some funds permanently at low cost.

Time Invoices Properly

A prime reason for the occurrence of cash flow issues is when a business incurs expenses before a customer covering the sale. If possible, you should match your expense payments timing with your invoice collections. Time all your invoices so that they get to your customers as early as possible following a sale. For instance, you could offer discounts for your products or services a couple of months before the holiday rush to ease your cash flow until then.

Modify Invoice Terms

Once you have sent your invoices, ensure that they get settled as quickly as possible. You’ve probably seen or heard about terms like “Net 30”, which means that an invoice must be paid within 30 days upon receiving it. You could consider adding this or a similar term to your invoices or asking for upfront payments or even a down payment.

Make Certain That You’re Easy to Pay

Check your invoices this instant. Does it include specific instructions regarding your payment options? If not, resolve this issue immediately, advises a business bank account manager in Bloomington. If your company accepts online payment options, make sure to include relevant links, and if you accept checks, include a self-addressed envelope to make it easier to pay you.

Create a Strategy for Delinquent Payers

For instance, if a payment is 30 days late, send your customer a reminder of the late payment. However, you must be more aggressive when you request payments for significantly late payments. You could also consider adding late payment penalties or something similar.

Once you have successfully implemented the tips above, you increase your chances of speeding up your cash flow and increasing your cash balance. This is great for your business because once your available cash increases, you could either save interest or repay any loans you have on time, or you could sleep better at night knowing that your finances are in order.

Keep Your Drill Bits Sharp: Fabrication Tool Maintenance

Man drillingYou can say that fabrication tools and equipment are the life of a fabrication shop. With such tools and equipment, you can accomplish any fabrication job even if you work alone as a freelancer or a one-man enterprise. As much as you need your equipment, your fabrication tools also need you to maintain them.

Long Tool Life

You can maintain your tools and equipment to prolong their lifespan. With their durability, your tools and equipment can continue to serve you well and help you accomplish jobs. You also reduce your expenses this way since you can rely on your old but trusted equipment.

Save On Costs

Take drill bits, for example. You can easily replace worn and blunt drill bits by purchasing new drill bits online from shops such as Herrick Industrial Supply. You can save more, however, if you maintained your drill bits, extending bit life, and delaying the need for new drill bits.

Sharpen Your Bits

As drill bits encounter much pressure when used, you can wear these bits easily with much use. You can prolong the life of your drill bits, however, by simply sharpening them. You can use a drill sharpener, a grindstone jig, or an oilstone to sharpen your drill bits. You will need the practice to sharpen different drill bits well, but it is a skill worth the time and effort.

Maintain the Angle

When you sharpen your drill bits on their relief areas, you can remember to keep the angle. The angle helps tremendously in proper performance. You also sharpen the cutting edges better when you maintain the angle.

Prevent Wear

Besides maintenance, you can perform preventative practices to keep your drill bits sharp for longer. For example, you can keep a new set of drill bits to start a hole, then you can finish the job with an older set of drill bits. You may also blow off flakes out of a drill hole after every inch or so; the flakes can cause faster wear on your drill bits.

With sharpened drill bits, and with other properly maintained tools, you can reduce costs and accomplish more jobs.