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4 Interesting Facts About Smiling You Probably Didn’t Know

Cosmetic DentistryPeople spend a lot of time smiling, and this is no surprise as it is a common facial expression and is the universal sign of happiness. But, what do you know about smiling? Probably, you don’t know as much as you think.

Here are several interesting facts about smiling that perhaps you did not know before:

1. 19 Types of Smile

Researchers from the University of California have identified 19 types of smiles. They put them into two categories: polite smiles that use fewer muscles and sincere smiles that involve more muscles on both sides of the face.

2. More Attractive than Makeup

Orbit Complete, a popular chewing gum brand, conducted a study about how smiling people are perceived. Their research revealed that 69% of people find women more attractive when they are flashing a smile than when they are wearing makeup.

3. Leads to a Longer Life

Researchers say that people who feel happy and smile a lot often have a longer life expectancy than those who don’t. No wonder and other practices encourage people to consider cosmetic dentistry. If you want to smile a lot to have a longer life, you need to get rid of your crooked teeth.

4. Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

According to a number of studies, good oral health can help to keep your heart healthy. Some researchers state that the bacteria causing gum disease can enter the bloodstream and attach to fatty deposits in the blood vessels of the heart, leading to clots and sometimes heart attacks. But, gum disease is not so common amongst people who have a beautiful, confident smile as they tend to observe proper oral hygiene. Put simply, a great smile, you can help you to maintain a healthy heart.

The simple act of smiling can have a positive impact on your health and appearance. So, stop frowning and lift your mood by flashing a smile as often as possible.

Current Dental Brace Offers from Your Neighborhood Dentist

Braces in Salt Lake CityDental braces are essentially tools that you wear that gradually change the way you look. If you have not considered having them before, then perhaps you have not heard of the more contemporary options — clear braces that are almost invisible.

Does this sound too good to be true? Perhaps you need to take a closer look at 21st-century dentistry before deciding on the matter.

All You Need in One Place

A fully equipped dental clinic with a capable professional staff will have a complete catalog of options for you to peruse. A typical clinic has a wide scope of offers ranging from permanent to removable orthodontic appliances. They will also be offering variety in terms of the kind of material the device is made — from ceramic to composite plastics to metal.

Clear Braces

You must also explore the merits of what dentists refer to as clear braces, which as the term implies are hardly visible. When placed on your teeth, the person you are speaking to will not notice them unless you point them out. They work as well as traditional bracing methods. That is, if you look after yourself, choose what you place inside your mouth, and visit the dentist regularly.

What is Invisalign?

One of the top brands offering contemporary bracing technology is Invisalign. They are intended for the use of teenagers and adults only. You can ask a Taylorsville dentist, such as Redwood Orthodontics, for more details. If you must know, this type of brace consists of plastic aligners designed like a transparent mouth guard. You have to make an appointment at the dental clinic every two weeks to replace them. They are more expensive than traditional bracing products. They work best with minor alignment issues. Yet, they are effective in correcting certain oral problems including bite issues when monitored properly.

It is up to you if you open up your options to modern orthodontic approaches. Clear braces work for specific cases. Perhaps you will benefit from using them, so ask your dentist.

Planning to Start a Motel Business? Read This

Good Business Plan for Motel Businesses in AustraliaMotel business is booming not only in Australia but also in other parts of the globe. If you are currently planning to enter into this kind of business, then you better come up with a good business plan first so you can be successful down the road.

Here are some guidelines that you have to remember to make sure that your motel business will run successfully.

Check the Location of the Motel

When selecting from an array of motels for sale in QLD, it is important to pick the one with the right location to ensure success. The ideal locations should be those that are near a railway station, bus station or an airport. The building should also be situated a few steps away from a tourist destination to get several guests. Of course, people love entertainment and shopping, so you have to make sure that your prospective motel is near places offering such things.

Make a Good Business Strategy

Of course, with this one, it is prudent to seek the help of experts in the field. Do note that a business strategy is the foundation of any kind of business, reminds an expert from It is also imperative that your plan is clear and is aligned with the best practices in running a motel business. In making the plan, you have to think about how your business will fulfil the needs of your guests and what kind of services it has to offer.

Learn the Basics First

Before jumping into a business in the tourism and hospitality industry, it will also help big if you already have some basic know-how on the industry that you are entering. You may expect that you can face a multitude of challenges along the way. However, with enough knowledge, you will surely face the different challenges.

These are only a few of the most important things that you should know prior to starting a motel business. Remember to make an effective business plan so your business will go a long way.

Whitening Toothpastes: Are They Really Effective?

Effective Whitening Toothpastes in Los AngelesMost whitening toothpastes today claim to brighten teeth in several days or just a few weeks of use. This is why many swap their regular, non-whitening toothpaste, with a whitening version. It is with hope that this product can change the color of their teeth by making them sparkling and snowy-white.

While it is true the whitening toothpastes can remove surface stains, it cannot change the natural color of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles like Zakhor Dental Group say the same is also true for stains that goes beyond the surface of a tooth. These products usually contain chemicals and abrasive to scrub surface stains and improve your smile’s appearance.

The Promise of Whitening

If you really want to brighten your teeth, you can’t expect a miracle from whitening toothpastes. It is important to note that they cannot give you a totally sparkling or snow-white smile. Keep in mind that if you continue to drink red wine or coffee, you might not see desirable results. This is also true if you continue to smoke or use tobacco products.

Don’t Avoid Healthy Foods

Some healthy foods like blueberries and beets can also discolor your teeth. You think that avoiding them is a good idea, but it is not advisable to do so just to achieve a gleaming smile. The best thing you can do is to brush your teeth after meals or drink plenty of water to rinse your mouth. You can also use a mouthwash if you can’t brush after.

The Result Vary

Some might say that these toothpastes are effective, while others will say they barely make a difference. This is because the result varies for each user. If you have gray teeth, for instance, you might not be able to have perfectly white teeth. These products, moreover, cannot change the color of your crowns, veneers, and filling.

If you want dramatic results like those of Hollywood celebrities, it is best to see your dentists. Professional whitening treatment is much more effective, as it involves the use of a special light. It’s also better to spend your money on an expensive, yet effective treatment, instead of trying different brands of whitening toothpastes.

Kick Back and Relax: 3 Things that Will Make You Want to Live in the Redlands

Country LivingDo you need a change of environment to de-stress from a toxic lifestyle? Are you planning on moving somewhere else for your family’s well-being?

Consider a life in the Redlands: you have the option of staying at Wellington Point, a coastal village popular for fishing and water activities, or at Victoria Point, where your family can explore seaside parks and enjoy regular picnics. Perhaps you’re interested in moving to Redland Bay instead, which says is a blend of bayside living and country charm.

Here are some attributes of the Redlands that would make you want to live in one of its communities.

Historical and Cultural Immersion

If you’re the type of person who enjoys exploring history and culture, you’ll love life in the Redlands. It not only is the site of early European settlements in the country, but was also once the home of an indigenous culture over 20,000 years ago.

Communities such as Cleveland and Ormiston have maintained a heritage trail and preserved major landmarks linked to their pre-colonial and colonial past.

Art Appreciation

If art is your passion, you wouldn’t have any trouble finding interesting pieces in the Redlands.

The area showcases a diverse collection of public art works such as mosaics and sculptures that reflect local culture through Art Walks. On the mainland, you’ll find regular exhibitions in places such as Capalaba. Over the water, meanwhile, you may explore pottery and glass works in the Macleay Island Arts Complex Gallery.

Rest and Relaxation

Finally, if you just really want a place to unwind, the Redlands might just be the place for you. You can breathe in the sea breeze while fishing, walking along a trail or going to a park. You can also explore the local produce and wines in between visits to museums.

Whether you want an escape from a toxic environment or want a laid back life for your family, Redlands is sure to deliver.

You Actually Can Judge a Book (or any Packaging) by its Cover

Reading the Label of the ProductWe have all heard of the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. It tells us that the story can be better than what the book cover promises and that we should look beyond appearances. When it comes to actual books, or any type of product packaging for that matter, the truth is that you actually can judge them by their covers.

Informed Decisions

Book covers, as well as the labels of other products, give us information about what we are purchasing. This information allows us to make a more informed decision about what we are spending on. For example, food labels in NZ tell us the nutritional information, the ingredients and where the product was made. This helps us decide if the food is healthy or suitable for a specific diet.

Book covers, on the other hand, include the publisher, the author and the publication date. It also includes a blurb, which provides a quick overview of what the book is about. Blurbs help us decide whether the subject matter of the book is something that will interest us or not.

Packaging As Important As the Product Itself

Book covers are essentially a type of packaging — it wraps your words in an attractive little package, ready to read. From a marketing perspective, you want a book cover that stands out from the shelf, to increase the chances of someone buying it.

Though the content of your book is undoubtedly important, the cover is important, too. You need to connect with your reader from the very beginning — it is a way for you to communicate your intentions without them having read a single word.

The same goes for packaging: you want packaging that reflects your brand while appealing to the correct audience. For example, a die-cut label on a jar, printed with a flourished calligraphic text, looks markedly more expensive than a generic label with block letters. Even if it is the same jar, the label appeals to a different audience.

The quality of your packaging reflects the quality of your product, too. Whether it is a book cover, a label, or any other type of packaging, the cover is specifically meant to be judged.

Purify Air with Beeswax Candles

Beeswax CandlesCandles are normally used as a decor at home. Some even light candles in their room before they go to sleep for that aromatic effect. Not all candles, however, are created equal.

It pays to understand if the candle you are using is safe or not. The “regular” candles you buy at the market may not be the best option, so take a look at a healthier alternative called beeswax candle.

Danger of paraffin candles

The usual, readily available paraffin candles have toxic effects that many consumers are not aware of. Instead of buying these unhealthy candles, says beeswax candles seem to be a better option, as they have unique air purifying properties.

Regular or paraffin candles, which are relatively cheaper, are produced using a by-product of petroleum refining. This explains why it affects the air you breathe. In some cases, toxic concoctions are included in these types of candles, as these are needed for the fragrance and colors. This process is what makes these candles carcinogenic when burned.

Beeswax candles as an alternative

Beeswax is known to release negative ions when lit. When these negative ions are released, dust, pollen, and other pollutants — that carry positive charge — are neutralized. This is how the modern negative ion technology works, which can be made simper and (relatively) cheaper using beeswax candles.

But beeswax candles are not readily available in malls and supermarkets. So in case you are wondering where to buy beeswax candles, you can check some online stores or specialty craft stores in your neighborhood.  

There are now several reliable brands of beeswax candles. There are even tutorial videos available online teaching consumers how to make their own beeswax candles. If you have, and you enjoy working on crafts, creating your own candle can be a good option. Given the perks of this “healthy” candles, you may now start looking for the nearest physical store or accessible online that offer this product.

Home Upgrades: Unique Design Techniques that Utilise Glass

Glass Home Design in AucklandOther than using glass on your windows and even some of your home’s doors, there are a number of other ways of using it to add elegance and class to your home. Glass can also add the illusion of spaciousness to any room and area while adding to your house’s market value.

That said, here is Auckland Glass Ltd‘s list to maximise the use of glass into your home design.

Dividers and Walls

The most common way of using glass as part of your home’s architecture is to add them in as room dividers or even use them for walls. Since glass doesn’t break line of sight, you create the illusion of added space to an otherwise limited view of a concrete or wooden wall. You can choose to use frameless glass walls and dividers or add put in a wooden or metal grid just for aesthetics.

Floors and Ceiling

Not only does glassed ceilings and roofs allow the vitamin-D rich sunlight to enter the house, it also reduces your lighting needs for as long as there is daylight. Auckland glass suppliers recommend the use of tempered or reinforced glass for flooring so you don’t need to fear falling through it. Glass floors create cohesiveness and flow between your 1st and 2nd levels’ designs.

Table Tops and Surfaces

Furniture and furnishings that are mainly made of opaque or solid materials can make a room look smaller and more restricting than it normally is. By replacing table tops, surfaces and adding a few glass decorations in the room, you allow unimpeded light and sight around the area. Not only will your home look more spacious, it will also feel a lot more airy and relaxing.

Some of the other benefits of glass installations include easy cleaning and maintenance, along with durability and strength. Consult with your home designer and trustworthy glass suppliers how you can upgrade your house with glass. Considering all its advantages, going glass is worth every dollar.

How to Effectively Childproof Your Home

Childproofing Your HomeWhen you are a parent to small kids, you want to make sure that they live in a child-friendly and safe environment. To prevent accidents from happening, it is important to childproof your home to ensure your child’s safety.

  1. Electrical safety – When you have small children at home, make sure all electrical outlets are covered or blocked. Kids are playful and they can stick their finger in it without knowing the serious damage it can do. You can use hiding protectors or sliding plate covers.
  2. Use staircase gates – One of the most common places of accidents are staircases. To prevent accidents, you can install staircase gates at the top and bottom entrances. But even if it is gated, you must never leave a child unattended, especially around the stairs.
  3. Aluminum fencing – If you have a large open garden, you will need to install aluminum fencing to keep the children from the street. Because children are active, you never know when they can just barge out the door and run to the street.
  4. Keep medicines and chemicals away – Keep house cleaners, medicines, and other things that may lead to poisoning. According to Raising Children website, poisoning is one of the most common causes of injury among small children under five. Keep chemical products in a locked cabinet and your medicines away where they can’t reach them.
  5. Ensure safety of baby furniture and equipment – Make sure that their toys, cots, mattresses, and highchairs have gone through quality assurance and are non-hazardous. Always check labels and make sure they have approved/safety stickers.

Baby proofing does not 100% guarantee the safety of your child, but it significantly helps in avoiding the majority of accidents. You and your children should be able to play around the house without worry that something bad might happen to them.

Unique Photo Displays You Can Try Today

Printing Service in AustraliaThe photos you take and post using Instagram are great. But if you want to get them out of your phone, here are some unique photo display ideas you can try to personalise your living space.


This is great for any wall that needs a personalised touch. Using a pencil, outline a geometric-shaped diagram on your wall. Use nails to mark the end of each line or wherever there is a change in direction. Erase the lines and outline the diagram using a bronze-coloured stretchy cord. You can also use yarn but the bronze-coloured cord adds that touch of class. Clip your photos using small binder clips.


If you have some old and large photo frames lying around, this is a good way to reuse them. Take out the glass from the frame. Depending on the size of your frame, measure out how many sections you can create. Get some floral wire and tie the ends on a drawing pin. Add some glue on the tacks and attach them to the back of the frame. Use mini clothespins or binder clips to attach your photo prints.

Branched Out!

Get an interesting tree branch and hang it on a wall. Now take your printed out photos and punch small holes on the top and bottom. Attach medium-size jewelry rings on each hole. To keep the ‘nature’ theme, use twine to hang the photos on the branch. Depending on the length of the branch you have and the size of the wall you’re personalising, you can even do a cascading design.

You can execute these ideas using any photos you have at home but Polaroid printouts work best. If you don’t have Polaroid printouts, online printing services in Australia can print out your Instagram photos. Or you can take your digital files and ask them to print the photos in specific sizes that you need.

These ideas can help you add that personalised space that needs a little sprucing up.