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Is it Possible to Pay Your Debts and Still Maintain Your Lifestyle?

Maintain Your Lifestyle While Paying Your DebtsDebt is just one of the many necessary evils of life – unless you have millions of liquid assets on hand ready to be spent at a moment’s notice, most people will need to take out a loan. Some people take years before they gain any form of financial freedom.

Reduce Debts

Rapid Loans, a personal loans provider based in New Zealand, suggests a few ways to get out of debt faster: one of them would be debt consolidation, which combines all of your debts into one. It gives you one clean bill to pay, often with much lower interests rates.

Instead of debt consolidations, some people try various other debt reduction methods instead, including debt stacking and debt snowballing. Debt stacking pays debts off according to interest rates, while debt snowballing pays debts by the size of their balance.

While debt reductions are very successful methods to get out of debt, one of the glaring problems remains: you will have to sacrifice some aspects of your lifestyle while paying them off. It requires strict budgeting, and in some cases you may even have to give up some of the necessities that got you into debt in the first place – like your car.

So is it really possible to maintain your lifestyle while paying your debts?

Maintain Your Lifestyle

The truth is that it all depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead. The truth is, you will always have to give up one thing or another. If you are the type who lives above his means, like going on expensive shopping sprees, chances are you will not be able to keep up with your payments.

Though you will always have to make sacrifices of some kind, you can still maintain your lifestyle by making simple changes. Try a more frugal alternative in order to save money: For example, if you love exercising, why not cancel the gym membership and try alternative forms of working out? Running outdoors for example, is completely free.

Small changes such as these will help you maintain your lifestyle while still saving enough money to pay your debts. It is all about being smart and finding the right alternatives.

Loan Rejection: Here’s the Most Constructive Way to Respond

How to Respond to a Rejected Loan ApplicationA loan application is disapproved for many reasons. Sometimes, lenders offer different programs to suit the applicant’s particular situation. In this scenario, they present you with a counter offer that, in their opinion, better suits you.

For some people, they end up approving you for a loan, but with certain conditions you need to comply with before closing the deal.

In any case, you get the same result: rejection of the loan you originally wanted. But, before hitting the pathos of denied loan, take it as a learning experience to help you up your chances next time. Here’s how to deal with it constructively:

Find out the reason for the rejection

Know the root cause. Often, it’s because lenders don’t think you can keep up with the repayments. The law states that credit providers should exercise ‘responsible’ lending. This means they must not approve your application if they think the loan is unsuitable for you. In the same vein, they won’t reject you out of the blue.

Correct what you can

Lenders deny applications every day for various reasons. If insufficient income is the cause, apply for loans specifically tailored for low to moderate-income borrowers. On the other hand, if you’re looking at a poor credit history, Rapid Loans recommend seeking programs that look beyond credit histories to find a reasonable financing setup.

Don’t be discouraged

Keep looking around. Just because you were denied once, it doesn’t mean you won’t get an approval ever. Lenders follow different approval standards and criteria for application. So, you’re likely to find another financing solution that cares more about your objectives and qualification.

Remember the three basics of loan application:

  • Know what you’re looking for in a loan, including the time it takes to process your application, the interest rates, and other fees.
  • Know the guidelines for qualifying, such as income, employment, credit history.
  • Finally, give your lender complete and accurate information. Next to finding the right loan, this is the best way to ensure your application goes as smoothly as possible.

Looking for a Business Location Site?

Managing a startupIn business, some make it, and others do not. Two businesses could be trading in the same merchandise; one will be successful, the other a flop. So what makes a difference? Below are a few tips to incorporate if you are thinking of starting a business.


For the most part, companies take a while before they start to realize a profit. To cushion your business against losses and possible closure, have sufficient running capital. This will ensure that you secure primary goods and services from this reserve. When you continually draw from the daily sales to settle operating costs, you risk milking your business dry.


Controls at work are as essential as the business itself. Without proper regulations, employees can take advantage of loopholes to mismanage a company. Fraud is also possible because the internal systems are weak. Do not forget about hazards such as fires that can wreck an organization. According to an expert from AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, you should invest in wholesale alarm monitoring services.


Consider who your target customers are and look for a business premise near such locations. It makes no sense to sell high-end goods in a low-income community. In the same way, when you have several branches running across different neighborhoods, only merchandise products that are of interest to the consumers that frequent these localities.


No one business is an island and to leverage in your market, keep in touch with stakeholders in the business. Know what your competitors are doing and keep up with the market trend. Be up to date with customer surveys and aim to provide what your customers are demanding.

Customer loyalty

Customers are primary drivers in the business so make sure to treat them well. Address customers’ needs appropriately and give them any assistance they require. Thinks of services such loyalty cards that encourage customers to shop in your store. Discounted prices also encourage shopping.

Making profits in business is key. Invest your skills and knowledge into activities that draw customers to your premises. Also, plan wisely to avoid running into bankruptcy.

Local Optimisation, Are You Following the Best Practices?

Digital Marketing Practice in Fyshwick CanberraA scattershot approach to advertising your products and/or services weakens your brand identity. You need to have a focused consumer base to boost your profits and keep your competitive advantage. According to Voodoo Creative, a reputable digital advertising agency in Melbourne, you can achieve this by localising your search engine optimisation.

Business Listings

The right business listing makes it easier for your target audience to find your company. Claim local listings in Yahoo Local, Google+, Yelp, Manta and other sites. Listings that have accurate information allow a potential customer to leave a review or contact you if they want to make a purchase. Choose the sites that are appropriate in your niche. For travel, there is Tripadvisor and many others depending on the industry.

The Importance of Online Reviews

A customer’s power to tear down or build up a business has increased over the last few years. More people are searching the Web for reviews about the places they want to go to, the things they want to buy and others. They want heavily reviewed businesses before choosing which one to spend their money on. Allowing reviews also enable you to identify the needs and wants of customers, and determine the things they like or dislike.

Localised Content

Experts over the years have all agreed that content will always be the king, queen, princesses and princes. This will not change for the foreseeable future, so you have to keep publishing posts, videos, testimonials, podcasts and other forms to reach and connect with your audience effectively.


If someone was looking for a plumber or electrician right now, they might be browsing their phone to find someone that can come immediately. Even if you do not offer any of those services, you need to be mobile-friendly. This allows your potential customers to find your business within a short distance or in the neighbourhood.

Localised search engine optimisation is becoming more and more important. Implementing its best practices enable you to build brand identity and improve customer loyalty.

3 Things You Must Know to Improve Your Site’s SEO Ranking

Improve Your Site's SEO RankingSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a big part of every online marketing campaign. As it is a broad and complicated strategy, business owners who aren’t experts in this field must work with a specialist to make sure they’re making the right decisions. Standards keep changing and some trends don’t stand the test of time, so it’s important to have an expert to help you know how to adapt. 

Here are some things you might not know about SEO but should for the benefit of your search rankings:

Bigger Brands Will Always Rank High

If you own a small business, don’t expect to rank higher than international brands that have built a great reputation over the years. To gain more visibility for your website, what you must do is use Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner and find alternative keywords to use for your SEO campaigns. With patience, noted that you might find keywords that even your competitors haven’t seen. You can also run paid ads instead of solely relying on organic rankings.

Content is Important and There’s a Tough Competition

As high-quality content can both have a positive effect on search engines and site visitors, it is one of the most important factors of your website. You must publish content that counts consistently. If you don’t, the competition will eat you up and leave you at the bottom of search rankings. Tools like Moz Content and BuzzSumo allow you to assess your content, so make use of them.

It’s Better to Focus on a Small Number of Keywords

Some business owners think they need to rank high for dozens of different keywords and search terms. However, even a single high ranking can already benefit your brand, especially if you have a micro-niche market. Sit down with your trusted SEO specialist to determine how many search terms you need to rank high. For some, targeting one or two core terms is enough.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll surely improve your site’s current SEO rankings, which in turn will help you attract more customers and gain more profit.

Creative Ways to Sell and Spread Your Artistry

Sell Your ArtSelling pieces of your artistic work is one sure way to earn money from your craft. There are, however, other ways of spreading your influence and style. And with the right exposure, your efforts might even lead you to bigger opportunities in the future.

Conduct Workshops

This is a great way to reach out to many different kinds of people and promote yourself as an artist and a teacher. It's also a profitable process of teaching people who are interested in the craft and who want to be in an artistic learning environment but outside the school. Start with small groups at home and work your way up.

Sponsor Someone

Taking on a dedicated learner of your craft is a big responsibility, but quite fruitful. It can bring out the best in both of you, especially when your mentoring creates an even bigger artist than you. Let them work alongside you, even bringing them as your apprentice to your exhibits and lectures. Share your knowledge, tools and time and watch a new breed of artist bloom.

Put up a Company

Most self-professed artists will find it nearly impossible to work in the corporate world. Whether it's because of insane deadlines, eternal revisions, artist temperaments and never-ending work hours, many artists have sworn off working the blue-collar circuit. However, if you have enough discipline and financial support to start your own art print company, you can accept commissions and have them printed via a reputable third-party printing company in Auckland.

Whether it’s teaching a few people or a whole class, or starting your own firm or taking on your own "boy wonder", making a career art is its own reward. Of course, it's nice to be rich and famous through your artistry. Do remember thought that there are many paths you can take for that to happen.

Improve Your Services to Clients and Your Practice Turnover by Attending Botox Training Courses

Botox Training CourseBotox training courses for dentists, nurses, or doctors can both increase practice turnover and add a valuable new string to individual clinicians’ bows. The demand for facial aesthetics procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox continue to increase in popularity, and many patients like to receive treatment from a medical professional with whom they already have an established relationship.

Facial aesthetics treatments can be the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry, thus offering Botox and dermal fillers at your dental practice will enable your patients to have all of their treatment under one roof, from a clinician whom they know and trust.

The Botox Training Club offers Botox training courses for dentists, as well as for other qualified medical professionals. Courses contain 6.5 hours of verifiable continuing professional development, and take place in small groups with a maximum of five delegates. They can be arranged to take place at weekends to minimise time out of work.

To take part in one of these courses, you must be a dentist registered with the GDC, a nurse registered with the NMC, or a doctor, surgeon, or specialist registered with the GMC. You will also be encouraged to bring along a team member free of charge as an observer, so that they can provide accurate information about treatments to existing and new patients.

You will be able to offer facial aesthetics treatments on successful completion of your Botox workshop, once you have set up a pharmacy account and indemnity cover. All the appropriate paperwork will be provided for both of these requirements before you attend the course, so that you can start offering Botox treatment to patients as soon as possible.

Training is provided by Dr Harry Singh, himself a dentist who has moved exclusively into the facial aesthetics sphere, as well as providing training to other dentists so that they can follow his example, if they so wish.

Feedback received on these courses is extremely positive, and can be seen on the course website. Indeed, the only complaint, from one participant, was: “no cake at teatime!”

For Healthier Candles, Consider Plan BEE(swax)

Beeswax CandlesA quiet night calls for some Enya, a cup of tea and scented candles.

As cliché as it sounds, lighting up scented candles is a must for any moment of relaxation. Some people achieve a meditative state easier when they focus on the ‘seduction’ of flickering flames. If you want to blow off some steam, a simple candle reduces stress.

But not all candles are good for you.

Problematic Paraffin: Not an Option

According to Fragrance & Scent, a local store, ‘regular candles’ use paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product. Because of its chemical origins, using paraffin candles promotes a toxic environment; it compromises the air you breathe.

The wax starts as sludge at the bottom of the barrel. This black sludge, which already contains harmful toxins, goes through bleaching and treatment. The entire process results in candles with toluene or benzene. To make this waste look appealing, chemists add colours and fragrances.

Rather than compromise your night of relaxation with cancer on a stick, choose a friendlier option — beeswax.

Beeswax as a Natural Air Purifier

Did you know that beeswax candles clean the air you breathe?

Once you light them up, beeswax releases negative ions, which combat air contaminants such as dust, pollen and dirt. It negates the positive charges by neutralising and sucking it back to the burning candle. Some air purifiers replicate this negative ion technology to keep the air clean.

Because of its air cleaning characteristic, beeswax candles effectively reduce cases of allergies, asthma and hay fever.

Watch What You Buy

Beeswax candles are great additions to the home, but when you do buy, beware of sneaky labeling. Some ‘pure’ beeswax candles only contain 51% of the actual ingredient. The other 41% is paraffin. Before making a purchase, look for the key phrase ‘100% Pure Beeswax’ on the label.

Turn a stressful day into a relaxing night by lighting up some candles that are ACTUALLY good for you. Say no to paraffin and start using beeswax today. 

Can you really perfect your art in a single Botox workshop?

Botox WorkshopIncreasing numbers of doctors, dentists, and nurses are taking an interest in facial aesthetics treatments, which have very high profit margins. As more and more patients are exploring aesthetics options, so larger numbers of dental surgeries and private clinics are starting to offer treatment.

Botox is probably the most famous of the facial aesthetics treatments. As with many things, it first became popular with celebrities before spreading to the general public as an alternative to plastic surgery. It offers a fast, pain-free alternative to surgery without any down time, and it can bring more patients and higher profits to your dental practice.

A Botox workshop organised by The Botox Training Club will furnish you with all the skills and information you need to add facial aesthetics to your practice repertoire. Courses are delivered by Dr Harry Singh, who is himself a cosmetic dentist who has since focussed exclusively on facial aesthetics and training others.

To attend one of his workshops, you need to be a dentist registered with the General Dental Council, a nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, or a doctor, surgeon, or specialist registered with the General Medical Council.

Courses can be arranged to take place at weekends, and contain 6.5 verifiable hours of continuing professional development. Learning begins before the course, with a 45 minute video, “How to get started in Facial Aesthetics”, journal articles, marketing materials, and paperwork for both indemnity cover and to set up the necessary pharmacy account to prescribe Botox provided on sign-up.

The Botox workshops themselves have a maximum of five delegates, each of whom can bring a colleague in an observational capacity, enabling them to talk to patients about treatments.

After the workshop, three months of full telephone and email support are available to help dentists through the early days of establishing their facial aesthetics business. You will also have the opportunity to review your patient after a fortnight, delivering any top-up treatment if required, as well as gaining an understanding of results from a patient’s perspective, and learning how to carry out a review appointment.

3 Things to Know if You Want to Set Up a Middle Eastern Restaurant

Eastern RestaurantAuthenticity is a hotly debated topic when it comes to themed restaurants. Not all establishments can serve a specific authentic cuisine especially if it is found in another country. But if this were your ultimate goal, you would have to consider these factors just so you reach your clientele’s expectations.

Who Goes There? – The most telling evidence of a restaurant’s authenticity is its regular patrons. If you have actual Middle Eastern customers visit your restaurant then you are on the right path. Check what they have to say about your meals and recipes. For the locals whose tastes have not yet adapted to the flavours and aromas of Middle Eastern food and drink, you may want to offer less spicy versions. Make sure that you introduce this toned-down version to customers as a variant of the original recipe and not the actual dish itself.

When You See It – Sometimes, a single look at a venue can be convincing enough. A Middle Eastern theme for your restaurant’s seats, tables, paintings, and tapestries is one way of branding and promoting your restaurant without paid advertising. Silsal Design House recommends Arabic porcelain dinner plate sets and other Middle Eastern utensils and furnishings to complement the mood and menu of your restaurant.

What is Served – Though themed restaurants may offer authentic Middle Eastern dishes, some are guilty of adding too much localised “improvements” that the recipes become entirely new dishes altogether. While it may be delicious, it is still not the genuine and original recipe. If you still want to choose these fusion versions, then call it by another title and do not use the original name of the dish for it. Do take note that Middle Eastern restaurant serve more than just shawarma and hummus. They are ox brain, kofta, lamb, chicken, yoghurt, and a host of other delights.

The beauty of the Middle East is that it is confident and upfront with its dishes and character. By choosing this theme, you can offer an authentic Arabic experience to your customer. Most of all, you would have bragging rights to both an authentic menu and establishment.