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Is it Time’s Up for Your Water Heater? 4 Warning Signs to Look Out For

Water Heater Installation in ProvoLike any other gadget in your home, the water heater is prone to damages and failures. Some of these issues are repairable, but there comes a time when replacement is the only solution. When the last days of your heater arrive, you will know because of the following signs:

Water Takes Too Long to Heat

This is a common sign when water heaters are on the brink of failing. Sedimentation at the base of the tank can reduce the efficiency of the tank. In addition, the temperature valves may have stopped working. Experts suggest contacting water heater repair companies in Provo or anywhere you live in Utah to help decide whether you need replacement or not.

Heater is Past its Lifespan

Most water heaters last for ten years, but some exceed their lifespan. Do you think your old unit is still serving you as expected, though? How energy efficient is it? Sticking to that aged system is almost the same as flushing your dollars down the drain. Furthermore, older systems are vulnerable that they can break down anytime without warning. Now that you have its age as the warning, you better start planning for its replacement.

Tank Water Turns Rusty

Water turning rusty is not only an indication of an impending leakage, but also a health hazard. The problem with this is that you cannot tell how many leakages are developing. With proper assessment, you might realize that replacement is the most cost-effective remedy to the problem.

Heater is Leaking

Have you ever dealt with usual plumbing leaks? Water heaters are as prone to leakages as other plumbing fixtures are. You can repair some of the leaks easily, but some need the help of an expert. If water heater repairs cannot help, the only option is to replace the unit.

Watch out for these signs of a failing water heater and consider replacing it. This will save you many replacement costs, including the health and safety of your family.

Keep Safe: Dealing with Risks in Your Business

Risks in Your BusinessRunning a business has many rewards, but you cannot deny that you have to deal with all the risks to achieving glory. While some risks can cause trivial problems, others can tear down the business. No matter how big or small your business is, the first thing you need to do is to identify the factors that can possibly put your venture in jeopardy.

Risks may be inevitable. But with enough preparation, you can mitigate or dampen their effects should they happen. Keep the following things in mind:

Determine the Possible Risks

It is important to note that risks come in different types. As such, you need to understand each risk type’s nature to make it easier for you to come up with plausible solutions.

The first risk you need to deal with is that factor that can directly affect your business. This includes fires, explosions, and the structural instability of the building. Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes should also be included in your list.

Risks that involve tech and equipment should also be your priority. A failure in the overall system or record-keeping component may cause serious damage to your operations and customers’ privacy.

Do not forget your employees. While they are some of your company’s greatest assets, they can also be your worst threats. If they have corrupt values to begin with, there is a possibility that they may cause financial and moral dilemmas while working for you.

Map Out the Solutions

Once you identify the risks, proceed with the laying of the groundwork for the possible solutions. Rate each risk and calculate its odds of happening in the future. One of the ideal things you can do is to get insurance policies for your brand, operations, and staff. VersiTrax says that you may also get reliable case management systems that will guide you through the process. Establish a special committee that will deal with the problems in case they happen.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when dealing with the risks your business is facing. Do not hesitate to work with a dependable partner that specializes in risk mitigation if you want to strengthen your security and safety plan.

Four Simple Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

Playing Basketball In South JordanParticipating in sports is one of the best ways to have a healthy body. A sport typically improves your stamina, reflexes, strength, and cardio health with all that running and moving about. It exercises not just your body but your mind and emotions, as well. Enjoying a sport is great for keeping your attitude positive, which gives you a better appreciation of good competition and sportsmanship.

In addition to all the direct benefits of participating in a physical sport, there are also indirect benefits. For example, if you are into sports you are less likely to pick up a habit like smoking because you know how it will diminish your performance and affect your health. You'll be around people who feel the same way too.

On the other hand, there is a drawback to playing physical sports: the possibility of injury. Injuries may not only force you to stop enjoying your favorite sport; they may also affect your life if they go untreated and get worse, or if they leave permanent damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to take care of your body and reduce the risk of getting hurt. Here are some of them.

Do Not Play in Pain

If you're already feeling some pain, or if you have just suffered an injury, get treatment. Find a sports chiropractor in South Jordan who can help you get better. Forcing yourself to play while injured or while you're in pain will make matters worse. Your body needs treatment and some time to heal.

Do Some Stretches

You are more likely to get hurt if you start playing without warming up. Your muscles and joints have to adapt gradually to the dramatically increased motion. So before joining a game, do some stretches, run a little, do the basic warm up techniques. And when you're done playing, do some cool down activities to allow your body to re-adjust to the reduced motion and impact.

Wear Protective Gear

Whatever sport you're into, there is probably some protective gear you can invest in. For example, there are helmets for biking, mouthpieces for basketball, etc. Be sure to buy gear that's made for your sport. Running shoes, for instance, are not the right shoes for playing tennis.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water to function normally, and even more water when it's losing liquid faster through sweat. Dehydration is usually responsible for muscle cramps suffered while running, playing a sport, or lifting weights. Many athletes swear by their favorite sports drink, but clean water is just fine, if not better.

Sports injuries are no laughing matter. Take care of your body even as you're having a great time playing your favorite sport. The healthier you are, the more time you can spend playing.

Food Caught in Braces: The All-Familiar Problem

Farnham Dental BracesHave you ever been afraid of smiling because you feel like something might be caught between your teeth? It is a familiar scare that happens to most people whenever you have to talk to other people or smile for the cameras. No one wants the embarrassment of having something stuck in your teeth the whole time without you realising it. When your work requires you to face people all the time, it can be easy to forget how your mouth looks after a meal.

If regular people experience this problem, what more can people with braces do? Getting Farnham dental braces may correct your teeth but it is also a net for food particles. Here are some ways you can do to avoid such problems.

Specialized Toothbrushes

When you wear braces, your brushing routine also changes. You cannot expect your old toothbrush to work for you in the same way. You now have brackets and wires blocking the usual surface of your teeth. Your new brush has to work through these obstacles so it can give you a thorough cleaning. You can get specific brushes to work on corners and hard to reach areas. Having a set of brushes you can take with you anywhere can help you prepare yourself after every meal.


There are some places toothbrush bristles cannot get into. Flossing may also take so much of your time especially when you have wires preventing your movement. Sometimes, using oral irrigation systems may help in flushing out plaque or food particles stuck in corners or around the brackets themselves. Rinsing your mouth with fluoride can help strengthen your teeth while cleaning it at the same time.

Proper oral hygiene is very important in the process of alignment. What is the use of having a straight set of teeth when they are weak and full of cavities? Always prioritise your oral health before anything else.

Man Repairing Air Conditioner

Five Everyday Habits that are Killing Your AC Unit

Man Repairing Air ConditionerBuying the right air conditioning system is one thing. Maintenance is another. The latter is more challenging to most homeowners. The problem lies in the lack of foresight and anticipation. Instead of a proactive approach, people wait around for a major failure to take place.

As long as there are no visible damages, why pay for maintenance, right? The answer is quite straightforward: it prevents abrupt malfunction, especially amidst the sweltering heat of summer.

If you aren’t sure where you stand on AC care, take a look at five mistakes commonly done to air conditioning systems at home:

  1. Using it for 24 hours straight or not using it at all

Overheating is often the result when you leave the AC on for too long. In contrast, leaving it off for extended periods can cause moulds and fungi to grow and its condition to gradually decline.

  1. Setting the thermostat improperly

Familiarise yourself with the temperature controls of your AC. Setting the thermostat lower than prescribed in a desperate attempt to get cooler air not only messes up the unit but also increases your energy consumption.

  1. Leaving dust to accumulate

Not taking the time to clean your unit can affect its efficiency. Research shows that just 0.042 of an inch of dirt on the coil decreases its functionality by 21%.

  1. Forgetting to shut the windows or any openings

Often, you do not get enough cool air simply because you forgot to lock the doors and left the windows open. Even the smallest gaps cause you to overuse the AC, play with its temperature controls and end up exhausting the unit. Make sure there are no openings that cold air can pass through.

  1. Ignoring minor issues

Although it’s always best to seek professional help, you can do DIY repairs. These involve small problems like refrigerant leaks, clogged drainage and unresponsive sensors.

Do not wait until your AC unit starts showing more serious symptoms. Do what you can do now to adhere to power use and enjoy an efficient and long-lasting cooling system.

Mancunians: Don’t Allow People to Say You Have Bad Teeth

Bad TeethFor many years now, The United Kingdom has suffered a great deal from being the laughingstock of other countries when it comes to having “bad teeth.” Mostly joked about by Americans who say they do not care about decayed and stained teeth, being a Brit (or Mancunian for that matter) has become synonymous with having lousy teeth.

As a Mancunian, you most likely feel bad about this stereotyping, and you want to do something to put a stop to the jokes. To do this, though, you have to start with yourself.

Oral Health Statistics in the UK: Before and Now

In the most recent report issued by the Oral Health Foundation, it cited several significant improvements in the oral health of the British people from its extremely poor state back in 1978.

Nearly 40 years ago, only 44 per cent of England adults paid their dentist a visit, while only 39 per cent in Wales did. Nowadays, these numbers have increased greatly, with 61 per cent of England adults regularly visiting their oral health care providers. The same goes true for Northern Ireland, with its dentist-visiting adult population having increased to 60 per cent, and Wales and Scotland to 69 per cent.

More Then and Now Figures

Additionally, from the 37 per cent of the 1978 adult population having no natural teeth, it dropped down to just 6 per cent as of 2016. Nowadays, 86 per cent of Northern Ireland adults boasts of having retained 21 or more of their natural teeth, an 18% increase from the 1978 reports. The same goes true for the adult population in England and Wales.

The Improved “Bad Teeth” Correctional Procedures

Much thanks to significant advancements in UK’s modern oral health care products and services, Mancunians, or Brits in general, have more options to choose from to improve the state of their teeth, notes. 

From cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and crowns, to the gap-filling devices such as dental implants and orthodontics, Manchester residents can finally bid their bad teeth goodbye.

Hiring Your First Employees for Your Startup

Candidates For Job InterviewBeing in business usually means having to employ people. Even if you're a fresh startup, you need people to help you work on your project. Eventually, you'll need to hire more. Your startup isn't going to stay small forever, especially if you're making progress.

For your technology staffing in Salt Lake City, Prince Perelson & Associates thinks it's helpful to remember some key factors that may help you find the best candidates.

Look Beyond the Skills

Skills are important, of course; otherwise, you can't expect an employee to do what they'd been hired to do. But skills are not everything; otherwise, your employees will never get anything done. Your hires should be team players. They must have potential. No point in trying to mentor someone this early in your career—assuming, of course, that this is your first rodeo. Remember that, along with the skills that fit your needs, your candidate must possess social intelligence, communication skills, and emotional maturity. Dedication is a plus; you want someone who's hungry enough to stay in the game with you, but not too ambitious that they might try to run the show.

Check Their Internet Activity

Of course, this is not saying you should hack into their accounts. But, checking out their profiles on LinkedIn and social media will give you an idea whether they are a fit for the job in particular and the company culture in general. This will also tell you whether your candidate is mature enough for the role.

Learn How to Interview

You must know how to ask the right questions. For example, ask them about their last job. If they start complaining about how they were treated there, or how they could never live up to their potential because their past company was getting in the way, this should alert you to possible personality problems. Accountability is important, and blaming everyone else does not reflect accountability.

Knowing your people matters a lot if you want to your startup to be successful. What's more, angel investors also do a check not just on you, but on the people you work with. If they see a red flag because of a bad hire, you might lose them immediately.

Online Video: Content Marketing’s Future Alpha

Video Camera LensThere is a high likelihood that instead of reading, watching will become the online content norm sooner rather than later. The video is poised to rule the Internet, and businesses are rushing to get on its good side.


As screens expand and attention spans shrink, the tides are shifting within the Internet’s vast seas of content Cisco estimates that video will account for 69% of all online content come 2017. The rise in popularity of streaming, whether for shows or movies or ads or home video, is nothing short of meteoric, and companies would do well to begin banking on the trend now—even years after the video first caught the attention of consumers.

According to marketing professionals from Tinker Taylor, more than half of the companies in the world are already in on the video marketing advantage. They cite the format’s near unrivalled accessibility, now with subtitles and close captioning tearing language barriers for companies with target markets all over the world. For businesses operating for a single linguistic demographic, however, video can achieve the potential of its reach even faster.


Videos go hand-in-hand with viral marketing: the holy grail of online promotion. No other medium can connect and compel as well as video. In fact, on YouTube, up to one billion unique visitors tune in to content they like —outpacing every other channel except Facebook, which is another premier medium for online marketing.

Video as a viable form of content is not limited to big companies. Small businesses can begin establishing their online presence through the medium by simply being there. Social media comes to mind, and it is the most popular, most effective outlet for businesses to convey their message without needing an exorbitant advertising budget.

Online video is not going anywhere. Businesses who have yet to take advantage of the medium’s capabilities are surely missing out. Fortunately, there is a lot of digital space to go around. Standing out would be the only base uncovered.

House Flipping is Easy — Once You Learn to Do It Well

HousesThere are several factors you have to consider when going into the house flipping business. Ultimately, house flippers make their profit by finding a good deal on a house, fixing or renovating it, and then selling it at the highest possible price they can and as quickly as possible.

First Things First

Find a house that you think you can sell for a profit. Real estate is all about location. If you find a dirty, run-down house in a prime location, chances are you can make a profit on a flip. But what constitutes a good location? Usually, if there are schools or jobs nearby, then it can be considered a good location. Suburbs within easy driving or commuting distance to schools and business districts are a good buy as well.

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Equally important to the value of real estate is the type of person that may be interested in buying. Aim to create a family-friendly house if you’re near a school, or make one that can be shared by several people if you’re near a university. If you’re near a central business district, make something that will attract young professionals. Couples who are just about to start out may buy a small house with just one bedroom and plenty of open space, but adding a second bedroom may convince them to consider the house for a longer-term stay. By knowing who might buy your house, you may end up having less trouble in finding buyers.

Be Physically Present

Never buy real estate that you haven’t fully inspected. Make sure that the floors are sturdy and the tiles have no cracks. An expert from TASCO, Inc. recommends using an electric circuit tester to make sure all the sockets and other fixtures are working properly. See if the roof has any leaks or weaknesses. If you are not particularly knowledgeable in any of these, hire a professional to help you spot any possible issues.

While speed is key in earning a good profit from flipping, a badly-done flip can dissuade clients from recommending your houses for sale to their friends and family and ruin your reputation before you’ve even properly established it.

Top 3 Mistakes You Could be Making When Using Your MacBook

Apple ProductsSome things you’ll notice when you first get your Macbook (no matter which model you buy) is that it’s very sturdy and opens on a tight hinge. You immediately think that it’s less flimsy than other laptops in the market (and you could be right).

But that doesn’t mean that you can do just anything with it. While MacBooks are compact little powerhouses of user friendliness, users have to be friendly to them if they want to sell their laptops a few years onwards.

Here are some mistakes that you might be making when using your Apple laptop:

  1. Opening the laptop on the side.

There’s a reason why there’s an indentation in the centre of the laptop’s front edge. You’re supposed to open it using that groove. Don’t open it from the corner as the force can put extra pressure on just one hinge of the screen. It can cause hinge problems in the long run.

2. Not using a case when you’re carrying it around.

You may think it’s excessive or makes the device bulky. What you should understand is that dust, small objects, and other accidents can happen to the side ports. You may regret a simple zip-type case to protect your laptop from the contents of your bag.

3. Using it in the bathroom or humid area.

There is such a thing as water and humidity damage when it comes to devices. Mac repair centres know how to check if your laptop, iPad, iPhone or other Apple device has been used near hot or humid areas. Keep your laptop away from a wet kitchen (where you’re boiling pots of water) or from a sauna. Moisture can build up inside the device and ultimately wreck it.

These are just some things that users often overlook when it comes to using their Apple laptops. While a repair may become unavoidable at some point, you could at least do all you can to avoid it.