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Cisco Fiber Cable

Reminders when Installing Your Fiber Optic Transceiver

Cisco Fiber CableInstalling a transceiver in your network is not that hard provided you do your homework. If you plan to mix and match network equipment, make sure they are MSA compliant. Compatibility can be a real issue with fiber optic transceivers. Cisco SFP-10G-SR fiber cable, for example, works with any SFP 10G SR hot swappable transceiver with an LC connector. Your device manual will normally include a list of compatible models, so check it first before you make any purchase. Here is how to install your new transceiver.

Safety first

Have a grounding device such as an electrostatic discharge wrist strap on hand. This will prevent your transceiver from damage. Make sure that you set down your fiber optic gear on a clean, antistatic surface.

Clean as you go

Check that your ports and plugs are dust- and oxidation-free. New transceivers come with dust plugs. Do not remove the plugs until your transceiver is in place and you are ready to insert your cable. Do not insert your cable at any other time.

Check the slot

Inspect your device to figure out how the transceiver should go in. There is no one configuration for different devices, so take the time to check the slot before trying to install the receiver. Generally, your transceiver’s bail clasp will be facing up if you put it in an upper slot, and down if you put it in a lower slot. That is, if your transceiver has a bail clasp. If it does, pull it down until you hear a click. SPF transceivers usually have markings for transmit (TX) and receive (RX) directions.

Slide it in

When you are fairly certain you have the position right, gently slide the transceiver in until you hear a click. This means the transceiver is in the correct position. Firmly push it in with your thumb and tug gently to make sure it is secure. You can now remove the dust plug and connect the cables.

Introvert-Friendly Store

Making Your Store Also Friendly to Introverts in 3 Ways

Introvert-Friendly Store in Australia While there isn’t concrete evidence how many introverted Aussies are there, the best-selling author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain, explains that introverts make up about one-third of the population. The number might vary in every culture, but they are certainly out there.

As a storeowner, you want your store to be as comfortable to everybody as possible. This means you have to be thoughtful with your shop design and practices to value the needs of both extroverts and introverts. To avoid giving your potential introverted customers a hard time, here’s a few tips:

Distinguish an Introvert

You train your employees to be welcoming and engaging, thinking that’s how customer service should be. Actually, not everyone would love this. Introverts would prefer to get into the store, wander around and buy what they need without forcing themselves to deal with meaningless social interaction. Introverted people would speak just whenever something needs to be said.

One way to tell if your customer is introvert or not is when they feel or look awkward at small talks and eye contacts. Your employees should be sensitive about this, or else these customers might leave your store before you know it.

Think Privacy

Experienced professionals in shop fitouts in Perth know that a store design that minimises unnecessary conversations is a happy place for introverts. Your introverted customers could decide better alone and undisturbed, rather than feeling pushed or rushed.

Experts from The Caretakers say that store layout has a great impact on customer traffic. Sound furniture arrangements and use of partitions can help you pull off this ideal environment for introverts. They would ask for help if they must, so be attentive from afar.

Promote Self-Service

If introverts could have it their way, they’d love to have everything they need to solve their problems without any intervention. Investing on price scanners and DIY checkout machines for introverted persons could pay dividends later on.

Making your store design and practices friendly to both introverts and extroverts is an excellent marketing strategy to attract practically all your target customers. Having both personality types in mind keeps you from compromising the needs of one in favour of the other.

roof repairs perth

Roof Repairs: Critical to Preventing Long-Term Damage

roof repairs perthYou should have problems with your roof, especially leaks. For one, unstopped leaking can cause severe and permanent damages to your roof and its interior components. Whilst properly constructed and installed roofing systems can last for many decades, the fact that they get continuous exposure to environmental elements still put them at risk of structural issues.

Aside from mould and mildew growth, unrepaired leaks can destroy your home through the following:

Water discolouration

Although minimal, water discoloured roofing underlayment, beams, and rafters can bring your home’s value down. Moreover, the discolouration can affect your ceiling and walls, causing your home to lose its beauty and appeal. The longer you put off repairs, the bigger the discolouration gets. In the end, you will need a complete repaint job or even wall replacement.

Drywall fatigue

As the professionals of Permacoat explain, long-term leaks from the roof have a considerable impact on your drywall’s continuity. As drywall contains a plaster-type substance that loses cohesiveness when coming into contact with water, leaks can dramatically cut its life short.

For instance, these leaks can cause your walls made from drywall to crumble and turn into dust. Drywall-containing ceilings affected by leaks are even bigger safety-hazards, as huge sections can collapse.

Electrical problems

Allowing your roof to continue leaking will eventually lead to electrical problems. These issues can affect not only the wiring, but also the electrical circuit box. The leaks will tarnish and degrade copper wires. Over time, the degradation will cause them to break, split, or short out. Water-exposed electrical boxes are also at risk of shorting circuits, causing power failure in your home. Water that seeps into outlets are major safety hazards, as plugging appliances into them can result in electrocution.

Your home is your haven, so make sure that you keep it that way. Have roof repair professionals in Perth come and fix your roofing troubles as soon as you notice them.

Anger Isn’t the Answer: Three Quick Fixes for Your Computer

Quick Fixes for Your ComputerEveryone who’s owned a computer or a mobile phone in the last five years knows that someday, that device or unit will break down. Rather than go crazy over the blue or frozen screen, why not try these quick tips first?

Don’t Panic  Ever heard of the PICNIC joke/acronym? It stands for ‘Problem in Chair, Not in Computer’. While it might seem like a mean anecdote that computer technicians and system integrator agents in Singapore make about customer concerns, it bears truth behind it. Sometimes, when you’ve tried so hard to do something on your computer and you end up with a blue screen or the whole thing just freezes, you want to get physical with your unit. Judging from all the rage videos online, it happens more often than you think. Stay calm. Don’t panic. Singapore has many computer companies you can ask help from.

Restart the Computer  Nowadays, this is the simplest and easiest solution. Your computer suffered a momentary issue and it needed to shut down in order to save it from more damage. Rather than constantly trying to click your mouse or play Tchaikovsky on your keyboard, just press the restart button on your CPU and let it fire up again. If nothing starts and you know the power is still on, leave it alone and file a report on everything that you remember before and while the computer froze.

Cool Down Your Computer  A common issue with previous generations of computers, many CPUs don’t have a powerful central cooling system. You either have to purchase it separately and install it or find some way of keeping your computer from overheating. A common issue with computers and laptops made for video games and video/music editing, is that they shut down to prevent overheating and damaging its hardware. Buy a better cooling pad or train an electric fan to keep your computer chill.

According to NEX Corporate IT, you should harness the power of technology to push your business forward. You have to be familiar with the technology and gadget you’re using to make your business operation efficient. You can also get professionals to help you. 

If your computer does break down often, then it’s time to get an expert to check what’s going on. Short of defragging or reformatting a computer, a technical expert will have other means of repairing your unit, so don’t give up on it yet.

Student in Class

Every Student Succeeds: The Act, The Why and The How

Student in ClassThe beginning of December not only signals the start of the holidays, but also the start of a brand new hope for every student of every kind and race in America. Last week, President Obama signed the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a bipartisan rewrite of No Child Left Behind.

Passed with strong bipartisan support, the legislation will ensure states set high school standards, maintain accountability, empower state and local decision-makers, establish new resources and provide children with more access and chance to get a strong start to their education.

What’s Left Behind

The much despised No Child Left Behind works under a one-size-fits-all approach. It fails to acknowledge the difference a student’s background, race, income or disability play in academic development. It also lacks focus on children’s special needs, such as specific technology designed to address certain lacks.

In the administration’s effort to improve education, tremendous effort is focused to address what No Child Left Behind Neglected, that is, to improve education, from cradle to career. The ESSA aims to invest on quality early learning, higher standards and more and stronger teachers.

Future Ready

Apart from these, the bill also aims to expand access to technology, a timely federal change especially in today’s digital age. The ESSA will increase student’s access to high-speed internet, independent private sector hardware digital content, software, wireless service and teacher training.

More importantly, the bill also aims to make college more affordable, especially to the underprivileged, disabled and marginalized group. From student aids to the new and improved college scorecard, the administration is working to provide the youth with the right tools for success.

However, parents may not notice major differences when they put their kids to school next year. Although the states are surely operating under a new federal law, there may not be much on-the-ground change but all this law asks is time and trust – which is what it takes for success, after all.

Hiring the Right Property Manager

What You Need to Know About Property Managers

Hiring the Right Property ManagerWhile it is a personal decision to hire a property manager, if you are engaged in other businesses, it is advisable that you hire someone or a firm to manage the property on your behalf. Although it is much easier to get a property manager, before you entrust another person with your property, there are some things that you need to know.

A property manager is a firm or an individual hired to handle the daily operations of a real estate property on behalf of the owner. This is especially important if the owner is not personally able to deal with such matters or has no interest in doing so.

What are the roles of a property manager?
  • Rent. Industry expert Urban Property Agents explains that the main responsibility of property managers revolves around handling rent. They set the initial rent to be charged, collect the rent from tenants and make any adjustment on the rent charged. Property managers are professionals in this area. They know how to set the right rent depending on the location of the property thereby attracting tenants. They also maintain an optimum cash flow by setting rent collection dates and enforce late fees if a tenant fails to pay the rent on time. The property manager may also increase or decrease the rent it is necessary to do so.
  • Managing tenants. The property manager deals with the tenants from looking for them, handling complaints and evicting tenants. The property manager markets the property to attract the tenants to fill any vacancy. The property manager then screens the prospective tenants to get the best tenant for your property. They also deal with complaints from the tenants such as maintenance requests or emergencies, and when the tenants breach the terms and conditions, they initiate evictions.
  • Managing and maintaining records. It is the responsibility of a property manager to manage the budget and keep all the relevant records. Such records may include; income and expenses, complaints, signed leases, costs on repairs and rent collection records.
What are the benefits of getting a property manager?

There are many benefits of hiring a property manager. The benefits range from looking for quality tenants, ensuring a short vacancy cycle and that the property is maintained in good condition. As the owner, you enjoy a stress-free life since the property is in good hands no matter where you go.

To get rid of any stress from tenants, hiring a property manager is the only option. Look for the right property manager for your property and you will find great value in your investment.


Get Rid of Water Hammer Sound Effectively

Plumbing in San Diego Visualize yourself racing at breakneck speeds only to realize the road up ahead is closed. You slam on the brakes as hard as you can, but you know there’s no way to stop. Then, bang! Imagine water moving along your pipe at the same breakneck speeds, only to come to an abrupt halt because of a closed valve. The result: water hammer!

What is Water Hammer?

Water hammer is the sound of water slamming against the wall of the pipes as it comes to an abrupt stop. While this may seem normal to you, it’s a symptom of a bigger issue. Whether or not the valves are closed, water should still be able to flow naturally to produce an even and steady sound. This is aided by the air chamber found at the junction of the pipe and the faucet. The air chamber absorbs the shock coming from the abrupt cessation of water movement.

What You Need to Understand about Water Hammer

Because water hammer is the sound produced by water as it comes to an abrupt stop in narrow pipes, you need to understand that distance, time, and velocity can all significantly affect it.

The longer the distance water travels, the greater its forward momentum, hence the greater the force needed to stop it. The faster the valve closes, the more abrupt is the stopping of the water’s forward momentum. The faster the water goes, the greater the tendency to create water hammer.

Unless you’re backed by a San Diego plumbing company, Perry Plumbing says you should know how to best address water hammer.

How to Fix Water Hammer

The air chamber is one of the most important components of your plumbing system. Make sure it’s fully functioning so that it can absorb the impact of slamming water. You need to shut off the main water valve and open the faucet located on the highest part of your house.

Open the faucet in the lowest part of your house to help facilitate the complete draining of water from the pipes. After that, close the lowest faucet and then reopen the main water valve. This should push all of the remaining air in your pipes, but retain the air inside the air chambers.

While many homeowners don’t necessarily look at water hammer as inherently bad, over time, this can lead to pipe and valve damage. When severe enough, it can weaken the entire pipe joint. Ensure air cushion in the air chamber to help eliminate water hammer.

Salvage Title Vehicle

When Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Salvage Title Vehicle?

Salvage Title VehicleThere’s an unending debate over the benefits of buying a car with a salvage title. Those who oppose the idea will tell you that you can’t always know the full extent of the previous damage, and point out problems with financing, insurance and value.

On the other hand, some buyers have had some luck with a salvage title car. If you’re looking to get a good deal, here’s why you should ignore the warnings and try a salvage title sale for your own:

Low Cost

There’s no denying that salvage title cars are popular for their reduced price tag. At first impression, cheaper cars will grab people’s attention, especially first-time shoppers on a tight budget. That’s why valuation services are vital, says, as they accurately reveal the vehicle’s actual worth and provide a sense of what they’re good for.

No Resale

The thing is, any used car is only as good as its functionality, which is getting you from point A to point B. If a salvage title car can do that for the rest of its useful life, then it will save you money in the long run.

Two-Car Strategy

Another way you can profit from owning a salvage title vehicle is through the two-car strategy. The family buys a nice, brand new car for combined and long-distance trips, and own a salvage title car for commuting purposes. By using a salvage title car on the side, they can keep the mileage down on the new vehicle, so that when it’s time for a resale, the odometer will read low.

Now, we go to the question you’ve been waiting for: should you buy a salvage title car?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this. It still depends on how comfortable you are with owning a car with a tainted past. Its biggest value comes from the fact it can serve the first-time buyer, those in need of a second vehicle, and those on a budget.

If you’re one of these people, then buying a salvage title car is not a bad idea.


Getting a Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV) in the PH

PassportThe Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV) allows you to live in the Philippines for an indefinite time if you have met and maintained the required qualifications and investments. As long as your investment exists, you have the right to live and stay in the country.

Below, Triple i Consulting shares some things you need before applying:

Who Can Apply for a SIRV?

Non-nationals who are at least 21 years of age are eligible if they’re willing to invest at least $75,000. They shouldn’t have a criminal record, especially those involving moral turpitude. They shouldn’t also have a disability, mental disorder, or any dangerous and contagious disease. The spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) may also get the same visa.

What are the Allowable Forms of Investment?

The government only allows investments or shares of stocks in new, existing, or proposed corporations. These include companies with activities that are part of the major sectoral classifications under the services sectoral classification list of the Philippine Central Product Classification (PCPC) like those in the communication, construction, and many other sectors.

Publicly listed companies and companies taking part in areas included in the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) of the Board of Investments list are also eligible forms of investment.

What Proof Should You Present?

Proof of investment differs whether you’re a new or existing corporation, if you bought your shares from an existing stockholder or if your investment in shares is in publicly listed corporations. It’s best to check official government information to make sure you won’t miss anything.

Multiple copies of your Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, certified true copies of your Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration, a lease contract or proof of ownership of office, and a corporate secretary’s certificate are only some examples.

The SIRV is a good opportunity for you stay longer in the Philippines. If you find this process complicated, then don’t be afraid to seek for professional help.

Air Charter

Here’s How You Can Improve Your Air Charter Business

Air CharterIf you own an air charter company, you need to bring your A-game to prevent competitors from outperforming your business. It is important to be extremely knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry to deliver best the service to your clients. shares a few recommendations for improving your business:

Manage Costs Efficiently

The cost associated with operating the air charter business, along with the pilots required to fly them, can be expensive. It is best to review the financial factors that affect your business such as, cost of aircraft, staffing, and insurance. Make sure not to forget about maintenance to guarantee the safety of the passengers on board.

Get Expert Help

If you’re finding it hard to manage your business, consider hiring a manager to run the company for you. It is also a good idea to get aviation software management products that can help you with crew scheduling, concierge service, and automatic invoicing and recurring invoicing. The best thing about these systems is that they have a user-friendly interface and immense flexibility that can help you gain an advantage over the competition.

Update Your Marketing Efforts

Your well-capitalized air charter business will be worthless if you don’t have clients. Update your marketing efforts and sales strategies to create a positive impression on potential passengers. Integrate your marketing and sales efforts through a well-thought out and low-cost marketing program. You can do this by optimizing your website and building a network of associates that can refer business to you.

Examine Competitors

Know and understand the strength and weaknesses of your competitors to find how you can outshine those established businesses. Find out what they doing different to determine and address your shortcomings. It is also worthwhile to find out how well your business is doing in the competitive landscape.

Don’t let your air charter business be left behind. Improve your business with these tips and look at other areas for improvement.