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Safety Travel Tips for Smart Backpackers

backpackerPreparing for your next getaway can be really exciting. For sure, you’ve been waiting for this well-deserved vacation all week long. Before you start packing your things, here are a few reminders for a safe and healthy trip:

Take precautions on long flights

Long flights are dehydrating, so drink plenty of water every chance you get. Eat lightly and stay hydrated. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol. You should also minimize sugar intake.

Make sure to take short walks before the flight to prevent muscle strains. While seated, stretch out your arms and legs.

Eat healthy

The longer your trip, the more you need to watch your diet. The problem with most backpackers is they eat more carbohydrates and less protein. This is not healthy at all.

Keep in mind that you need protein to prevent infection and stay stronger. Stick to a well-balanced diet and never skip meals. Taking supplements and vitamins is also a good idea.

Keep clean

Wash your hands more often and take long showers. Use hand sanitizers when necessary. Don’t forget to separate your dirty clothes when leaving the hotel.

Check your travel kit

Check your travel kit when packing your things. Go to the nearest Draper pharmacy to make sure you have all the essentials. Your travel kit should always include sunscreen, insect repellent, pain relievers, antihistamines, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and other personal medications.

Get enough rest

It can be really difficult to travel when you don’t get enough sleep. Know your body clock. Avoid strenuous activities before the flight. Save your energy for the next adventure.

Do your research as well about the place you’re visiting. Visit online forums or read travel blogs and learn from the experience of other travelers.
Always be prepared for a trip. Be wise in packing your things and make sure that you are fit to travel. Ensure that all your essentials — clothes, medications, and personal items — have a place in your suitcase.

Hair Colour

Hair Colour: What You Should Do Before Seeing Your Stylist

Hair ColourHair colouring is one of the most favourite salon treatments for both men and women. Whether it’s your first time or not, you need to do some things before showing up for your salon appointment. Preparation won’t only help protect your hair and scalp; it helps achieve your desired hair colour.

Beauty websites, such as Pop Sugar and Vogue, and hairdressing salons like Circles of Subiaco have listed a guide to help you:

Clean Hair vs. Dirty Hair

There’s an ongoing debate whether people should visit their stylist with clean or dirty hair, but the answer is it depends. Don’t feel embarrassed to visit your stylist without shampooing and conditioning because salon experts suggest that doing nothing with the hair is ideal before colouring. If you have oversensitive skin, this can save your scalp from burning.

As for clean hair, it’s more beneficial if you’re trying to achieve a specific shade. Dirty hair can make your strands look darker. As a result, your stylist might have difficulties deciding what treatment to use.

Hair Care Preparations

A week before the appointment, apply clarifying treatments to your hair before deep conditioning. If you can’t find a clarifying shampoo, find alternatives like apple cider vinegar, beer, or a mixture of your current shampoo and baking soda. Apply deep conditioning treatment to promote moisture and balance the pH levels of your hair. As such, your hair strands can absorb the colour (hair dye) evenly.

For damaged hair, colouring can make its condition worse. Make sure to apply protein treatments and get a haircut to remove the split ends. These can help in strengthening your hair to avoid further damage. Consult with your stylist beforehand to know if your hair can still undergo hair treatments. If your hair is seriously damaged, you should wait until it’s back to its normal condition.

Hair colouring can improve your appearance, but don’t ignore the necessary preparations to make sure that your hair remains healthy after your salon visit.

graduation day

In Remembrance: Activities to Remember Your Graduation By

graduation dayIt’s nearly the graduation season in the United States. Whichever corner you may hail from, be it Austin, Salt Lake City, California or anywhere else, you can be sure that there will be thousands of students marching on the stage to finally get their degrees. And if you count yourself as one, know that you have achieved something monumental in your life. The years you spent bent over some desk, beating your term paper’s deadline, bonding with classmates or surviving the last few questions on an exam are to be remembered, cherished and celebrated.

Be sure to always keep the achievement in remembrance. AAAJewelers shares a few ways to do it.

Class Gathering

What better way to celebrate the bonds built than to have a good time with the friends you’ve made in school? These can be your roommate at the university student dormitories, fraternity brothers or perhaps even your once-in-a-week lab partners. Go ahead, plan a party, a road trip – whatever works.

You may do this before or after (why not both?) the graduation ceremony. Take this time to enjoy their company one more time before you go off to pursue your career in the real world. Who knows when you might see them again.

Mementos and Keepsakes

Of course, that last class get-together will end, one way or another. So, try something else that lasts: remembrances. Do or create something that will keep the memory of your college days for a very long time. You can enlist the services of photography companies, and commission a graduation photo album of the class, for you and your classmates. This can stay with them for much longer than just a night of feasting and drinking.

You can also go one step further, and commission a set of class rings. Although they can be pricey, you can cut costs by procuring them from wholesale jewelry shops. Originating as a tradition in the United States Military Academy at West Point, class rings give the graduate students a more dignified and more solid reminder of their time in school.

Take Some Time Off

It may mean detaching yourself from school and perhaps even society in general, but taking a step back to reassess yourself will also work. You have been slogging through the furrows of university for years now, and now that you have reached the end, you may need some time to take it all in.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a nice vacation. It would do you good to actually feel you reached graduation.

transport business

Business on Wheels: Things to Consider

transport businessBusinesses need reliable transportation to move their goods and distribute them to different branches. As some may not specialise in transportations nor have the funds to arrange their own, they hire companies who are involved in the transportation industry. This venture becomes an opportunity to earn more income.

If you want to venture and succeed in the transport business, you have to consider many factors, such as tools, location, connections, knowledge and skills.

Tools and Equipment

Carrying cargo can be difficult without machines. If you’re aiming for big companies, you may want to invest in industrial vehicles and improve them to accommodate heavy cargo. Buy large trucks and add a cooling system in it to preserve time-sensitive goods. Enhance your vehicle with a tail lift so you can move goods faster and easier. For smaller businesses, use pickup trucks or vans.

Familiarity with the Location

To succeed in this business, you should know more about their target location. Find and study routes that are available, safer and faster to take. The worst thing you can do is to get lost or ruin goods on the road. Transport businesses should deliver goods in good condition and in a timely manner.


You need to expand your network to make your business work. After all, you are merely delivering goods to their destinations. Your revenue depends on the number of companies that will contact you and use your services. Promote your business online and interact with many people as much as you can. Do your job well so you can get referrals from them, as well.

Knowledge & Skills

This business requires excellent knowledge and experience in managing goods. Hone your driving skills and get a licence, as well. Research on the proper handling methods especially when you’re transporting sensitive materials. Think of ways to distinguish your services.

Transport business is not an easy venture, but not impossible either. Investing in the right tools and equipment, location, connections, knowledge and skills can help you start and even succeed in no time.

Marketing for Shares: Why Use YouTube for Your Business

Shares are the key to your success — in YouTube terms, that is. Google’s recent purchase of the video-sharing network increased benefits for small and big businesses. Including videos in your site increases the website’s quality and moves a site further up Google’s search results. Websites with video content rank higher compared to those without.

online marketingToday’s audiences love videos. Most companies include these elements on their websites to solidify credibility for potential clients. Viral videos attract more audiences to increase a brand’s sale.

Like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is one of the most effective online marketing tools available.

Why Choose YouTube?

If you’re interested in maximising YouTube’s potential, consider the facts below:

• Over 3 billion videos are watched every day
• YouTube has over a billion active users
• More than 50% of YouTube videos are rated and include community comments
• 100 million people take social action on YouTube
• Nearly 17 million users connected their accounts to at least one other social service

How to Use YouTube for Your Brand

Businesses need to make the most of YouTube’s wide reach. If you lag behind this area, your brand’s sure to end last on Google’s rankings. YouTube users constantly upload 35 hours of video every minute. In other words, the competition for audiences is growing tougher every 60 seconds.

Here are a few things you can do:

• Create compelling videos: Your videos should speak to the audience. Clients watch videos on YouTube that offer needs and advices. The content must contain frequently asked questions (FAQs), How-Tos and interviews to entice viewers. Use your creative juices to attract more eyes to your videos and your brand.

• Lead Your Viewers to Your Site: Showing videos that fail to connect viewers with the brand are useless. Your site’s link should be on the description for viewers to see easily. This leads them to your site to find out more on your brand.

• Connect with Other Social Media Platforms: Connect your YouTube account with other social media sites to reach more audiences through posting and sharing.

One video makes a big difference in your marketing game. Master the YouTube way and enjoy all the benefits it provides.

Skiing gears

Ski Gear You Think You Don’t Need but Really do

Skiing gearsSkiing is a winter activity that people of all ages enjoy. Like any other sport, you need the right clothing and gear to enjoy the experience and stay safe. Skiing exposes you to different elements – snow, sun, rain, and very cold wind – and wearing the right apparel is a good practice to protect yourself from the dangers.

Whether you’re renting from discount ski shops or buying a new set, you shouldn’t forget to put these on your list of must-haves:

Safety Helmet

The snow looks like a cushion, soft and fluffy, so many first-time skiers think that there’s no way they’ll injure their head. What they don’t realize is that the terrain—which could really be hard—isn’t the only risk when skiing. A collision with another skier, or an object such as a tree, can also be dangerous, as the snowboard or pole can hit the head. Buy a helmet that fits perfectly over your head so it doesn’t fall off in case of impact. Head injuries can be fatal, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Knee Pads and Wrist Braces

Losing your balance on the slopes is normal. In fact, even professional skiers fall when they try new tricks. The body’s immediate response when falling is to use the knees and hands to prevent full-body impact. This puts the knees and wrist at higher risk of strains or injuries. Don’t forget to pack kneepads and wrist braces, as these can provide the necessary support during a fall.

Ski Jacket

A mistake many first-time skiers commit is not bringing the right jacket. They think that as long as it protects them from the cold, it’s acceptable. Ski jackets are specifically made for winter sports. These have a breathable and waterproof fabric, a hood that fits over your helmet, a high collar and long sleeves, and taped seams, so you can slide down the slopes comfortably.

Skiing is ideal for thrill-seekers; it’s fun, but it is also known for the dangers it presents. Don’t skimp on the details and bring the right clothing and gear for your next ski trip.

outdoor awnings

Awning Up to It? DIY Installation of Your Awning

outdoor awningsAn awning for your home helps you appreciate the outdoors more. It protects you and your family from the sun while you enjoy a cup of tea. It even makes relaxation during rainy weather possible.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your home’s exterior and style, awnings are your best options. Homeowners can enjoy the numerous benefits of outdoor awnings. Perth companies feature an extensive selection of awnings for various preferences. For instance, an awning can lower energy bills because it provides shade for windows and prevent heat and moisture for your home.

If you’re interested in installing an awning, here are the basics you should know:

The Tools You’ll Need

You can’t install an awning without the following

• Measuring tape
• Wrench
• Chalk line
• Level
• Stud finder
• 3/8” lag bolts – 3” long
• Electric drill with 1/8” and ¼” drill bit

Installation Process

Before installing, make sure that you have all the pieces. You should have enough brackets; the wider the awning, the more brackets you’ll need.

• Determine where you want to place your awning. You calculate this by figuring your ideal height of the front edge when the awning is extended.
• Add your awning’s pitch to that height. Added clearance and the pitch indicate how high you want your awning to be. Once you’ve figured the height, measure it up and mark a line.
• Use your stud finder to locate the studs under your wall and mark it. To find the stud’s centre, by drilling a series of 1/8 inch holes horizontally about 1” below the chalk line. Once you’ve found both edges, draw a vertical line to mark the stud’s centre.
• Position your mounting brackets with the predrilled holes centred over your plumb line and the top of the bracket with the horizontal chalk line. Mark the holes and drill ¼ pilot holes 2 to 3 inches into the wall studs.
• Once the brackets are up, install the awning hood and bar into the mounting brackets according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

With the rise in electricity bills, almost all households are looking for ways to save. Buying an awning helps you save energy in the end. Make sure your awning is installed properly to enjoy sufficient shade for years.

oil and gas

Landing the Big Bucks: Three Great-Paying Fields to Consider if You’re in the UAE

oil and gasBusiness and labour have gone international. People no longer work exclusively in their own home countries. Some go abroad for promising employment opportunities. This said, developing countries like the United Arab Emirates are always in need of labourers. For the workforce in UAE, Dubai stands as a great place to find that green pasture for your profession. Here are some fields that pay really well.

Banking and Finance

As the large hub of trade and industry, large amounts of money go in and out of the UAE. And with millions of people, both local and foreign, owning property and fortune in the country, so will there be a demand for professionals to handle all the finances. Private bankers, investment analysts/consultants and stock market traders all come into play. People with degrees in financing and accounting are sure to earn their keep in this field.

Construction and Engineering

The UAE is a developed country, and is still on track for more development. This means more construction projects which in turn translates to constantly growing opportunities in the construction field. In this field, hardworking blue-collar workers come to mind, whether they be construction workers, civil and mechanical engineers to even architects designing the newest marvels in the city. Work can be found as a construction director, engineers down to underwater welders. Just remember that these jobs are dangerous. Construction sites can be quite hazardous, so remember to fix your medical insurance papers and bring your personal protective equipment (PPE) to work.

Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas

In the Middle East, there are two types of gold: gold and black. The latter is in oil. Working in the oil industry in the UAE can yield you promising rewards. The demand for crude oil, gas and fuels will never disappear as long as people depend on fossil fuels for energy, so you can be sure that work here will always be available. Jobs in this field can be anything from supply chain managers to refinery engineers. The base salary pay is a start, but put in the other various benefits such as hardship allowance and hazard pay, it is a good-paying job.

Cruising along the beaches

Top 4 Reasons People Go on Cruises

Cruising along the beachesCruising along the beaches of Australia seems like a good holiday option this year. Being on the boat, you will encounter many travellers and spend four days at least with them at sea. The interesting part is that every person in that boat has a reason they chose the small cruising vessels as their holiday destination.

People Love Paying for Multiple Trips for the Price of One

For people who are too lazy to pack and unpack from one destination to another, they go for the convenience and affordability of cruise holidays. The cruise ship is like a floating hotel, where the guests are taken places without the burden of carrying their travel bags around. offers boat cruises along the Kimberley and treats their guests to a sightseeing journey to all the iconic destinations along the coast between Wyndham and Broome.

People Look For That Great Escape

People go on cruises because they feel as though the physical distance from the city takes them away from the stress of their hectic lives. Cruising exposes guests to endless stretches of marine wildlife, giving them front seats to breath-taking sunset views and a landscape of pristine blue waters.

The smell and sight of nature have a healing effect on people, so it makes sense why those with gruelling lives in the urban jungle will seek solace in the liquid wilderness.

People Love Activities

There are many outdoor activities for guests to participate in along the Kimberley coast, from bushwalking to swimming in rock pools, exploring waterfalls, learning about ancient Aboriginal rock art galleries, fishing, beach bonfires, stargazing and sunset drinks, harvesting oysters, mud crabbing and remote helicopter picnics!

People Want to Relax

Grab a book, a big floppy hat and a comfy spot on the back deck OR jump in the spa and admire the Kimberley landscape as it passes you by! Also you don’t have to cook! 5 star dining is a bit part of your Kimberley Cruise Adventure.

Unique Dining Experience

Eat and Play: Restaurant Gaming Room for a Unique Dining Experience

Unique Dining ExperienceMany of today’s restaurants are introducing incredible new features to provide a unique dining experience. Some bistros include a music room where diners can play musical instruments while waiting for their food or for their companions to finish eating. Some include board games that make eating more fun and interactive.

As restaurant dining goes out of its traditional table-chair setting, diners are more eager to stay in the venue and experience a new culture of eating out. One restaurant that combines culinary creations with gaming culture is The Royal, a historic Italian bistro in Nundah.

A restaurant’s gaming room includes the following elements:

1. Internet access

Reliable Internet connection is important for a restaurant’s gaming room. Apart from a local area connection, Internet access makes it easier for diners to play games while at their seats or inside the gaming room.

2. Proper game consoles

Choosing the right game consoles is the key to keeping customers entertained as they dine and play. For example, installing classic pokies and roulette gaming machines are perfect for casino-loving customers. Adding desktop computers and extra console controllers can provide diners other game options, as well.

3. Television screen

A restaurant’s gaming room won’t be complete with high-definition LCD television screens. These can show live updates of the game progress, as well as any TV programme that is on the air. Television screens can entertain non-players while they finish their meals.

4. Sound system

High-quality sound systems are perfect to create a virtual setting for the venue. These make diners feel as if they’re truly a part of the game’s virtual reality. An excellent sound system can set the right ambience for the restaurant’s gaming room and bring dining experience towards new levels.

Restaurant dining takes on a different form with gaming and other add-ons. Diners will be more encouraged to come back to the bistro and experience, not just the food, but the fun, as well.