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Artificial water supply systems

The Facts About Legionnaire’s Disease and How to Prevent It

Artificial water supply systemsLegionnaire’s disease is the inflammation of the lungs caused by legionella bacteria, an infectious agent that breeds in almost all kinds of artificial water supply systems, such as hot tubs, air conditioning systems, indoor fountains, and mist sprayers.

Large commercial spaces, such as malls, factories, spas, and grocery stores, are the perfect breeding ground for the legionella bacteria, although plumbing system in residential homes can also be a possible breeding site.

What are its symptoms?

Symptoms of Legionnaire’s disease usually manifest two to 10 days after inhaling droplets that contain the bacteria. Legionnaire’s disease can never spread person-to-person. One can only contract it through direct exposure with contaminated water.

Symptoms associated with Legionnaire’s disease are:

• Chest pain, difficulty breathing;
• Cough, which may produce mucus or blood;
• Nausea, diarrhoea, and other disorders in the gastrointestinal tract;
• Altered mental state.

Complications of Legionnaire’s disease

The National Health Service (NHS) revealed that in 2010, more than 300 individuals suffered from Legionnaire’s disease. In the same year, the disease also tragically claimed the lives of 38 individuals in England and Wales. Left untreated, Legionnaire’s disease can cause life- threatening medical emergencies, such as renal malfunction, septic shock, and lung failure.

Preventing Legionnaire’s disease

Regularly cleaning, maintaining, and disinfecting artificial water system can prevent Legionnaire’s disease outbreak. Apart from keeping the water sources free from any impurity, you can prevent Legionnaire’s disease through proper temperature. The NHS suggests having an artificial water system with temperatures of below 20ºC or above 60ºC.

In addition, cleaning of ventilation ducts is necessary to ensure that airways are dry, making it an unlikely breeding ground for the Legionella bacteria.

Whether you are a homeowner or a manager of a commercial establishment, you have the duty to ensure that your property is free from any disease-causing pathogen, including Legionella. You can fight against Legionnaire’s disease by keeping your water systems hygienic and free from impurities.

Small Kitchen

5 Space Saving Solutions for Small Kitchens

Small KitchenThe kitchen is one of the most functional areas of the house. This is why many homeowners put a lot of work when remodelling or renovating this particular area. The key here is to create more space and make it as convenient as possible. To point you in the right direction, follow these space-saving tricks for small kitchens:

1. Mirrors work magic

Mirrors can make the area look more spacious. You just need to find the perfect spot to place them. Study the layout of your interior. In most cases, it should open up the living area or the dining room on one side. Some model or display homes in Perth use this style to give the illusion of a bigger floor area.

2. Think upward

One of the problems when dealing with a small kitchen space is the clutter. Of course, you cannot just remove all the kitchen essentials. The best thing you can do is to organise the silverware and other utensils. Use the top shelves of the cabinet and place the items accordingly. The key here is to make them look more like furniture.

3. Go for armless chairs

Armless chairs will allow you to move around more comfortably. Today, there are different styles you can choose from to mix and match the overall design of your home. Check out this remake of Louis XV dining chairs, for example. This will give your kitchen a touch of vintage.

4. Remove clutter with trays

Another way to remove or organise clutter is to use baskets and trays. Choose the best materials to show off your collections. Light wood and rattan are some of the best options. This makes the kitchen area look more welcoming and spacious.

5. Spice-rack cabinet & wall mounted shelves

Instead of adding another large cabinet to contain kitchen clutter, consider building a spice-rack cabinet or customised wall mounted shelves. This is the best solution to organise spices and other kitchen essentials.

These are some of the things you can do to make your kitchen look more spacious and organised. A little creativity will go a long way in making your home look and feel better.


Crowdfunding: The Next Big Investment Trend

crowdfundingCrowdfunding is a money-raising concept that began in 2009 to raise money for projects such as pop albums and amateur satellites. Over the last few years, crowdfunding has become a successful alternative for those looking to acquire money for a range of projects and investments.

Crowdfunding has revolutionised how people raise money for businesses like small start-ups. Experts believe that raising business capital by asking a large number of people to donate is most likely to grow rapidly. It is poised to become a big investment trend because of it numerous advantages.

Easy and Simple Set Up

Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is easy and straightforward. In fact, there are many websites and platforms that can help you set up a campaign. The process relies on modern methods, and can be exciting and convenient.

Reduced Risks

Crowdfunding doesn’t involve too many risks because it validates the market. Here, you don’t have to dump all your savings into a venture that doesn’t have a sustainable market. You can test your idea first without putting too much investment. If the campaign isn’t that successful, you can return the money to all the donors.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Other than equity crowdfunding, investors can also benefit from debt crowdfunding. Through this model, you can approach others for a loan in return for interest. It can be ideal if you are unable to acquire a traditional loan or you want to find a practical alternative.

Idea Validation

This method of financing can help validate a concept, giving you an opportunity to convince others that there is money made in your business. In case you launch a successful campaign, this will only mean that people like your idea and are willing to contribute to make it a reality.

There are different forms of crowdfunding so it is best to educate yourself about these concepts. You can work with an experienced crowdfunding firm to identify the risks at the beginning and obtain maximum growth for your campaign.

teeth whitening

The Perfect Pearly Whites: Fast Facts about Whitening Treatment

teeth whiteningDid you know that having precious pearly whites could help you score a beautiful date, get a high-paying job, and look years younger? Yes, quite a handful of studies have proven how a white smile can help achieve all things you’re aiming for: greater attractiveness, success, and youthfulness. Studies reveal that a set of perfectly white teeth makes a strong impression—whether it be for applying a job or simply getting a date.

Teeth whitening has become all the rage in recent years because of all these studies. More people are going in for professional treatment from their local cosmetic dentist. You probably heard about the wonders of this dental procedure and are considering getting the treatment. Before you get your teeth whitened, it is best to get enlightened first. Here are facts you need to know about professional tooth whitening treatment:

1. Whitening is basically a chemical process.

Dental practitioners from Highlands Ranch Dental Group explain that whitening treatment involves the use of a peroxide group of compounds such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When these substances touch the surface of the tooth, they produce free radical oxygen. They then enter the outer layers of the tooth and trigger color producing pigments, making the tooth whiter.

2. Whitening is not forever.

Tooth whitening is not permanent. The results may last for about a year to a maximum of three years.

Keep in mind that the treatment is not a one-time procedure. Maintaining a certain shade of whiteness will require follow-up treatments. Fortunately, though, the succeeding dental procedures are usually cheaper and less time-consuming. Of course, you have to observe good dental hygiene practices for the treatment to be successful.

3. Whitening is not for everyone.

Before you go in for treatment, it’s important that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Dental practitioners advise pregnant women to avoid treatment. If you are allergic to peroxides or have dental issues such as cavities, or gum diseases, you may not be qualified for the procedure as well.

White teeth are your most valuable assets in the goal of making a good impression. If you are considering getting professional teeth whitening treatment to get that perfect white smile, consult your dentist if you are a good candidate for the dental procedure.


Make Your Neighbors Window-Shop With Your Windows

windowsThere are myriad types of windows available these days and it is really up to you to choose a style that you would like to flaunt in your home. While the ample choice in windows for your home is varied, you cannot just pick one off the bat. Rather, you must consider certain factors to ensure that the windows fit your home and your utility bills.

Here are a few simple tips to help you choose good windows Salt Lake City houses would love.

Selecting the Window Type

For this ask yourself the following few questions:

• How much ventilation do your desire?
• Do you have enough space for opening large windows?
• How do you want to operate the window, if at all?
• Does the window function for utility or for decoration, or both?
• Do you want the outdoors to appear like an extension of your home?

After asking yourself these questions, remember the following window types and choose from them:

• Casement windows are great for maximizing ventilation
• Bow, bay, specialty windows are suitable for upping the décor
• Sliding and awning windows are best in case of space constraints
• Stationary windows are ideal when only view and light entry is a requirement.
• Patio windows are great when you want the outdoors to become a part of your beautiful home.

Selecting the Right Glass

Equally important is selecting the right type of glass. Ideally, choose a Low-E high performance glass that can block the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce heat in the interiors. This would consequently reduce energy bills, too.

Low-E glass will also prolong the life and beauty of the furniture and furnishings in your home.

Add Some Style

Finally, think of enhancing the beauty of the windows by adding accoutrements, namely:

• Exterior trims
• Color
• Grilles, which also double as a security enhancement
• Modern accessories

Follow these simple tips and make your neighbors engage in window shopping – literally – while looking at your windows!

roof maintenance

Home Maintenance Secrets: Top 3 Rules You Should When Maintaining Your Roof

roof maintenanceSalt Lake City, Utah continues to grow as a top choice for families looking to relocate. From great economic opportunities to high standards of living to close ties with nature, it is little wonder many are captivated by the idea of moving to the city. To make the most your new life in Salt Lake City, you have to make sure home maintenance duties are in order, especially caring for your roof.

Changing weather patterns and severe disturbances are the primary causes of damages to roofs. Homes in Salt Lake City usually have strong roofing systems, but the lack of regular maintenance can shorten a roof’s service life. Experienced roofers in Salt Lake City recommend routine repair and upkeep for a roofing system to keep it in top condition.

Here are some of the things to consider:

Look for any Splits and Gaps

Splits and gaps in joints and flashing can cause massive damages in the long run. You want to cover them up as soon as possible to prevent water from leaking into your house. Any delays in addressing the splits and gaps will only lead to lengthy and more costly repairs.

Remove Roof Debris

Be sure to inspect for any debris on the roof and gutters, especially if there is a tree hanging above. Twigs, leaves, and branches can cause water leakage, and eventually, roof degradation. When these debris pile up, they can obstruct the water flow, flooding the gutters and making water leak inside your home.

Improve Insulation

Insulating your home can save you money and improve comfort. Often, you start with the roof when you want to insulate the house. Look for air leaks and seal them immediately before doing the work. Consult with professionals on how to do a proper home insulation for good measure.

It is not hard to make sure your roof is in top condition. When you know how to maintain your roofing system, you extend its service life and enjoy the perks of living in Salt Lake City.

Home Improvement

Is Your Home Functional, Sturdy, Safe and Beautiful?

Home ImprovementLike a soldier in full battle gear, your home in Perth should have the full equipment to anticipate any emergency that may arise from natural calamities and security threats. Moreover, like a soldier who needs to keep fit and healthy, your home must always be in tip-top shape to remain a pleasant place to live in.

Million Dollar Makeovers offers the following checklist to evaluate whether your home has the furnishings for a good living space:


What is a house if not a comfortable place to live in? You must check your home if it is warm enough in winter, but cool enough during summer. Neighbours can sometimes be too noisy too, when they have parties or when their dogs are barking. For such instances, consider soundproofing your rooms.

For a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle, you may add gourmet features to your kitchen or hot tub spa in your bathroom. To accommodate additional appliances in the future, make sure to add extra wires and sockets for your home.

To adapt to several members of the household using the faucet at the same time, it would be best to increase the capacity of plumbing to evenly distribute the pressure of water coming out.

Adding or Conserving Space

Add extensions to your house or convert an area to have dual purposes if there is insufficient space. For example, you may have your office in your bedroom, kitchen or living room area. Alternatively, you can put a playroom adjacent to the master’s bedroom.

Emergency Preparedness and Safety Measures

To have peace of mind, it would be best to invest in fire sprinkler systems to protect your home from fires. You may also want to install security features to protect your home from burglars or unauthorised entry.

Ideally, a house should be functional, sturdy, safe and beautiful. Next time you plan to do a renovation in Perth, do your FSSB checklist.

Your Checklist When Looking for a New Sustainable Home

home makeoverWith the high cost of living, sustainable housing is the best option for people living in Perth. But, while there are many real estate companies offering affordable housing in this area, making the right choice can be a challenge. What qualities should you look for in a sustainable house?

Here is a simple checklist to help you make an informed decision:

1. A sustainable house needs less electric consumption. But, there are more reasons to prefer a smaller house. Air circulates better in smaller spaces, so you don’t need to install several heaters and air conditioning units.

Because a small house needs to maximise space, sustainable houses make optimum use of wall space by installing cabinets or bookshelves and hooks on doors. They also provide storages that have multiple-uses or double-deck beds or sofas that can be converted into beds.

2. It maximises solar power to provide light during night time and warmth in winter. This type of house usually has large windows to allow fresh air to come in and shutters to keep air out. By doing this, the owner can keep his heater and air conditioner at a low thermostat.

3. Sustainable houses are eco-friendly. They allow you to collect rain that falls, which you can later use for the toilet or garden. They encourage the use of compost pits instead of discarding biodegradable waste.

There are many reasons buyers should consider sustainable housing. By definition, sustainable means to maintain at a certain rate or level. So, if you prefer sustainable housing, you won’t have to spend beyond your set budget. It also means avoiding depletion of natural resources.

Finally, sustainability means it is something that can be upheld. If you’re looking for a home that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, this may be the right choice for you.

bad breath due to colds

Bad Breath Due to Colds: A Few Treatment Tips

bad breath due to coldsThere are moments in all our lives when we want to know how to cure bad breath. This embarrassing situation can cause a lot of humiliation. You may notice friends and relatives move ahead when they pass you. There are many reasons for this condition including inadequate oral hygiene, gum disease, a bad digestive system, and other common conditions like the flu or colds.

Colds can be the Culprit

Despite all the precautions, including proper shots, using hand sanitizers, preventive remedies and supplements, catching a cold is still quite common. Apart from the other discomforts such as breathing problems and cough, the distasteful side effect is an unpleasant smell when you breathe.

Nasal drips and the cough can also be the reason. The nose emits yellowish fluid, which thickens with time. The smell is due to the tired and spent white blood cells in this fluid, which are fighting the infection, according to the Perth Breath Clinic.

Treat the Colds

Cough syrups can cause an unpleasant coating on the tongue, which adds to the foul smell, but treating the cold is important. Once the cold is out, you would feel fresher and your breath would return to normal.

Another reason that colds contribute to bad breath is that a stuffy nose will make you sleep with your mouth wide open at nights. This can lead to dry mouth and odour-causing morning breath. Cough can cause dry mouth as well, which increases the growth of oral bacteria. Drinking plenty of warm fluids will help address this issue.

Maintaining Better Hygiene

Apart from treating colds and coughing, you should maintain perfect oral hygiene to mitigate the situation. Brush your teeth more often and floss without fail. Scrap and clean your tongue as often as you can especially after medication. Gargle and rinse your mouth and throat with medicated freshening products.

The above tips should freshen up your breath and keep you going until you can finally cure your illness. Consulting a doctor will also help if the situation is very bad.

real estate agent

Frequently Asked Questions on Finding an Online Estate Agent

real estate agentThe popularity of online estate agents is growing as they come with a number of benefits. This means, though, that many individuals out there with unsubstantiated claims to be the best in the business. It is thus important to find genuine and reputed service providers over the Internet to benefit from their services.

Why Are They in Style?

House Tree provides many reasons that these Internet-based realtors are more popular than offline ones. For starters, they can reach a wider customer base, they are much more cost-effective, and with their help, selling or letting is much quicker.

As a seller, for example, by using the Internet you can showcase and display your home in a more appealing manner compared to the traditional type of marketing. You can also make videos and give a virtual tour of the place to your potential customers.

Where Do I Look For Them?

The best place to look is of course the Internet itself. Look for websites that has home listings. You can shortlist some of them and read up on reviews about their operations and services. Reading the testimonials of their earlier clients will help you decide, as well.

The service provider you pick should be familiar with the local area and must have a good track record. You can visit their office or contact them over the Internet, if they do not have a physical office, before you hire them.

How Do They Operate?

Online estate agents require a complete description of the property, the accommodation and facilities available, the location, the neighbourhood, the proximity of the home to schools, hospitals, and so on. They would need pictures of the property or other media you can provide that can highlight the commodity to prospective buyers. You can take these pictures and upload them on your own, or the service providers can arrange to send professionals to do the job.

Hiring these online professionals who know the process well can help you sell your home quickly at the price you want, all with ease and at the comfort of your home – or anywhere you can access the web.